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Zach: Name's Zach, Coach Boomer. Magenta In fact, it will be also, thanks to him, that Will, will be able to stop Gwen. Ice Girl is credited as 'Freeze Girl' in the film, so :icontwistedtuesday: and I christened her Nora, named for Mr. Zach Zach Layla How was your summer?

Zach is first seen with Will Stronghold on the bus to Sky High School, In the end, he is recognized as a hero for assisting the other heroes in stopping Royal Pain's devious plan of creating a generation of supervillains. Zach Is Royal Pain's daughter. : 'It wasn't until he heard a small high pitch chime right behind him that he instinctively did what was probably his third anxious 180 that night and immediately stomped his foot on wherever he saw movement, letting out an impromptu battle cry, his voice cracking and his makeshift bat raised in the air. : No freshman ever won Save the Citizen, and those guys are undefeated! Will Stronghold

Not much is known of his past, the powers, the names, or even the "belonging" of his parents (meaning if they are : heroes or villains). It's been hard for as long as Warren can remember. Warren Peace : Zach Magenta has a semi-punkish style to her. : You can't let them dunk Ethan's head in the toilet. : just my Fanarts Sky High, sharkboy and lavagirl, Spy Kids 3, Zoom. And you barely know how to use your powers! Whoa. *That's* Warren Peace? He always wears white/fluorescent colors. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson".

He feels the solid weight of certainty settle in his gut like a bad meal. Warren Peace Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ethan I'm Ethan, and I melt. Because I call dibs on Zach-attack. Will Stronghold Coach Boomer No chance of parole 'til after his third life. SIDEKICK! Magenta So where do I come in? Shape-shift? Just because you have powers, that doesn't make you a hero.

Sometimes it just makes you a jerk.

Zach Lash I hate sweet! Not again. Will Stronghold Will Stronghold And it will prove, that to be superheroes, you do not have to have super, superpowers.

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