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He wants to take the president and the ledger back to Spain to the CEO to be held accountable. The South India Trade Company had contacted 3 of the best assassins from around the world to finally kill Zorro. The Alcalde has a secret weapon to kill Zorro, while Victoria must make a decision about her future ... and it may not include Zorro. "Extraordinary Zorro") is an Italian-Japanese anime, based on the western character Zorro. Bernard gets teased by his friends for being scared and takes up a dare to go up the mountain.

Outraged by the oppression, Diego decides to fight the tyrants. Zorro makes a plan where Bernard saves Barbara's life and she fondly takes him in. He flees from his home to attempt to shake the dogs off. They decided to fight to the death at dawn. Lolita contemplates how Diego used to be and draws his face in the sand. When the fight begins, however, Zorro refuses to fight women - so Lolita grabs a gun to expose the imposters and help Zorro defeat the criminals. The army fires canons to stop the logs.

Pepita tries to tell people who the criminals are, but only Bernard believes and helps her.

Diego's father, Don Alejandro, is appointed temporary Alcalde and tasked with the job of capturing Zorro. Diego pretends to be scared and also runs away. Little does Diego know that the army has contracted an assassin within the circus armed with a magical amulet to kill him. Lolita and Diego come up with a plan to escape by getting the townspeople to all dress like Zorro and distract the army. This page was last edited on 25 September 2020, at 19:35. Turns out, Lapaz got into gambling debt in Spain and had debt collectors come after him. Zorro gets the ring back and Lasal promises not to be deceived again. McCrea is now an author who got permission from the King of Spain to do a book on Zorro and to get assistance from the army on the topic. The opening theme is titled "Zorro", and the closing theme "Chikai" (誓い; "Oath"). Lolita's parents talk about how Lapaz's father, Don Jose, is in shady business and wouldn't be a good in-law. Gabriel finds Cekita and his wife and stops them. Diego is excited for his old college friend, McCrea, to visit from Spain. But Katherina, Lolita’s mother, sees that if Lolita marries Diego, they can get the share of Don Vega's land. Zorro then asks to fight Gabriel for the right to kiss Lolita. An election for Alcalde is proposed and Victoria puts herself forward as a candidate, but de Soto is not about to give his post without a (very dirty) fight. Gabriel spends time wooing Lasal until she trusts him enough to hand over her ring - at which point he betrays her and leaves. They then discredit him by causing him to sleep during an operation. Fourth season episodes 10-13 released as a video "A Conspiracy of Blood" with some extended footage. A man overhears this and convinces them to follow his "missions" (orders) and to take up a sword like Zorro. Tony Steadman. His father then gets a job offer to stand near Don Vegas storage. Diego meets up with Lolita only to get ambushed with her latest interest: horoscopes. Lolita tries to rush through the bandits but fails. On the way to the ball, they get stopped by the thief. The South India Trading Company (SITC) hosts a party to announce and promote their presence in the town. Diego is suspicious of his father's fiancée, whom Don Alejandro has never actually met except through correspondence. The males will compete in a fencing tournament the two winners will kiss. Gonzales brings Amelia to Vegas to stay while they look for her grandfather. As the local hero, he is known to punish his enemies by cutting a "Z" shaped mark into them with the tip of his blade. Zorro defeats the arsonists, clears the name of the boy's father, and resolves the wheat shortage. Zorro leaves and returns as Diego offers to return her home. The people however prefer the local doctor who has always treated them. Gonzales gets injured at the party but then is arrested for an attempt to murder Don Jose, who was found with a stab wound in his back. When the Alcalde maneuvers Sergeant Mendoza into applying for a promotion, Diego tries to teach him the manners of a gentleman. One day, the army seize McCrea's notes and arrest Diego based on what was written. He then sees the army attempt to capture a family whose father they killed for advocating freedom. She leaves back for Spain, but not before making Lolita jealous for one last time.

After a discussion, Lolita goes back to the store to return the perfume but discovers that the perfume was a fake copycat sold by the South India Trading Company (SITC). He befriends her and falls in love with her. Zorro helps an Amish family persecuted because of their beliefs. Gonzales finally stands up to his superiors.

Phillip John Taylor, Robert L. McCullough & Maxwell Pitt. Seasons 1 and 2 are composed of half-hour episodes. The town attends a welcome home party for Lapaz, a young man who attended the same school in Spain as Diego. Diego is on a ship to go back to his home country, California, because his father asks for his return. Knowing that their time is up the army decides to stage a coup and kill the governor. The man is named Rodrigo and was forced to paint fakes for the art exhibit. Lolita is a sweet-tempered girl who wants to fight evil and protect the people by helping Zorro from behind the scenes. First season episodes 8-13 "The Legend Begins" was released as a video with some extended footage. Diego gives Sergeant Mendoza lessons in romance. Lolita is helping Cekita and his wife and baby to run away from California because Cekita was teaching freedom to the people. This is a list of episodes for the Zorro television series that ran from 1957 to 1961. The hide the governor and prepare for the army's uprising. The army refuses to give up the sword nor help the family, so Zorro steals it. The third assassin tries to kill Zorro and Zorro escapes. Lolita runs away and Gabriel kidnaps her. Gonzales gets blamed for a robbery that occurred and the army offers a reward for his capture. With the army finally, in order, Lolita asks about Zorro. A Spanish emissary who is viciously biased against Indians is given a taste of his own medicine thanks to some special treatment by Diego. Diego meets the descendants of the Three Musketeers. Phillip John Taylor & Robert L. McCullough. They charge exorbitant prices and one of their doctors decides to expose them as corrupt. The trading company tries to get the doctor to join but he refuses to work with them. Arrow overhears his father plotting against the army and takes the information to Sergeant Gonzalez in order to gain favor and join the army. Kid invents hang gliding. The South Indian Trading Company has gotten a massive cannon that can easily wipe out rebels. The following dawn soldiers search inside the ship, but nothing is found. McCrea then travels back to Spain with the family, but not before promising to not write his book until Zorro is no longer needed. The Alcalde throws the old man in jail on a ridiculous charge, and Victoria comes up with various plans to get him out. The army comes and warns Carlos that they found out the Duke has no adult son. The army takes their wheat instead. A wealthy couple is on the way to a ball dressed in their finest clothes and jewels when suddenly, a magical thief attacks their carriage and steals their jewels. Felipe has to fight for the hand of a Native American girl. Bernard finds a mysterious man running away.

They decide to take a. The townspeople are being scared awake by some mysterious moaning coming from the mountain. Rafael de la Vega's fiancée is found to have a major crush on Zorro, much to the displeasure of both Rafael and Victoria. The carts pass through a mountain pass. A young woman arrives from Spain. Lolita removes the bullet and bandages Diego. Zorro arrives to interrupt them. The South India Trading Company has open a hospital with new doctors. A gang of thugs harasses Lolita and Diego pretends to be weak and useless to keep his identity a secret. Zorro rescues Lolita and the circus clown gets his resolution. Zorro whispers to Bernard that he has already marked all the barrels with a “Z” sign. When Sergeant Mendoza wins 5,000 pesos in the Alcalde's lottery, the Alcalde tries to cheat him of his winnings. Lolita and the girls are insulted when Diego and Brenard mention their bad-smelling expensive perfume. He, Lolita, Bernard, and Sergeant Pedro with two police officers discover the warehouse where the stolen wine is stored. 10 Diego has become a ghost! Diego with his friends works to defeat the army. Gabriel puts Diego in jail for no reason and then hires an arsonist to burn down Don Carlos’s warehouse. That night, Hachisuka sneaks into Lolita's room while she's asleep and kidnaps her in order to lure Zorro. Lapaz actually skipped school a lot and hung out with the wrong kind-of crowd in Spain, but asked Diego to keep that a secret. The Army agrees and Gabriel loses.

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