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And he fled from his death-wound aghast and affrighted; But the Wasp darted forward her death doing sting. Stephen Decatur was born in Sinnepuxent, Worcester County, Maryland, January 5, 1779. Wasp was taken into British service, initially as HMS Loup Cervier and then as HMS Peacock. He was shot in a duel by Commodore Barron, at Bladensburg, Maryland, March 22, 1820, and died the same evening. Political Scientists who make the assertion claim that because Zachary Taylor refused to be sworn in on a Sunday, March 4, 1849, and both the President and Vice President's term ended on that date the President pro-tempore of the U.S. Senate, David Atchison, therefore became the President under 1849 Presidential succession law. Among the caricatures was one by Charles, of Philadelphia, of which a reduced copy is here given. Jones and his crew were soon exchanged and he was promoted to command the 38 gun frigate USS Macedonian. She was constructed in 1806 at the Washington Navy Yard, was commissioned sometime in 1807, Master Commandant John Smith in command. On October 25, 1812, when in command of the frigate United States, he captured the British frigate Macedonian, Captain John Carden, for which action Congress gave Decatur a vote of thanks and a gold medal. She was lost, presumed foundered with all hands, in mid-1814. Wasp, under the command of Master Commandant Jacob Jones continued to operate along the coast of the middle states after the United States went to war with Britain in June 1812. Whinyates claimed that his ship produced ‘superior fire’[2], by which he meant that Frolic fired more quickly than the Wasp. Today, for the sake of expediency, political scientists incorrectly refer to it as the Democratic-Republican Party. Little Bill was restored. [12], On 29 October Loup Cervier recaptured the brig John and Mary, T. Collins, master. J. J. Colledge’s Ships of the Royal Navy states that she had 18 guns, but does not give the types. Within five minutes the main top gallant-mast of the Wasp was shot away and fell among the rigging, rendering a portion of it unmanageable during the remainder of the action. Her condition was forlorn. And he writhed and he groaned as if torn with the colic; And long shall John Bull rue the terrible day. [1] It is likely that the two ships had similar firepower. This victory was celebrated by songs, and also by caricatures. Frolic’s captain, Thomas Whinyates, ordered his charges to sail east under all sail, whilst Frolic dropped back. USS Wasp - USS United States The USS Wasp takes the HMS Frolic By Benson John Lossing. She finally caught the enemy convoy the following morning and discovered six merchantmen under the protection of a 22-gun sloop-of-war, HMS Frolic. A severe engagement began at half-past ten in the morning. i, p. 412. i, pp. vol. [1] Captain William William Mends succeeded Gill,[8] taking command on 26 February 1813. She was manned by a crew of one hundred and eight persons. [13] Lastly, Loup Cervier was one of four British warships that shared in the capture of the sloop Emeline, of 44 tons (bm), O. Adams, master. This post follows on from this one on the US loss of Detroit and the capture of HMS Guerriere by the USS Constitution. The Wasp had little long-range firepower, since the rest of her armament consisted of only two 12 pounders. The USS Wasp was last heard of October 9 th, 1814 and is believed to have foundered in a gale. [5][6], At half past eleven in the morning of 18 October, Wasp and Frolic closed to do battle, commencing fire at a distance of 50 to 60 yards (46 to 55 m). In 1812 she captured HMS Frolic, but was immediately herself captured. She had been sailing from Amelia Island to Amsterdam with a cargo of pine and cotton when captured. Our Clients include many Fortune 500 companies, associations, non-profits, colleges, universities, national conventions, pr and advertising agencies. [2] In the final weeks of 1810, she was operating from the ports of Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, presumably patrolling the waters along southern Atlantic coast. The British took her into service first as HMS Loup Cervier and then as HMS Peacock. The American vessel won the long bloody battle, capturing and bringing the Macedonian back to the United States. Carronades were shorter and lighter than the standard naval long gun. The 74 gun third-rate ship of the line HMS Poictiers appeared. The contest lasted forty-five minutes, and the aggregate loss of the Frolic in killed and wounded was ninety men. For this gallant deed he was immediately promoted to the rank of captain. (New York, NY: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1900-2). HYPERLINK "" Isabella d’Este, America’s Four Republics The More or Less United States, Samuel Johnston Elected but declined the office, Constitution of 1787 U.S. Presidents George Washington John Adams Federalist Party Thomas Jefferson Republican* Party James Madison Republican* Party James Monroe Republican* Party John Quincy Adams Republican* Party Whig Party, Andrew Jackson Republican* Party Democratic Party Martin Van Buren Democratic Party William H. Harrison Whig Party, John Tyler Whig Party James K. Polk Democratic Party David Atchison** Democratic Party Zachary Taylor Whig Party, James Buchanan Democratic Party Abraham Lincoln Republican Party Jefferson Davis*** Democratic Party Andrew Johnson Republican Party Ulysses S. Grant Republican Party, Rutherford B. Hayes Republican Party James A. Garfield Republican Party Chester Arthur Republican Party, Grover Cleveland Democratic Party Benjamin Harrison Republican Party, Warren G. Harding Republican Party Calvin Coolidge Republican Party, Herbert C. Hoover Republican Party Franklin D. Roosevelt Democratic Party, Lyndon B. Johnson Democratic Party Richard M. Nixon Republican Party, Ronald Wilson Reagan Republican Party George H. W. Bush Republican Party William Jefferson Clinton Democratic Party George W. Bush Republican Party, Annapolis Continental Congress Society U.S. Presidency & Hospitality, *Republican Party - - is a defunct political party organized by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in 1791. The latter, with splendid gunnery, sent shots which cut her enemy's mizzeuinast so that it fell overboard. Unfortunately for Wasp, a British 74-gun ship-of-the-line, HMS Poictiers, appeared on the scene. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Mends was appointed to command of Terpsichore on 23 March 1814. One of the songs became very popular, and was sung at all public gatherings. Legislatures of states gave Decatur thanks, and two of them each gave him a sword.

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