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By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. these are mistakenly in northern hemisphere march when it should be southern. I’ve made a complete list of all the tasty villagers you can find in New Horizons, starting off with some top 10 favorites.

As such, she makes friends with the Player almost instantly and is almost impossible to upset. Why would anyone want to give her any clothes besides that? This pig’s name is also “Salami” in France, Truffles — Truffles are edible fungi that can also found in a pig’s diet. Like the dish he was inspired by, Zucker seems to be the perfect little on-the-go snack. Please review the rules before …

Yes, potato-face Frita is a walking smorgasbord of junk food goodness.

#8 Tia What a tempting cup of tea this precious little elephant is! So that’s the top 10 food-inspired Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers! It’s no wonder she looks like a sugary snack herself with that little swirl of sweetness on her head (most likely her hair.)

Find out the spawn conditions, sell price, what time of the day and year it spawns, and more!

Her catchphrase is “shortcake,” and the interior of her home resembles a diner where one can order sweets. Like Ketchup, she even has a green leaf on her head, most likely her hair, that is reminiscent of the leaf on an orange fruit. While Nibbles' personality clicks with Jock villagers and their active lifestyle, she naturally wears down the Cranky and Lazy villagers. ▶Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Official Page. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. #3 Zucker Most people probably expect this little octopus to appear on this list since he is totally inspired by the Japanese snack takoyaki, a fried octopus dish. And similar but even more so than Merengue, the interior of Frita’s house is a full-blown diner. Genji — This bunny made it to the list solely because his catchphrase is “mochi,” a Japanese rice dessert. #4 Tangy From her tasty name to her mouth-watering luscious orange color, Tangy is a sweet citrus treat in the form of a juicy kitty. Even Chaddar’s house looks like a big yellow block of yummy goodness. Coco — Although this creepy bunny is based on the Haniwa clay figures, her English name does sound like “coconut,” and her face resembles one as well. #7 Ketchup If the name wasn’t obvious enough as to why this little red ducky is on this list, then all one would have to do is look at this little ripe tomato in order to get an appetite. Most of her names in other languages also mean “mint,” although her French name, “Amande”, means almond, another tasty snack. A complete list of all the villagers I found to be inspired by food. That being said, there are so many more villagers that could be on this list. Think I missed one? The chart says it does yet the conditions say it does. He also kinda looks like a soft little mochi ball.

She is reminiscent of a frozen dessert, even more so when you think about her catchphrase: frappe (known to many Americans as an iced coffee drink but is also another word for milkshake or a type of dessert in other parts of the world). So, in lesser detail and without further ado, here are the rest of the villagers, Anchovy — He is a lazy bird villager that shares a name with a debatably tasty fish, Angus — Abull villager that makes one think of Angus cattle and who happens to wear a flame (kist) shirt, T-Bone — another bull, whose name is a type of steak cut, Benedict — being a chicken, his name may remind some of eggs Benedict.

Like all Peppy, Normal, and Snooty villagers, she constantly refers to the fictional magazine known as Ms. Nintendique in most conversations. Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide Recommended gifts for Nibbles The following is a list of items that make good gifts for Nibbles, who likes Cute/Fancy, brown items and dislikes Rock items. Even her horns and hooves resemble ketchup and mustard with their red and yellow coloring. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) Wiki Guide. #9 Mint This chill little squirrel villager was chosen mostly because of her name and the mint color of her fur and home. But when peared with her fruity name, one can’t help but see the appetizing inspiration.

Like She has a green leaf on her head to resemble hair. In Germany, her name is Chocolat. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. © 2019 Nintendo ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Her face also looks like a big ol’ potato!

Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed this site and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site.▶Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Official Page. Nibbles (Japanese name: ガリガリ, Garigari) is a Peppy Squirrel villager who has made an appearance in Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk, and Animal Forest e+. So that’s the top 10 food-inspired Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers! She is named “Prune” in French, which means plum, Nana — a little monkey named after a favorite food associated with monkeys, Anicotti — as in “manicotti,” a dish stuffed with cheese (which is often associated with mice). #2 Merengue Another obvious fit for this list, this sweet pink rhino’s name comes from the dessert, meringue, made from whipped egg whites and sugar resulting in a texture similar to the white on Merengue’s head.

Patty — a cow villager who’s name may make one think of beef patty…another ominous bovine name, Cheri/Cherry — This cub and dog (respectfully) are both cherry colored and named after a fruit of that color, Maple — This little cub may make one think of maple syrup. BonBon — This brown bunny may be in reference to (chocolate?)

#1 Frita — Holy fried food-a-moly does this walking fast food advertisement deserve to be #1 on this list!. Nibbles is mostly dark green with a swirl of bright yellow in her big, bushy tail and a patch of bright yellow hair on top of her head. Read This Guide & Get Ready For Halloween Event! Read this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) Guide on Nibble fish. Egbert — another chicken who happens to have eg(g) in his name. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. I wanted to include all of those that came to mind as well. The word “tangy” is used to describe a strong, pungent smell, that usually describes oranges, tangerines, or clementines — all fruits that this piquant cat resembles. Even the little stick on the back of his head represents the toothpick one would normally use to eat this appetizer. The Circuitous, Disingenuous Nature of Nostalgia in Video Games, Dead Rising 4 is One of the Best Games That Killed a Franchise, Pokémon on Dual Screens: The End of an Era. This mouse’s catchphrase is “Sweetie”, Chops — a pig whose name may make you think of pork chops, Gala — her name may be in reference to Gala apples, Cobb — another pig; pigs often eat corn cobs; His phrase is “hot dog.”, Pancetti — there are many pigs with bacon/ham related names (dark!).

Im confussed. This one from pancetta, or Italian bacon, Pekoe — a cute bear cub; Pekoe is a type of tea, Spork — This pig’s name may make one think of the combined fork and spoon utensil, but the name also sounds like a blend of “snort/pork.” His catchphrase is also “crackle,” the sound of bacon cooking, Rasher — as in a “rasher” of bacon. Nibbles is a generally upbeat and optimistic resident by way of her Peppy attitude. She has a Peppy personality and her hobby is Fashion.

*Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. Nibbles is a Squirrel born on July 19th, her star sign is Cancer. Her spiral white and green tail may bring to mind a swirl of minty ice cream. #5 Chaddar This smug little mouse resembles a block of cheddar cheese with his yellow coat and orange spots. His catchphrase is “Eat it”, Candi — another hyper/peppy villager. Welcome to the Animal Crossing subreddit! Her catchphrase is “honey,” which is also similar to maple syrup, Biskit — Since he is a dog, his name may be specifically referring to a dog biscuit, Cookie — another dog villager with a sugary name to match her sweet personality, Pate — She probably wouldn’t be on this list if he wasn’t a duck since Pâté is a paste made from the liver of different animals, including ducks, Chevre — a goat villager named after goat cheese, Sherb — This goat is reminiscent of sherbet, a cool sometimes pastel dessert, Peaches — Peaches made it on this list mostly because of her name, although she does have peach-colored cheeks. Find out the sell price, how to catch, what time of the day and year it spawns, and more! Many players, including myself, cannot help but notice how many food-inspired characters there are throughout the series. She has a hamburger head, and looks amazing in the hot dog outfit. Her default outfit is also a watermelon tee/dress, Peanut — another squirrel named after a nut, Pecan — another squirrel named after a nut…, Poppy — perhaps in reference to poppy seeds. Though “Merengue” is technically a type of dance, it’s obvious from looking at this rhino that the inspiration comes more so from the dessert. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Rikka Takanashi cosplay (QR codes and item list)! From her full, red apple-like cheeks to her pink/red coloring and creamy-colored center that mimics the fruit, Apple seems to be bursting with just as much flavor as she is with her peppy personality.

1.4m members in the AnimalCrossing community. It's where your interests connect you with your people. From her cute porcelain-styled ears and little yellow ball on top of her head mirroring the lid of a teapot, to her spout-like trunk and detailed delicate markings, one can see why Tia’s design makes her a tasty drink deserving to be on this list.

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