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Writer Grant Morrison co-wrote the series' first and only annual with Didio. Liege Maximo | Jhiaxus | Rook | Mindset "Autobot" As a result, he gains the power to travel through dimensions and create rifts that can act as small barriers. Answer #1 ∞ is called a Lemnisate. characters face forward Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? He is also equipped with a shield on his left arm that's part of his body. Publication history. [3][4] In November 2017, the line was rebranded as "The New Age of DC Heroes" and publication was delayed until early 2018. Sideways' appearance and enigmatic personality gives off a ninja-like air to him. Full Name "[15] Bleeding Cool called the character "charming" but the story "meandering". Character is facing off to the right or left at a slight angle, rockets still shoot forward. A defector of the Autobots and affiliate of the Decepticons who is a Herald of Unicron (Armada)A high-ranking Deception who later becomes Starscream's right-hand henchmen (Cybertron) ConspiracyAttempted murderDestructionMultiple War crimesBetrayal Revive Unicron (Armada).Avenge Planet X (Cybertron). Beast Wars Villains | When the Mini-Cons were successful in defeating Unicron, Sideways became enraged and attempted to kill them, before being hit by the Requiem Blaster (shot by Optimus Prime). Manipulating people. [2] They were branded as the "Dark Matter" line and their stories follow events from the Dark Nights: Metal crossover. With quick thinking from Erin, she calms the audience, which allows Sideways to teleport Showman to a different location where he defeats him. In the final issues, Sideways manages to find out the people who killed his mother, and defeat most of them. CASABLANCA VALLEY. Disguising himselfManipulationFightingTeleporting He is shown to be well-versed in combat, he took down Cyclonus during his first appearance, and briefly held his own against the Decepticon tactician Thrust. He can also teleport to other people's locations as long as he knows who they are; he did not know where his best friend was but when he imagined her face, he immediately teleported to her location. [1], The character debuted in Sideways #1, which was originally promoted in spring 2017 as part of a group of new comic series set for release in fall 2017. Due to Derek falling through the Dark Multiverse during the Dark Nights: Metal event, he acquired several powers involving reality and spacetime manipulation. He is occasionally referred to as a "virus". War For Cybertron Trilogy Villains, A defector of the Autobots and affiliate of the Decepticons who is a. When Derek creates a rift on top of another rift, it can create a miniature Black Hole. [16] The character is part of an effort to increase diversity within the fictional setting and has received attention for being a minority character drawn by a Puerto Rican artist. Sideways Crimes get knocked out often, lol ‌ … [8] The annual was released in November 2018. A few weeks later, Derek teams up with Hot Spot, a former Teen Titan, to take down a man named Replicant who can replicate superpowers. Transformers: Armada More advice in General Knowledge. Scrapper | Mixmaster | Dirt Boss [6] Like the other first issues in the line, it featured a vertical gatefold cover.

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