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His rulings, his impact to the evermore conservative court. As luck would have it, this book showed up on my radar screen and seemed like it might have the answers I was looking for. This latest volume deals with the Roberts court and its various conflicts with the Obama administration, and I'm rating it slightly lower as it doesn't have the same historical sweep. A main theme is that, according to Toobin, the John Roberts Supreme Court is reviving an originalist interpretation of the Constitution, asking: what did the founders think about things back in the 1700's? It provides enlightening characterizations of the current justices including recent retirees. The case of Citizens United that illustrates the themes of corporate power, freedom of speech and the intersection of law and politics. 'The Oath' is another tour de force. Starting the book I didn't realize that Toobins was a CNN/New Yorker analyst. What do all these things have in common? While the profiles of the current Supreme Court justices are very engaging and the recaps of the issues and decisions of the Court in the last four years are very well presented, it was the reinforcement of the importance of who gets to select the judges that caused me to have the greatest concern about the upcoming election. Some of them ranged back to the W. Bush Administration and there was even one from the Clinton Administration. 23. Publication Date: September 18, 2012. 15. It ends with the Court agreeing to rule on the constitutionality of the PPACA, the arguments presented by both sides, and the decision making process of the final rule. The book is full of captivating tidbits, personality traits and facts about the justices. Like Toobin's previous book, this contains some good details, like Scalia weeping at the death of Ginsburg's husband (the families had been friends for years, despite their political differences) and the efforts of junior Justices Breyer and Kagan on the Cafeteria Committee (Kagan arranged for a froyo machine). 1. In 2003 the Rehnquist Court had upheld McCain-Feingold election financing restrictions in McConnell v. Federal Election Commission. The book pivots between short bios on the justices and behind the scenes drama of several landmark Supreme Court decisions. This is effectively a sequel to the fabulous book The Nine, which tells the story of the Supreme Court under Rehnquist. Overall, these are wonderful books that shed light on the Supreme Court and the decisions it makes. Scholars, lawyers, politicians, and activists created a new understanding of the Second Amendment that eventually commanded five votes on the Supreme Court.” (p.115) He describes each of the justices on the current court as well as the recent retirees, Sandra Day O'Connor and John Paul Stevens. Kagan managed to get a frozen yogurt machine for the place, and nobody could shut up about it. The most disappointing part for me was the scope of the book. The appeal would have received less sympathy in the Rehnquist Court with its law-and-order concerns. at Richard Gilder Way (77th Street) Is the appropriate title for this book "Thoughts about the Supreme Court and/or Obama?" Now it was the Republicans." I felt that it finished strong and had moments of great insight. This is not quite comparable to The Nine. The writing is quintessential Toobin: Sharp, incisive, engaging. Toobin correctly lays out that the Court may have saved him going into the 2012 election, keeping us all, Americans and others, from a despotic Romney Tea Party. Toobin, master storyteller of the Supreme Court, returns with another great book, full of facts, legal analysis, and political undertones like no other non-fiction author I have read in a long time. There are some topics that you just expect to be dry. But this book and its predecessor are riveting. The book begins with Justice Roberts bumbling Obama’s inaugural oath forcing a do-over two days later and then highlights the cool relationship between the two, based largely on ideology. Then, the embarrassing need to re-administer the oath. 14. Again, as in "The Nine," Toobin's likes and dislikes of the individual justices is transparent. The thing that got me to finish this one is my interest in the case the Court decided in this period. If you know what "stare decisis" means and care about it, you should read this book and its predecessor, The Nine. Starting the book I didn't realize that Toobins was a CNN/New Yorker analyst. Rating: It also has me being a pretentious doof referencing supreme court cases in casual conversations. In Toobin's view, Chief Justice Roberts want to lead a Supreme Court willing to overturn decades of decisions, ignore precedent, and undo many of the reforms reaching back to the New Deal. That's his case; whether he makes that case, you can decide. Here Toobin, a Harvard-trained lawyer, CNN legal analyst, and senior staff writer at "The New Yorker" follows up his book on the Renquist Court with one on the Roberts Court, whose history, of course, is still being made. They have always been a part of life inside the Beltway, but in today's polarized climate, these strategies have assumed new importance. As with "The Nine," primarily about the Renquist Court, Toobin mixes insights about the Supremes personal history and character traits with legal analyses of their decisions/opinions to give us an entertaining and enlightening look at where the Supreme Court is today and how it got there. Select the “package ticket” option online and stop by Caffè Storico prior to the event. I feel like these books would be fun reads for any law student about to take Con Law or any American wanting to know about this least discussed branch of government. O'Connor, a moderate Republican, was the last member on the High Court to have actually ran for public office, to have served as an elected official (she had been a member of the Arizona State Senate). What is more telling is that the three most recent retirees -- Stevens, O'Connor, and Souter -- all Republican nominees had retired as fairly consistent liberal votes. The strength of this book is the exposition of critical legal reasoning, inner court maneuvering, and a supreme readability. Over the past ten to fifteen years, conservatives have been successful in changing the dialogue, such that even liberals feel the need to couch their arguments in 18th century terms, rather than appealing to the good of the country or the principle of letting the legislation of democratically elected officials stand as much as possible. 5. I recently read “The Roberts Court” by Marcia Coyle which covered the same time frame. I also wish there would have been more details about the case on Affordable Care Act but I could probably read a whole book on that, especially if Toobin wrote it :) Utterly fascinating. Toobin's writing is so clear, and his familiarity with his subjects so natural, that you feel as if you know the Justices as well as he does. Even reading a book about the Supreme Court seems like it could be really boring, I found myself picking up the book as if it were a drug. Alas, even the Court has been bastardized by the worst president ever, DUBYA! I have to confess that I am a Court 'watcher'. But this book and its predecessor are riveting. (115) The judicial activism of the current court is a real shift. I learned a great deal from this book. 170 Central Park West Roberts assigned the opinion to Scalia who seized the opportunity to promote originalism, a formerly obscure theory of legal interpretation. After putting down the book I missed retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor all the more. The question that changed a case and perhaps American history. If you are a Court 'watcher'like I am or even if you are just curious about the workings of the Supreme Court, The Oath is a book you will enjoy! Both men are young, brilliant, charismatic, charming, determined to change the course of the nation—and completely at odds on almost every major constitutional issue. Even reading a book about the Supreme Court seems like it could be really boring, I found myself picking up the book as if it were a drug. The politics involved. I actually really enjoyed the Pres. Despite the veil of secrecy that surrounds the Court's deliberations, Toobin has delved into the workings of the Supreme Court in a meaningful way. Most of the major or most interesting cases that have been heard by the Roberts Court are analyzed and most often we see how the Court's decisions reveal the Court's rightward shift.

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