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In… its a little bit soft and gritty looking, but then its an older film and thats the nature of the film stock used. Crash and Lord of War have significantly improved clarity, crisp yet clean detail, vibrant theyre much more like what I expected Blu-ray Disc would look like. Both have a more film-like image. Ive heard from more than a few industry sources that Blu-ray is having trouble getting the dual-layered BD media to work, which means that discs with lots of extras some kind of wonderful trailer good video quality arent an option now. You notice it most when the images on screen are moving quickly, or when the camera is panning. For the record, Terminator on Blu-ray has 7 deleted scenes and 2 featurettes, recycled from standard DVD. By the way, I havent tested the Samsungs standard DVD upconversion capability to any real degree yet. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Im really just giving you my initial, off-the-cuff comments, based on less than 10 hours of viewing time with the Samsung. Create a free website or blog at

( Log Out /  Just FYI. But right I think I may end up giving Round One of this format war to HD-DVD, and that surprises the hell out of me. Fifth Element has a some kind of wonderful trailer trivia track, again from the standard DVD. Lionsgates Lord of War was the title where I noticed it first, and Ill have to check them all before knowing whether its just this title or all of the discs. And the first 25 or so HD-DVD discs Ive viewed just look better overall than the first 4 Blu-ray Discs Ive seen. Paramount released two trailers for Some Kind of Wonderful. Sure, that Tosh HD-DVD player was a lemon until the firmware upgrade, but its worked like a charm since. A 45 second teaser trailer (which appeared on the 1986 VHS release of Pretty In Pink), followed by the theatrical trailer at the movie's release. Both are problems for this format that dont seem to be troubling HD-DVD at the moment at least not at first glance, based on the initial title offering. In any case, this is probably not the best title to test the video quality of Blu-ray Disc, so lets move on. The disc is very good looking, but not blow-you-away good. The disc is very good looking, but not blow-you-away good. ( Log Out /  And There are some problems Im seeing right away with all of the Blu-ray Disc titles on the BD-P10 First, when I switch to 1080i, Im noticing some very obvious scaling issues that I dont see when the player is set to 720p. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Again, its not something Ive seen on any HD-DVD titles thus far. Its worth noting that weve only seen one player for each format, so its hard to say what issues are specifically related to the players, and what are some kind of wonderful trailer related. Now these two Lionsgate theyre much better looking. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Second, Im noticing a very slight studdering problem. About once a second, or maybe once every few seconds, the video seems to hesitate for just a instant a tiny fraction of a second. I also dont see anything like this on the Toshiba HD-A1 at any resolution, so this is specific to THIS player, which may be why Samsung ships it with 720p set by default. I keep hearing these comments both official and unofficial from Blu-ray execs saying that theyre leaving off the extras so they can give all the extra disc space over to the best video quality possible. This is easily the best quality Ive ever seen The Terminator looking before.

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This is easily the best quality Ive ever seen The Terminator looking before. If I had to compare my initial impressions of Blu-ray Disc to those of well, I certainly need to see more Blu-ray titles and spend more time with the player. Still trying to figure out what Im seeing here. It also means that longer movies arent an option now either. Some kind of wonderful trailer A big improvement. ( Log Out /  It may be that this issue is related to the first. its a little bit soft and gritty looking, but then its an older film and thats the nature of the film stock used.

Which tells me that Blu-ray is having major disc space problems. A big improvement. The Lionsgate titles have nothing. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The HD-DVDs also have a LOT more extra features than the Blu-ray Discs even if you consider that most of the extras are recycled from standard DVD. ( Log Out / 

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