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The proof is called evidence. If the judge decides the teenager is guilty, she will sentence the teenager. The judge does not always decide the sentence right after the trial. As a general rule, a teenager cannot be forced to stay in a youth centre for more than 24 hours while waiting to see a judge. The Justice should explain things in a way that helps you to understand. To find a person guilty, the judge has to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the person committed the crime. The resource reviews the challenges of including youth voices in court, how to support youth voice in court, and … Remember that any rules or conditions that you have to follow are the same after each court appearance. If the police decide to detain a teenager, the next step in the case is a bail hearing. A Youth Court can order a range of sentences including: Young people can also be bailed to appear later, or remanded into custody. If Legal Aid does not give you a certificate for a lawyer, there is still another way for you to get a certificate: a judge can force Legal Aid to give you a certificate.

You can be given a ticket for breaking a provincial law if you are over the age of 16. If you have headphones, you should remove them before going into the courtroom. If there is a specific lawyer you want, you can ask the judge to order Legal Aid to give you a certificate for that lawyer. Sometimes there are smaller dockets for each courtroom posted on the wall outside of each courtroom. Going to school is a legal requirement for young people between the ages of 6 and 17.

Sometimes there is a metal detector. There are two ways the police can get you to court after they arrest you: This is when the police don’t take you to jail, but let you go straight home instead of taking you to jail. Courts are serious places and Justices expect everyone to take court seriously. The case is over and the teen’s record will be destroyed a few months later. Teenagers accused of committing a crime might have to go to court.
The judge will decide whether the teenager is guilty or not guilty of the crime and must give reasons for the decision. This means it’s not up to an accused person or his lawyer to prove that he did not commit the crime. The decision is called a verdict. See the back of this pamphlet for phone numbers you can use to find a lawyer. Documents called a promise to appear, a summons or an appearance notice tell people to appear in court on a specific date and time. Do you care about Éducaloi's mission and activities? The Education Act gives parents and children specific rights in the publicly funded school system. It is your right under the Youth Criminal Justice Act to have a lawyer represent you in court. Continue to follow those rules and conditions. Go to the front of the court and stand next to your lawyer. The papers also tell you when to go to the police station to give fingerprints and photographs. People under 18 who are accused of a crime usually have to go to the Youth Division of the Court of Québec. Do not bring any illegal materials, weapons, or anything that could be used as a weapon. Links to check what date you need to attend court is on our What’s happening in the Ontario Courts.

The judge can decide to put him in the care of a responsible person, such as a parent.

You should listen to each of the cases before yours.

This means that he will have to stay at a youth centre. The Youth Court is governed by the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989. In this case, the teenager will have to obey any orders the judge gives him.
You have the right to have a lawyer help you at the bail hearing. The date you have to appear depends on what date you were originally required to attend court. Prosecutors are government lawyers who take people accused of crimes to court in a criminal case.

Youth Voice in Court [Video] Texas Network of Youth Services (2019) Presents a video on the importance of youth voice and youth engagement in court cases. Youth workers work in a youth centre. There might be rules you have to follow until your court date. Ask questions if you do not understand what is said. The court handles status offenses differently than it handles delinquency acts (which would be considered "criminal" if the perpetrator was adult). A bail hearing is when a Justice at the court decides if you should stay in jail until your trial. You should always speak to a lawyer before saying anything to the police. Usually the court sees "status offense" behavior as a warning sign that a youth is in need of assistance. If the Justice decides that you don’t need to stay in jail, she will tell you to follow certain rules or conditions when you leave the court. Sometimes there is one big docket for the whole courthouse that is available at the main reception desk. That adult is called a “surety”. It is also called youth court. It can take weeks before a teenager knows what his sentence is. In Ontario, you can choose where you live when you are 16 years old. COVID-19 update: appearances for criminal court are resuming on August 2020.

In every courthouse there is a list or “docket”. After the lawyers tell the Justice about your case, the Justice will tell you what you need to do before your next court date. Sometimes the judge decides that a teenager must be detained until his trial. Éducaloi provides general information about the law that applies in Québec. Detention Before Trial and Conditional Release: The Parents' Role. The decision to leave is often not easy and can lead to difficulties in getting all your belongings, having enough money to support yourself and attending school. Specific legal concerns raised by youth identifying in LGBTQI2S communities are about GSAs, Trans and Gender Inclusive Spaces and changing their ID. There may be a lot of people at the Duty Counsel office so plan to get there early. A trial is the main step in the court process where lawyers for both sides present proof and arguments to the judge. Sentencers follow sentencing guidelines written specifically for those under the age of 18:  Sentencing Children and Young People: Overarching Principles. The Youth Court is a type of magistrates’ court that deals with young people aged 10 to 17. Usually, the Justice will only force you to stay in jail if she thinks that you will not come to court when you are supposed to or if she thinks you are going to commit another crime. The trial happens later (see section below).

If you have more questions about the Youth Court, please visit our FAQs and Resources where you will find more information.

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