the origins of totalitarianism audiobook

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Through a series of eight exercises, she shows how we can redistill the vital essence of these concepts and use them to regain a frame of reference for the future.

This book explains how we got to this point in the U.S. with a government currently bent on installing a Authoritarian regime and the power grabs. More than that, she always convinces me 100% that she herself believes what she's reading and that what she's reading is absolutely true.

They must allow their leaders to think for them, and no matter how absurd the assertion is and void of science for totalitarianism to take hold the people must be willing to accept statements such as ‘Climate Change is a Chinese Hoax’ or ‘vaccines cause autism’ as truth because their leaders, and their insular news sources trapped within an epistemic closure tell them such.

By: She documents the madness of 19th century Europe (and South Africa) and its peculiar blaming of the Jews and the stateless for its ills, the Dreyfus Affair in all of its details and the chaos after the First World War and then the book starts to get into its groove as she starts to consider the special characteristics inherent within Hitler and Stalin the two totalitarians under consideration which resulted from that madness, the first race inspired, the second class inspired.The common ingredients necessary for totalitarianism to take hold were along these lines, create a fear stemming from a difference and use the threat of terror to appeal to baser instincts of the mobs (winning the hearts of at least 48% of the people is just enough to win in an Electoral College, for example).

The book was reprinted in the 1960s but mostly reflects her thoughts from 1950. Liam Gerrard.

For a work of this type you need to be able to go back and reread sentences and whole paragraphs.

By: Himmler, when he came to power was not going to allow that.

Her writings increase the reader comprehension of the questions and, when confronted with human faults and failures, inspire the search of solutions.

Cancel anytime. She clearly describes the anatomy and mechanics of an alternative worldview that had abandoned normal, fact-based standards of thought and discourse.

It doesn’t matter if they are to be made afraid of Muslims, Mexicans or immigrants.

It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.

“Mass” is the key word here.

I would highly recommend this audiobook to anyone with an interest in the catastrophes brought about in the last century by men who believed that, with sufficient mobilization of the masses, anything is possible.

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