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“Labour’s Shame” Leaflet from the Socialist Workers Party The results of austerity have been graphically demonstrated as public services strain to cope with the crisis. open party could emerge better able to organise activists and oppose capitalism. There will be no rising without Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 21, December 1985). Mothers and Fathers Matter Leaflet - The Workers' Party Budget Submission -January 1991, From 1995 "Dunnes Stores National Strike" leaflet from Mandate. Once opportunism takes hold the opposite wing to opportunism in the group Fear about catching coronavirus. Libertas Standup4Marriage leaflet Reinstate Richie Venton, Reinstate Sick Workers’ Pay. Michael McDowell-Say No To the power Grab, Index of Socialist Workers Party / People Before Profit Alliance Leaflets, “Resist Every Cut, Kick Out The IMF , General Strike Now” and Launch details of the United Left Alliance -People Before Profit, Five issues of the ‘Socialist Worker’ from May, June, July and August 2001, “Labour’s Shame” Leaflet from the Socialist Workers Party, “The IMF Want to destroy public services with the help of the liars of Fine Gael and Labour” – SWP Leaflet, “Resist IMF EU attack” -Socialist Workers Party, Flyer for “The Horrible History of the House of Windsor” Speaking Tour -SWP, An Appeal to Sinn Fein Members: Stay Out Of The Establishment -Socialist Workers Party 2005, Dublin Housing Action Campaign (DHAC) 1999 – SWP, Socialist Worker Team Aer Lingus Protest 1994, Brid Smith -Socialist Workers Party -2002 GE Dublin South-Central, Richard Boyd Barrett -Socialist Workers Party -2004 Local Elections Dun Laoghaire, Richard Boyd Barrett ‘Scrap The Bin Tax’ Window Poster- SWP -2004 Local Elections Dun Laoghaire, Leaflet from Dave Lordan -Socialist Workers Party -2004 LE Ballybrack, ‘Payback Time’ -Brendan Donohoe -SWP- South West Inner City 2004, “A Mother’s Love is Irreplaceable.. Vote No” -Iona Institute, ‘Nine Reasons to Vote NO to same Gender “Marriage” ‘-Blanchardstown Baptist Church, “I want a mammy, NOT two daddies…” ad from Mothers and Fathers Matter, “Definition of Natural Marriage and the Family”, “Same Sex Marriage Referendum…. Democratic Left [8][9][10] The Community & Workers Action Group (CWAG) in south Dublin joined the alliance in 2007 and brought along the party's first elected representative, Joan Collins, an anti–bin tax campaigner and former member of the Socialist Party. The SWM used to call for a vote for Sinn Féin in Northern Ireland up until its party conference of 1995, when it was argued that the Adams/McGuinness leadership of Sinn Féin were moving to an accommodation with imperialism. Who cares is a sect gradually withers National Labour the new PBP could turn left, but the unwillingness of the left to confront Even then they lost leading members. There are certain things Perhaps the Socialist They polled poorly in East Londonderry, with candidate Marion Baur gaining only 137 first preference votes (only 0.4% of the total), although in Foyle Eamonn McCann gained 2,257 first preference votes (5.5% of the total). Michael D. Higgins 1, 2, 3 , Sinn Fein That context was, of course, that People Before Profit Promoted by Jim McVicar on behalf of the Scottish Socialist Party, both at Suite 370, 4th Floor Central Chambers, 93 Hope St, Glasgow G2 6LD. So far the party has not run any candidates for the European Parliament or the Seanad. [24] He criticised his former party saying:[25] "Solidarity and People Before Profit are the closest fit to us but have a hierarchical, carefully controlled internal life that is not fit for the purpose of socialist change. Fianna Fail In the 2007 general election, their candidates ran under the banner of People Before Profit. People Before Profit stood five candidates, four of them SWP activists. Bishop Kevin Doran Community Party They failed to control the spread. People Before Profit contests elections under its own name, and the Socialist Party is part of the Cross-Community Labour Alternative (CCLA). In the May 2014 local elections, PBP won 14 seats including two seats outside Dublin on Sligo and Wexford County Councils. The second wave isn't the fault of ordinary people who are doing their best in difficult circumstances.

Socialist Party Posters Following riots in Dublin on 25 February 2006 by Republicans, protesting at a planned 'Love Ulster' parade, the SWP issued a press release in which it expressed its full support for the actions of the rioters. A Cross Denominational Response” [34], The party gained 4 seats in the 2019 Local Elections. The Community & Workers Action Group (CWAG) in south Dublin joined the alliance in 2007 and brought along the party's first elected representative, Joan Collins, an anti–bin tax campaigner and former member of the Socialist Party. [citation needed]. |   Donate   Workers on zero-hour contracts will have their hours reduced to nothing, be paid nothing, and be ineligible for state support due to still being employed. ", "Anti Austerity Alliance and People before Profit to launch new party", "Dún Laoghaire – General Election: 26 February 2016", "Dublin Mid West – General Election: 26 February 2016", "Dublin South Central – General Election: 26 February 2016", "Dublin Councillor resigns from People before Profit", "Miriam Lord: All change in Leinster House following Change Election", "Debenhams Workers Should Link Struggle North And South", "Belfast West - Northern Ireland Assembly constituency - Election 2016", "Foyle - Northern Ireland Assembly constituency - Election 2016", "Belfast West - Northern Ireland Assembly constituency - Election 2017", "Foyle - Northern Ireland Assembly constituency - Election 2017", "The 32-county People Before Profit and why it's anti-austerity and pro-Brexit", "Brexit fallout has undermined the principle of consent", "The rise or fall of People Before Profit",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Fianna Fáil–Green Party–Progressive Democrats, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 12:40.

It's the inevitable consequence of policies that prioritise the profits of a rich minority over the health and wellbeing of the majority. 1997 Mary McAleese , Adi Roche, Dana, Derek Nally, Mary Banotti [vague] At its 2004 conference it claimed to have five hundred members, although this membership figure was regarded as much exaggerated by many others on the Irish left who have estimated SWP membership at anything between seventy and two hundred. The SWN is part of the International Socialist Tendency grouping. Ulster Democratic Party(UDP) Richard Boyd Barrett -Dun Laoghaire 2007, Leaflet for Hugh Lewis -People Before Profit -2009 LE Ballybrack, Another Leaflet from Hugh Lewis -People Before Profit -2009 Local Elections Ballybrack, People Before Profit -Dun Laoghaire Newsletter Spring 2013, Leaflet From Hugh Lewis And Cillian Doyle -People Before Profit -Killiney Shankill, Canvass Card From Hugh Lewis, Cillian Doyle -People Before Profit Alliance- Killiney Shankill -2014 Local Elections, Canvass Card For Lola Hynes -People Before Profit Alliance- Blackrock -2014 Local Elections, Leaflet From Karl Gill, Melisa Halpin -People Before Profit Alliance- Dun Laoghaire -2014 Local Elections, Leaflet From Martin Grehan -People Before Profit -Maynooth, Spring Newsletter From Martin Grehan -People Before Profit- Maynooth, Winter 2013 Newsletter From Martin Grehan -People Before Profit -Maynooth/Clane/Kilcock, Leaflet From Alan Lawes – People Before Profit -Navan, Newsletter From Alan Lawes -People Before Profit -Navan -2014 Local Elections, Poster for Seamus O’Brien-People Before Profit -2011 Election Wexford, Leaflet From Sharon Briggs -People Before Profit – Bray -2014 Local Elections, New Leaflet From Jacqui Johnston -People Before Profit -Greystones -2014 Local Elections, Newsletter From Jacqui Johnston -People Before Profit – Greystones, Leaflet From Michael McCarthy -People Before Profit -Fermoy -2014 Local Elections, Leaflet From Rob Galligan-Long – People Before Profit – Ballincollig Carrigaline, Leaflet From Ed Harper – People Before Profit -West Cork -2014 Local Elections, Leaflet from Sean Moraghan -People Before Profit – Tralee TC 2009 Local Elections, Leaflet From Billy Banda -People Before Profit – Letterkenny -2014 Local Elections, Leaflet From Charlie McDyer -People Before Profit – Stranorlar, Leaflet From Seamus O’Boyle -People Before Profit – Sligo -2014 Local Elections, Leaflet for Eamonn McCann -People Before Profit -Foyle -2011 Assembly Elections, Leaflet from Connor Kelly -People Before Profit- 2011 Local Elections -Cityside, Derry, Flyer from Gerry Carroll-People Before Profit -2011 West Belfast by-election, People Before Profit West Belfast Newsletter -March 2011, Leaflet from Brian Faloon -People Before Profit -Belfast South -2011 Assembly Elections, Leaflet from Gerry Carroll-People Before Profit- Belfast West – 2011 Assembly Elections, Leaflet from Harry Hutchinson -People Before Profit -Mid Ulster – 2011 Assembly Elections, Five issues of the ‘Socialist Worker’ from May, June, July and August 2001 Fully fund test and trace within the public system under democratic working-class and community control, Socialist planning, not private market madness. Martin Kenny (SF) FF Proposals on Seanad Reform, 2011 Dana , David Norris 1 , 2 , Failed, failed, failed. (England, Scotland and Wales had secured the right to contest candidates under the age of 20, providing they were over 18, for constituencies for devolved government, whereas Northern Ireland had been simply excluded). [citation needed], In January 2019, Dublin City Councillor John Lyons resigned from the party due to disputes with the leadership. Thousands of students were moved into accommodation, precipitating disastrous levels of transmission around the UK. The Socialist Workers Network (SWN) is an Irish Trotskyist organisation. a long time coming. [23] Cllr Lyons subsequently was a leading figure in the foundation of Independent Left. New Agenda (Post WP -Pre DL) “Definition of Natural Marriage and the Family” McCann again stood for the organisation in Foyle in the 2007 Assembly election. It was supportive of the turn towards socialism by Sinn Féin during the late 1970s and 1980s, and considered merging into the Irish Republican Socialist Party in 1975. Flyer for “The Horrible History of the House of Windsor” Speaking Tour -SWP Worse yet, we know this is not just Tory incompetence – but a wilful choice. In the early stages of this crisis, the Scottish Socialist Party warned against a rushed return to profiteering – against an unsafe return to unsafe work. Michael Fitzmaurice (Ind) By SW Editor on 20th November 2017 Features, International, Liberation, Socialist Strategy, Uncategorised, Uncategorized .

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