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Required fields are marked *. Also, Drake’s “Hold on (we’re going home)” He’s only spent his dad’s money, though, so there would be plenty of things left to accomplish. I still need to limit the amount of allowed calories in the day to lose weight.

That might explain part of this behavior. Do you think he’d bang ten chicks a night? I’ve been fat for the past 5 years.

Kinobody is just another self-absorbed prick selling ridiculously priced fitness info that you can basically get for free online. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. “After the photoshoot, he probably sends them home, minus one or two if he feels like smashing.” Learn to appreciate what you are having right now. Normally, guys grow out of chasing after chicks for quick hookups, no matter how successful they are. 7:18pm Sleazy Bed Track by The Bluetones on The Bluetones Collection (UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)) 7:22pm Braid by Perfume Genius on No Shape (Matador) 7:25pm My Kind of Woman by Mac Demarco on 2 (Captured Tracks) 7:28pm Exchange by Massive Attack on Mezzanine (Circa) There is no time to be depressed in this country, for there is so much to do. Look at Wittgenstein for someone who was hailed from a prestigious family. I vaguely remember that Aristotle said: “The essence of life lies in motions.”, Pay close attention to what you eat, avoid all the trash foods that American corporate impresses upon you. ( Log Out / 

I could run 3 miles, aim to push it to 6 miles later. I believe you just have to absorb your nutritions from fresh foods. “He basically said that at his level, happiness is hard to come by because there is nothing left for him to accomplish or experience. I’ve been spending some time working on a song, which I hope will be what John Mayer calls “transportational” I don’t like to have individual songs directly influenced by other songs, but I have been listening to the Bluetones’ “Sleazy Bed Track” a lot. Men and women hang out separately because they are interested in different things.

I’ve seen guys switching to prostitutes for the convenience. Lack of motivation because you’re too comfortable is very real and arguably a primary reason for the malaise of our time. It's the most boring thing, but by far

Take good care of yourself.

This is not a promise–please don’t hold me to it. I wrote that comment to reply to the view of Dan. He’s full of vigor. Tavita. 2) Aaron is available for one-on-one consultation sessions if you want honest advice.

I revelate at will after an episode. At the macro level fat loss is regulated by calore deficit, at the micro level by hormones (Testosterone, DHT, Estrogen, Cortisol, T4, T3 etc).

Any other benefits are completely made up bullshit. And what if something happens to your family? He lives in The CandyLand Mansion up in Queensland ,full of big tit glamour model gfs in bikinis , he walks them around on leashes etc

She may be dating some other guy, but you’re some side-dick she’s happy to jump on every now and again. On the fourth panel, though, you see modern-day Billy Beta who has a shirt picked out by his girlfriend in the store, and he looks dead inside. The 100 Best Songs Of 1969 Staff Picks Billboard. Every few years fitness industry package some specific research in medicine and adapt it to sell the bullshit. Here’s a good example (Fair Use assumed): The average Joe now sees this and might be envious of this guy and his lifestyle. 3) Donations for … On the other hand, if you want validation, including validation from hookers, you’ll need variety. This is probably genetic. Tavita. As long as all my family members are healthy and alive, I am very happy. Some even avoid women altogether. Me, me, me, only about me, that’s American way of life. When you're gazing upon my side-bar, …creepy dude, Your email address will not be published. He has money to buy a sport car. I revelate at will after an episode. YESSSS to all of this. Sadly, I never follow this rule, so I’m always starting from scratch with lyrics.

One thing that causes me to wonder is that this guy said he persued a degree in a university.

Politique de confidentialité FILMube . Sadly, I never follow this rule, so I’m always starting from scratch with lyrics.

So with any luck and some longer days and nights, I’ll be uploading a song for you to listen to. They also had to sign non disclosure agreements if they didn’t make the cut in order to maintain his reputation, “You may see a bunch of whores. Intermittent fasting helps with calorie restriction, so it can definitely help you lose weight. The story I’d like to tell is one of unrequited love, of a man or woman who never had the chance, would never get the chance. You meet a chick, she’s horny, you’re horny, you fuck, and then you realize that you have absolutely no interest in her. I don’t know much about Wittgenstein, but after skimming his biography, it looks like struggle with depression also was a major part of his life. Just imagine having so many women around! His video had a bizarre segment where he has two chicks on the bed and he takes turns putting his dick in them. This is reflected everywhere in life. The average woman is not likely to have any intellectual interests at all. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I love the constitution, the bills of right, the declaration of independence. Did Alek claim that? Yes, I’ve been fat for the past 5 years despite being continuously on IF. On a lighter note, I found it amusing that he boasted that he had once had sex with a woman without saying a word to her, as if that were some rare and difficult accomplishment. Create a free website or blog at

When I saw “smashing”, I also suspected that it meant “fuck”, because smashing describes the act of having sex in doggy style, banging your hips against your lady’s arse. Smashing = banging. At points I often wonder whether I am just waiting to die.

Some dude traveled to some third world country and got himself some cheap hookers. I found it rather profound, and I have to admit that on a certain level I can empathize with him. First the one on the left got a few thrusts, then the one on the right, and this went on for a bit before he gave a thumbs up to the camera, which was the end of the video. I remember my brother asking my how I could have gone without knowing this song, and all I could do was shrug. Even some 80s/90s grunge would be fine as well.,, I can’t believe people think Dan Bilzerian is real, I had a fuck buddy a few years ago that was invited to one of his “parties” but in order to lure the girls in they made it seem like a contest. This was one of them. And Joe Rogan is kind of burnt out and far out there. Stories of him in the tabloid papers, parents of some girl were saying ”The Candyman stole my daughter ”!! Did you enjoy this article? Also, exercise constantly. He also makes these outrageously pompous videos that boasts his lifestyle to help sell his products and probably roids, similar to Bilzerian. That’s how humans work. He was a kid from a very rich family. How do you deal with depressive thoughts? I want a playlist for rainy/depressed days. The point of all of this is that if you want sex, you’re fine with banging one chick and banging her properly. I’ve become a little fanatical about my care for my jeans, and it has paid off: My youngest pair of jeans is 5 years old and they all still look mostly brand new. Here’s a video of Scooby calling out Kinobody for false advertising: I have not known any of his claim. One thing I always thought about Bilzarian was the guy can’t dress for shit… Honestly, it is just that the prick is too hollow in characters to ever contribute anything meaningful to the society that has nurtured him. Change ). He’s just been outed as a total fraud right>? Watch Queue Queue

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