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William George St. Ephraim Lane Ln. Beccle Daveis Atekong Close Cl. Nyong Edem St. David Henshaw St. Nsaha Effiom – ‘A’ Ln. Beecroft St. Selected Posts For You. Eseelfie St. Ito Agbor St. University of Calabar can easily be reach from this town. NYSC Streets                                               Zip Codes. Asim Ikang St. Odo Ita St. Pumping Station Cementry Rd. Asari Eso St. Government College Ekorinim Village Fufu Rd. Commercial St. Edet Essien Square Cultural Centre Ansa Effiom St. Orok Odo St. Uba Mbora St. Old Marina Rd. Effanga St. Itu St. Old Secretariat Church Rd. White House St. Mayne Ave. How To Join Nigerian Military Police. Asuquo Nyong Lane Ln. Jacob St. Asari Ntan Inim St. Interestingly, even after Southern Cameroons voted in 1961 to leave Nigeria and became a part of Cameroon, Bakassi remained under Calabar administration in Nigeria until the International Court of Justice's judgement of 2002 which ceded ownership of Bakassi to Cameroon. Inyang Otop St. Ilofa Rd. Probyn St. Garden St. Otu Eteta Ln. Queen Duke St. Effiwatt St. Calabar Cities Nearby The closest cities, towns, suburbs/localities and places to Calabar in Cross River, Nigeria are listed below in order of increasing distance. Old Secretariate Ikot Uduak St. Ikot Effanga Farm Sett Palm Lane Ln. Streets                                       Zip Codes. Ekeng Ewa St. Cemeroon St. Duke Town Drive Dve. Macdonald St. Asim Ikang St. Clifford Lane Ln. Coco-Bassey St. Oke Ode St. Ross St. Atu St. Abasi Obori Lane Ln. Calabar Municipal Office Ntoe St. |Calabar has long been an educational centre. Academy Lane Ln. Gregory Effiong St. Lagos St. Mound Zion Light House St. Extension St. Eyamba St. Mobil Filling Station Eyo Etta Ln. Edibe Edibe Rd. 3rd Ave. Calcemoo Rd. Trade Fair Rd. Goldie St. Asim Ita Close Cl. Girls Coll Eta Ntisong St. Eyamba St. Adam Duke Lane C Ln. Eyo Aikpo St. Sabo Oke Ibom Eteta Ita St. Eneyo St. St. Margarets Hospital Addy St. Harbour Village Eniong St. Offiong Square Edet Nsa St. Otop Otop Cl. Ekeng Abia St. Ibonda St. Ambo St. Nupe Rd. Leopard Town Rd. Nigerian Television Eyo Edem St. Bogobiri St. Noble Ln. Gibson St. Bassey Oqua Ln. The neighboring town of Ataba took over the name and its Efik Efut/Biase/Akampkpa indigenes became known as Calabar pronounced Calabah till this day. Elevation (Feet): 314 Target Rd. Government House School Rd. Richard Henshaw St. Punch St. Nigerian Prisons Ntiero Square Old Ikang Rd. Calcemco Beach African-American writer and slave John Jea was from the area. Inyan Edem St. Egerton St. Eteta Ita St. Mbukpa Rd. Abasi Edem St. E.M.S Sch. Okon Edak Lane Ln. List Of Towns And Villages In Calabar Municipal L.G.A, Cross River State added by Media Nigeria on April 18, 2018 View all posts by Media Nigeria → Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. John Etete Ita St. Nkebre Effiong St. Wilkie St. Area: Ekpo Abasi                       Zip Codes. Ededem St. Porter St. Duke Henshaw Layout Latitude:   4.9589       Lat (DMS)   4° 57' 32N Ene Ndem St. Govt. Asuquo Nyong St. Market Square Chalmer Lane Ln. Thomas Henshaw St. United Bank of Africa Efut St. Ibok St. Esana Abasi St. Uwanse Lane Ln. Etim Ekpo Crescent Cr. Effio Ette Junction New Ikang Rd. W.A.P.I. Garden St. Ekpenyong Effiom St. Otu Edem Layout Goldie Lane Ln. Abasi Edem St. Anderson St. Post Office Streets                                               Zip Codes. Eka Ekong St. Ekeng Ita St. Sofoluwe St. Orok Oyo Ita Rd. Federal Housing Army Barrack History Etonko St. Uduak Orok St. Fish, cassava, bananas, palm oil, and palm kernels were traded at Calabar for European manufactured goods, and the town also served as a major slave-trading depot. Home Farm Estate Joe Goldy Ekondo St. Sokoto Rd. Methodist Drive Dve. IBB Way Way Abatiembe Close Cl. Calabar is also known as 'Canaan City', it is a city and capital of Cross River state, in coastal southeastern Nigeria. Cross River Radio State Housing Lane Ln. Atakpa St. Amika Utuk St. Enebong Ave. Williamson Close Cl. Etim Square (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Adiabo St. Yellow Duke St. Longitude: 8.3270       Long (DMS)             8° 19' 37E Offiong Square Eyo Edem St. College of Tchnology Etoi St. Usang St. Lagos St. Marian Rd. Efa St. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Essien Town Rd. Edem Lane Ln. Here are the list of town and villages in Calabar South, List Of Towns And Villages In Cross River State, List Of Polling Units And Wards In Cross River State, List Of Local Governments In Cross River State, List Of All Towns And Villages In Nigeria By State, List Of Towns And Villages In Calabar South L.G.A, Cross River State    added by Media Nigeria on April 18, 2018View all posts by Media Nigeria →. Asuquo Abasi St. After the chiefs of Duke Town accepted British protection in 1884, the town, which was called Old Calabar until 1904, served as capital of the Oil Rivers Protectorate (1885–93), the Niger Coast Protectorate (1893–1900), and Southern Nigeria (1900–06) until the British administrative headquarters were moved to Lagos. Bennet St. House of Assembly Staff Quarters Effanga St. The Cross River State University is in this LGA. Okpo Ene Lane Cl. Barracks Rd. Richard Henshaw St. Ekpo Nsa Abasi St. Ansa Effiom St. Eastern Highway H. W. Institutye Ededem Lane Ln. Calabar is the capital of Cross River State. Godie St. Chief Obot Close Cl. Hart St. Olumba Olumba Teaching Hospital Bonny St. University Rd. Ezekie St. Ikang Etta Square Obong Lane Ln. Inyang Ekeng St. The city is watered by the Calabar and Great Kwa Rivers and creeks of the Cross River (from its inland delta). Etim Square By Media Nigeria on April 18, 2018No Comment, Here are the list of town and villages in Calabar Municipal, Amphibious Training School Ekondo Lane Ln. Stream Rd. Ekong Odo St. 2nd Ave. Etim Effiom St. Eket Lane Ln. Efut St. Your email address will not be published. Chambley St. Anderson St. Edem Edet Lane B Ln. Federal Secretariat Inyang Otop Lane Ln. It has an area of 406 km² and a population of 371,022 at the 2006 census. Onikanga Rd. Inameti Henshaw St. Streets Bourdilon St. Calabar Rd. Airport Hotel Eburutu St. Watt St. Eta Agbor Rd. Jacob St. Duke Hotel Offa Rd. Ewa Nsa St. Ibako St. Alalubosa Lane Ln. Atamunu St. Efagh Mkpan Lane Ln. Notify me of new posts by email. Write a Review. Atimbo Ln. Atakpa St. Inyang St. Abua St. Bassey Etteta St. Eta Agbo Rd. Akin Qua Town Rd. Afon Cl. The Blending Bookshop has lots of fun things for kids. Asa Old Residency Spring Tank Rd, Streets The first British warship to sail as far as Duke Town, where she captured seven Spanish and Portuguese slavers, may have been HMS Comes in 1815. High Way Umon St. Akparika Lane Ln. Fenton St. Ikot Abasi Obori Akim Qua Town Rd. Calabar South is one of the beautiful place in Cross River State. U.B.A Azikiwe Obu (OOO Headquarters) Police Barrack Abua St. Flour Mill Edem Edet St. Nsaha Effiom – ‘B’ Ln. Azikiwe St. Ephraim St. Ewa Ekeng St. Lugard St. Clerks Alley St. Beecroft St. By Media Nigeria on April 18, 2018No Comment. Ita Okang St. Marian Rd. Abatim St. Adak Ukpa Macdonald St. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Andrson St. Simpson Spring – Duncan St. Ekong Eta St. Oma St. St. Anyito St. MCC Rd. Effiong St. Union Bank, Streets Riffle Range Shopping Centre/Market Convent St. Eyo Edet Crescent Cr. Church Rd. Eke Effiong St. Calabar Rd. During the European scramble for Africa, Queen Victoria signed a Treaty of Protection with the King and Chiefs of Calabar on 10 September 1884. Marina Rd. Mariam Rd. Atekong Drive Dve. Okon Edak St. Etomkpe St. Adazi St. Efa St. Otomo St. Ogar Afufu Close Cl. Ansa St. Target Rd. Effiwatt St. Inyang Ewa Lane Ln. Equity Bank Edet Effiom St. Okoho Ephraim St. Orok – Orok St. Inyang St. St. Margaret’s Hosp. Ukpong Archibong Effio Edem St. Bakassi was founded around 1450 by the Efik of coastal south eastern Nigeria, and was incorporated within the political framework of Calabar Kingdom along with Southern Cameroons. The garden is always being graced by celebrity presence and there is always a large turnout of crowd. Archibong St. Ebito St. Sec. Edem Edet A Ln. Afokang St. Government Primary School Effanga Effanga St. Atekong Lane Rd. It remained an important port (shipping ivory, timber, and beeswax, as well as palm produce) until it was eclipsed by Port Harcourt, terminus (1916) of the railroad, 90 miles (145 km) west.

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