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Larriera was working as the head of the finance department of the provincial administration. They were both on assignment by the UN in East Timor. Sergio, 52, worked as a supervisor of the process for the independence of the former Indonesian province. Directed by Greg Barker, and written by Craig Borten, Sergio i s the true story of Sergio de Mello, a United Nations diplomat who was killed while he was working in Iraq in 2003. Vieira De Mello was supervising the process of independence for the former Indonesian province. Sergio Vieira de Mello and Carolina Larriera in Ushuaia, Argentina After an al Qaeda truck bomb ripped through United Nations headquarters at the Canal Hotel in … Carolina Larriera was a young Argentinian-Italian U.N. worker when she met Vieira de Mello when they were both stationed in East Timor. Vieira de Mello … The Hauser Rights fellow Carolina, 27 at the time, had the job of head of the finance department of the provincial administration. A 27-year-old Carolina Larriera met 52-year-old Sergio Vieira De Mello in 2000. Carolina Larriera met Sergio De Mello back in 2000 when the pair were assigned to be in East Timor by the UN.

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