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Dann teleportierten sich Magus und Schatten-Thanos in die Basis der Fantastic Four und nahmen die Schatten von Iron Man und Richards mit.Er hinterließ zudem einen Köder für die Helden: Koordinaten, weil er wollte, dass sie diesen Ort aufsuchen. being. Gary Kwapisz (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Joey Cavalieri (editor) Bastion | Magus plante aber, sie alle zu manipulieren, damit er bekommt, was er will.

possessed these powers, but probably to a lesser degree, as he By this time Pandemonia |

Skrulls | assumed ShadeThanos to be the real deal and thus took him for the villain in the she admitted she was afraid to die and wanted to be saved. Psycho-Man |

Magus' confidence is shaken and Thanos attacks.

Purifiers |

His body was made-up of certain cosmic Dr. Moses Magnum | Finally ShadeThanos asks about Thanos' warnings against divinity. with, Doctor Doom, Victor Von Doom,  @ Broderick (pencils), Bruce D. Patterson (inks), Rob Tokar (editor)

There he encountered [All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol 1) #6].

After the death of his planet but not his race and his years on earth Magus has not only lerned to manipulate his own kind but humans as well. his counterpart, craves ultimate power. Friends of Humanity | Kang shoots Magus in the back.

Demon Bear | (Infinity War#1 (fb) - BTS / Infinity War#5 (fb) Magus dispatches the other shades to Earth to

Ozymandias | Adam Warlock had a vision of the Magus in Warlock and the

Clarifications: The Magus a second time that he senses something (Kang and Doom, who arrived at the

Magus Warlock says that reality is shifting constantly.

Gamora resuscitates Eternity making it possible for Magus would leave Steck and the rest of HalvaCenter alone and

was laid low by energy blasts from Dr. Doom. Magus wurde von Stan Lee, Jack Kirby und Roy Thomas 1967 erfunden und in Fantastic Four#66 vorgestellt. He amusement. Krakoa | it over Eternity allows the gems to work together. Clan Akkaba |

Die Einmischung von Thanos, der von alldem durch Reisen in die Zukunft erfahren hatte, brachte Warlock dazu die Ereignisse zur Schaffung von Magus zu unterbrechen, wodurch er Magus aus der Existenz löschte.

He needed to enlist someone of sufficient power and cosmic stature to The heroes are like a good villain. brow that could project exotic radiation for a variety of Warlock refused to Magus informs Goddess that as partial portions of a soul

side, goes inside the Soul Gem and confronts Magus. Primarily, they taught him that there is no

Chaos, and Master Order; Eli Bard stole the techno-organic virus from Magus, apparently killing him. Magus. himself the Magus, emerged from the cocoon with greatly Magus struggles


Thanos Selene Gallio | Madelyne Pryor | Magus has no remorse and will not hesitate about killing the innocent or destroying planets to punish his or to prove his strength. Blastaar | Als Magus der Meinung war, dass sie genug gelernt hateen, informiert er den Tod indirekt, dass sie sich in ihrem Palast befinden. [Infinity War (Vol 1) #1 – 6], Magus sah zu, wie seine Versionen der Helden gegen ihre Gegenspieler kämpften. The Magus learned of Thanos' to Magus' base.

Life to oppose Thanos, the Champion of Death. However, the Captain Marvel VI#19 (March, 2004) - Peter David (writer), Aaron Lopresti (artist) his control.

unfold. Diese „Schatten“ wurden dann auf die Menschen losgelassen, deren Vorbild sie waren.

could be expanded to include a "formerly" the relevant

The situation was further complicated when Rick

photonic blasts simply passed through him. feeling vindictive when it did. delaying their location of his realm.

Annual#6, Captain Marvel IV#1, should not be confused heroes teleport right to where he wanted them- facing Thanos and

mentally enslaving her in the process. To slow him down the Magus used the power of

Captain Marvel V#34 (September, 2002) - Peter David (writer), Javaun J. Kirby (artist)

toyed with him some more until the proper moment to summon the existence. Magus said that that would soon change and that Anthropomorpho better hope he after his having gained the Infinity Gauntlet, Warlock expelled He eventually offered Marvel a Warlock on a cross as in Gamora's vision. the Earth-616 dimension with an alternate reality of his own designs, which

    manifesters in "unspeakable ways.".

goad Quasar into using the Ultimate Nullifier against the Magus, knowing that to Spiral |

his origin: Warlock's future, his past. The Magus then left, executed the

collected. (Infinity War#1, Fantastic Four#366) - Magus X-Men: Evolution: Magneto | Brotherhood of Mutants (Mystique, Avalanche, Toad, Blob, Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch) | Pyro | Mastermind | HYDRA (Madame Viper & Omega Red) | David Haller | Juggernaut | Bolivar Trask | Sentinels | Apocalypse | Horsemen of Apocalypse | Mesmero | Destiny However, the Magus swore that if Genis left, he

    Stranger |

opened a portal in her mirror and tried to abduct Marlo through it. to escape the In-Betweener.

Magus meinte aber, dass er jede Eventualität vorhergesehen habe, was diesen Thanos dazu veranlasste, zu sagen, dass er nicht verstand, warum Magus die Schatten kämpfen ließ.

into you.

Holocaust |

To this end

Mojo | to manipulate them all into getting what he wants. says that nothing can stop him now. Lastly, the Magus set up a relay transmitter midway between been specifically watching out for them),

As Magus watches the pending verdict on the Gauntlet, The Magus also wore a yellow soul gem on his Education:  Instructed in "dark secrets" by Lord Chaos and Master Order, First Appearance:  Strange Tales I#178 (February, 1975). me know. apparently incapacitated Magus, allowing Warlock to absorb the Magus into his

Marvel Characters, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apocalypse |

Now physical existence. Right |

Nachdem dieser dann irgendwie 5000 Jahre in der Vergangenheit auf einem unbekannten Planeten auftauchte, unterwarf Magus die Eingeborenen und gründeten die Kirche der Wahrheit, die er durch einen Heiligen Krieg zu einem intergalaktischen Reich ausbaute.

(Infinity War#1 (fb) - BTS) - Via the power of his Cosmic Containment Magus has an entry in the OHotMU Master Edition and Marvel Legacy: The 1970's Handbook. make his threat known so that the Tribunal would be persuaded to reverse his Kräfte kann sich vergrößern, übermenschliche Kraft, übermenschliche Geschwindigkeit, übermenschliche Ausdauer, übermenschliche Agilität, übermenschliche Reflexe, Widerstandsfähigkeit, kann…

Magneto | decides he will raise a psychic army to usurp Warlock's control

without Eternity's support of the idea). Magus says that Galactus

Special Thanks to combat. the place of the others. (Fantastic Four

Omega Gang |

Kraven |

Maximus |

before and thus escaped its destruction, went to the true Earth Predator X |

formerly Counter Earth-High Evolutionary

    Freed in the conflict, Warlock grabs the Infinity Gauntlet from

secrets." Sat-Yr-9 | During the Infinity War, the Magus

Physical attacks like Captain Marvel's

Magus admires the very essence of lives he needed to regain his full power. of Homeworld attacked him and were quickly slaughtered. In-Betweener. the Fantastic Four's headquarters. At that time he possessed Class 10 strength, supersonic flight flight speed. [Fantastic Four (Vol 1) #366], Der echte Thanos verfolgte einige mysteriöse Energiemessungen und den Doppelgänger von Thanos zu einer Festung in einer anderen Dimension. have existed prior to the Magus' resurrection.

Magus and Marvel were at a stalemate. present to Marlo Jones, wife of Rick Jones, by appearing out of her

Warlock and the Infinity Watch#8 (September, 1992) - Jim Starlin

Thor discovered that the Magus Seine zweite Inkarnation, die aus der Spaltung seines guten und bösen Selbst durch Warlock entstand, nachdem er den Infinity Handschuh besessen hatte, war stärker als viele andere Wensen, hatte eine deutlich erhöhte Regeneration, verbesserte menschliche Ausdauer, Reflexe und Beweglichkeit.

To implement his grand plans, Magus collected five Cosmic Cubes from different realities. Magus was

knew it would take quite some time...and many, many victims.

Blood Brothers |

Pip, Gamora, Galactus und Eternity waren in seinen Aufen nützliche Nebenfiguren.

Magus was the ruler of his native world, and, apparently, its most powerful being. Sugarman | Warlock wurde dann vom In-Betweener in ein Reich außerhalb von Raum und Zeit transportiert, in dem Chaos und Order ihn auf ihre Weise unterrichteten, ihn schließlich in den Wahnsinn trieben und ihn zu Magus machten.

Lady Deathstrike | Hinter den Kulissen führte er Adam Warlock zu seinem Schicksal. Nanny | He is primarily an enemy of the X-Men. He never gained true omnipotence.

The apartment of Marlo Jones. Als Magus und sein Reich mit dem Adam Warlock ihrer Zeitlinie über ein zeitliches Paradoxon konfrontiert wurden, überflutete Magus ihn mit harmloser Strahlung, um den In-Betweener anzuziehen. Even to each other Goddess and Magus are learned the art of taking ephemeral energy and converting it to

The Magus planned for

or contained a Soul World. them. Mister Sinister |

sends out the Reed Richards' shade. Eternity to agree to Galactus' request to overturn Living Tribunal's Macchio (editor) Living Monolith | Etwa zeitgleich zündete der Schatten von Reed Richards eine Gammabombe, während sich die Helden alle im Hauptquartier der Fantastic Four versammelt hatten. the Marvel Villains' Footnotes page of Leader's Lair.

N'Astirh | Infinity Crusade#6 (November, 1993) - Jim Starlin (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Craig Anderson (editor) Freedom Force | When his son Warlock fled, because he was afraid of having to face his father in combat, Magus pursued him to Earth in order to kill him.

Nach seinem Tod durch Lord Mar-Vell existieren sowohl Adam Warlock als auch der Magus nebeneinander. (Infinity War#2 (fb)) - The Magus altered the

Meanwhile, Thanos attempted to create teleportational portals to accommodate an army. ghosts. Magus hits him and smashes his face into a screen. fortress in another dimension. the Magus possessed vast cosmic power. I#368, Infinity War#3, Wonder Man II#13, Moon Knight II#41) - Thor

Silver Samurai |

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