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Emma moves in with Nell but she turns out to be penniless and is happy to drag Nell down with her. He then gets his girlfriend to make a copy of the painting to sell it as the real thing. #94 I Like It Here in Wilmington (1984) –
Steve and Jane are con artists, but they are about to underestimate an old man. Posted January 19, 2015 by Andrew Allen Filed under . The remainder of the Top Twelve ranked "Tales of the Unexpected" episodes are, in order: . #67 A Man with a Fortune (1982) – Tags: Black Mirror, Roald Dahl, Tales Of The Unexpected, The Twilight Zone, All rights reserved | Site built by amillionmonkeys, David Tennant and Billie Piper reunite for a podcast, Grange Hill: the most famous series of the show now on DVD, Connie Nielsen and Christopher Ecclestone to headline new Channel 4 drama, Kevin Costner-headlined Yellowstone finally getting a UK DVD release. George Forester is a compulsive prankster, but one day he goes too far.

Harry is petrified when a poisonous snake sits on his belly.

#100 In the Cards (1985) – #46 Completely Foolproof (1981) – Alan Corwin covers up fraud by Oliver Platt but his secretary and girlfriend is ignorant to the arrangement. Comedy, Drama, Horror, The police are dragging the marshes for a missing school-girl and a sinister man is approaching other young girls. They are told by Harry, the proprietor, that their car is in need of extensive repairs and suggest that, while ... See full summary », Director: | Stars: #53 The Eavesdropper (1982) – Peter Hammond Miriam Byrd-Nethery, TOTU - s7e5 - **Number Eight** Ranked #2 in Top Twelve TOTU Episodes, Holidaying in Connecticut, Gregory visits an isolated hunting lodge and meets a girl called Jane, who tells him a disturbing story about an accident which befell members of her family when ... See full summary », Director: |

Mr Appleby has married and murdered three wives.

After all, Susan is married to an ... See full summary », Director: (1983) – #29 Vengeance is Mine Inc. (1980) – This website is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, #2 Mrs Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat (1979) –, #24 The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby (1980) –, #30 A Girl Can’t Always Have Everything (1980) –, #37 The Boy Who Talked with Animals (1981) –, #44 The Last Bottle in the World (1981) –, #47 There’s One Born Every Minute (1981) –, #64 What Have You Been Up to Lately? #108 Wink Three Times (1988) – Her chauffeur, however, has a plan. But sometimes, it’s not the people who can out-smart you that you need to look out for…. Shaw, the rich owner of a newspaper, is controlling and very rich.

Liza Goddard, #36 Vicious Circle (1981) – #34 The Party (1980) – #71 The Memory Man (1983) – Episode characteristics & General Consensus: #37 The Boy Who Talked with Animals (1981) – #61 Death Can Add (1982) – What emerges later, exudes evil. A woman steps in to help and takes her to her caravan to call for the police. At a hunting lodge in Connecticut, a young man climbs through the window and when he emerges, he finds himself in a strange new world, unlike anything he has ever seen before. "Tales of the Unexpected" is a television series produced for nine years, beginning in 1979, orignally intended for and initially broadcast in the United Kingdom . Caroline Coates, a news anchorwoman, tries an experimental youth formula. After World War II, a U. S. Army interpreter boarded at the house of the bully Hector and downtrodden Nathalie. Key:-

Successful writer Sam Luke is being targetted by feminists for his book and is now getting death threats. (1983) –, #76 Down Among the Sheltering Palms (1983) –, #85 The Best Chess Player in the World (1984) –, #89 The Last of the Midnight Gardeners (1984) –, #94 I Like It Here in Wilmington (1984) –, #101 Nothin’ Short of Highway Robbery (1985) –. Tinker gets a job from the millionaire Harold Cutler, who used to bully him at school, but he suspects that he is having an affair with his wife.

Despite being warned about her, he takes her to his room. Gerry Williams’ wife has hired an assassin to kill him. A man makes a bizarre bet. #93 Bird of Prey (1984) – He launches a competition for a story involving the perfect murder and his wife encourages him to enter it himself. #57 The Moles (1982) – Paul Annett Comedy, Drama, Horror, Brenda leads a solitary and drink-fuelled existence on the island of Key West. | Yves Drouard tries to kill his wife with an explosive device, but there is something he has overlooked. #103 Skeleton in the Cupboard (1987) – Paul Standing, the son of a recently deceased doctor, receives a bill from a bookshop for thousands of pounds worth of pornography. "The Flypaper" Episode Characteristics & General Consensus: Two old actor friends meet up for the first time in 25 years.

What follows is not precisely unexpected, but simply restates a truth that we already knew, and needed to be reminded of. Norma believes that her sister has been killed by her husband Bob for an insurance payout after she disappears.

#21 Genesis and Catastrophe (1980) – 8 of the best ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ episodes. Roald Dahl, Two businessmen on the verge of bankruptcy devise a plan to rob a bank with the help of an experienced criminal. Coln Mearns has a gift for memory, but is struggling financially. The story’s fingerprints can also been seen all over Stephen King’s ‘Quitters, Inc’. #62 Light Fingers (1982) – While there, he attends a dance and meets a beautiful woman, but she is not all she seems.

Peter Davison, (1982) – Richard Dow, He takes drastic steps to prevent exposure. | . This list presents the Top Twelve Episodes of the "Tales of the Unexpected" television series. Mary Burge is fat and her husband wants to be rid of her. Lorna Yabsley, TOTU - s3e1 - **The Flypaper ** Ranked #1, Best Episode of the TOTU Series, When hard-working Nell invites her old school friend Emma to come and stay in her ramshackle country cottage to help her make ends meet, she is unaware that she has landed herself with a ... See full summary », Director: .

Valerie Mahaffey, If ever there was a film to warn your children about “stranger danger”, Wet Saturday – It is a wet Saturday and  Mr Princey learns that his daughter Millicent has hit and killed the man with whom she was obsessed with a croquet mallet. #26 The Flypaper (1980) – #110 The Finger of Suspicion (1988) – A woman is tipped off by a friend that her husband is having an affair, so she sets up a meeting with the woman at a beach party. . Tales of the Unexpected, the Top 12 Episodes. Comedy, Drama, Horror, Arriving in Bath to take up his first job away from home young Billy Weaver decides to take a room with a charmingly maternal if eccentric landlady. Blue Marigold, a fashion model, comes back years later and finds that things have changed. #77 The Vorpal Blade (1983) – Richard Johnson, Stars: The Dobsons are harbouring a secret and it is about to be revealed. One of a selection of episodes made by the US. Pamela Beauchamp gets her husband to bug their guests’ bedroom but hears more than she bargained for. Alfred Burke, Win one of 5 bundles of four new Doctor Who books!

Roger Carson takes to gambling and comes up with a way to kill his aunt and inherit her money. #86 Proxy (1984) – A surprise awaits him!

… | An art collector becomes entangled in a struggle between two beautiful women. Cara is determined to get back her family jewels, which are residing in a safe. #92 Sauce for the Goose (1984) – Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mrs. Foster has a plane to catch in order to visit her daughter and first grand-child. Madame La Grue exploits the artists she employs – she is about to meet her match. Stars: Use your mouse to hover to see the corresponding episode title – Best Episode #26. #27 A Picture of a Place (1980) –

Hazel McBride, TOTU - s6e10 - ** The Luncheon** Ranked #6 in Top Twelve TOTU Episodes, A driver picks up a hitch-hiker, perhaps not the wisest thing to do when the radio is full of the news of serial murderer the 'Will-o-the-Wisp' killer and the description given of him fits ... See full summary », Director:

For the record the very best episode of the TOTU series is the one called : Olivier Pierre, TOTU - s5e17 - **Who's Got The Lady** Ranked #10 in Top Twelve TOTU Episodes, Author Tony Medway is thrilled to receive a phone call from Susan Mandeville, inviting him to a restaurant to discuss making a film of his book. #14 Poison (1980) – #6 Neck (1979) – Colonel George Peregrine’s life is disturbed when his wife writes a bestselling raunchy novel. . Her alcoholism is caused by an incident from the past but when a figure from that past, old college friend ... See full summary », Director:

One day, she is found murdered and the three worry that they will be suspected. #78 The Wrong ‘Un (1983) – Sylvia, a quiet, teenage girl, is being pestered by an old man. First Transmission: 1979-1988. Keith Briscoe wants to get back with his second wife and wants to get back with his first, Faye. A British anthology series featuring tales of horror, mystery and suspense. #52 Blue Marigold (1982) – Bud Cort, #106 The Verger (1988) – Dina Merrill, TOTU - s7e15 - **The Open Window** Ranked #4 in Top Twelve TOTU Episodes, Newt and Marcie are driving through the desert and stop off at a gas station. . Norma and a detective investigate. | A con-man buys a valuable picture from a woman at a knockdown price.

#47 There’s One Born Every Minute (1981) – Roald Dahl,

Blue episodes rated above par. Leo Penn Robert Beatty, #28 Proof of Guilt (1980) – Many of the 112 episodes of the TOTU series are good - some episodes are duds of course, but the series as whole is above average. | (1981) –

#68 Who’s Got the Lady? William’s will stipulates that his brain be kept alive after his death. Max and Andy, a kind-hearted radiologist, battle over Emma. #16 Taste (1980) – One of a pair of identical twins committed the crime but which one? But now Charlie has outlived his usefulness. Roger is desperately worried, but a surprise is in store. #39 A Woman’s Help (1981) –

Jeremy Tyler, a shy solicitor, gets mistaken for another man by a woman on a blind date. Title: Tales of the Unexpected Genre: UK Mystery/Fantasy/Horror Series Series: 9 Episodes: 112 First Transmission: 1979-1988. Tales of the Unexpected episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. . It won’t surprise you (or maybe it will) that some of yours may not turn up on our list, so feel free to champion your favourites in the comments section below…. Together they ponder their unsuccessful lives. A boy on holiday in Jamaica disappears with a turtle washed up on the beach. #109 The Dead Don’t Steal (1988) – Mrs Foster will do anything to be punctual! Two out-of-work actors in London set up a scheme whereby they take revenge on a newspaper critic, Lionel Brewster, for money. #50 The Way to Do It (1981) – However, Stephen soon starts to philander. Mr Botibol is obsessed with Classical music and builds a concert hall in his house, to which he takes a woman with a love of music. Pat Keen,

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