who wrote the song can t find my way home

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Here, in a video from 2012, the talented multi-instrumentalist lays down a top-notch solo acoustic version of a classic song he wrote for Blind Faith’s self-titled 1969 studio album: “Can’t Find My Way Home.” He still possesses one of the all-time great rock/folk/soul voices. Ginger Baker & Steve Winwood maintained their musical relationship by joining the Ginger Baker Air Force along with Rich Grech. However, their real issue was that the band lacked songs to make an entire show, which barely lasted an hour. Once the song enters the bridge interlude, Clapton places some of his greatest guitar work here as he switches the quiet tempo for a louder one by executing a wah-wah riff while jamming with the group before switching back to a quieter one for the last verse. The song Can't Find My Way Home was written by Steve Winwood and was first released by Blind Faith in 1969. Eric Clapton on the other hand was a blues purist and a student of many legendary guitarists like Albert King, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters etc. Lastly, we have Ginger Baker’s lone composition “Do What You Like”, which contains a groovy backbeat that worthy of comparison to what Carlos Santana provided. The changing and leaving of the body, the not being able to find one's way home, all suggest a spiritual quest. However, all doubt about a new group being formed disappeared when former Cream drummer Ginger Baker showed up to these jam sessions unannounced. Rising from the ashes of two of the greatest bands of all time, Blind Faith in my humble opinion is one of the most underrated supergroups that were assembled in the UK. It was also covered by Hank Harris, Lorenz Kellhuber, Delta Reign, Touch of Grey Band and other artists. Grech places subtle bass notes on just the root notes. Moving onto Clapton’s lone composition “Presence Of The Lord” is by far my favorite song on the record, which fuses elements of gospel & Rock to create a ballad, which is further improved upon by Winwood’s R&B themed electric piano. It was covered by Hank Harris, Delta Reign, Touch Of … Enzo Pietropaoli featuring Maria Pia De Vito, Kama Ruby Feat. This begins with the blues-inspired rock n roll opener “Had To Cry Today”,which is the perfect example to showcase the individual talents of the quartet. However, Clapton had grown frustrated with the commercially driven style of blues music, which he had endorsed as a guitarist during his tenure with Cream. Both musicians without bands and clear plans of the future began jamming while writing new songs that showcased Blind Faith’s musical diversity.

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