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I pledge to support a world that protects elephants, wildlife and their habitat. Naomi, a senior elephant keeper, sings to one of the older orphan calves at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, in central Kenya, on February 26, 2020. World Elephant Day 2020: It is observed on 12 August annually to make people understand to preserve and protect the giant animal elephant.

Elephants have six sets of cheek teeth (molars and premolars) in their lifetime. promote awareness about protecting and conserving the Thai elephant population and elephant habitats. autoLogAppEvents : true,

Many elephants follow around the oldest female because she knows where to find food and shelter. Thailand has witnessed a severe decline in elephant numbers with less than 3,000 wild elephants now remaining in the kingdom. Elephant calves can stand up within 20-minutes of being born. I visited an elephant orphanage without getting background information about its practices. Master UNSTOPPABLE Stacey’s secrets for finding cheap flights, and you’ll be going to more of your dream destinations than you thought possible.

As the story goes, his daughter gave him an elephant paperweight that sparked his interest in these mammoth mammals. Elephants are seen as they cross Lake Kioko in Amboseli National Park in Kenya on August 11, 2020.

Do you know these lucrative Social Security secrets? This article may contain compensated links. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { More elephants are being poached for their ivory than new elephants are being born. 3. We admire elephants in part because they demonstrate what we consider the finest human traits: empathy, self-awareness, and social intelligence. That includes reading a book on elephants, visiting elephants at the zoo, or making elephant arts and crafts. window.FB.Event.subscribe('xfbml.render', function() { The following facts illustrate just how fascinating and amazing these large land mammals are and why it’s important that everyone takes the steps necessary to keep them safe. As humans encroach on the elephants’ habitat, the planet’s largest mammal can be viewed as a traffic hazard, or nuisance when it comes to destroying gardens and farmland. It’s not only a day to appreciate these magnificent creatures, but it’s also a good day to think about what each and every one of us can do to protect these animals before they disappear from the planet altogether. Below are some facts about elephants that everyone can appreciate. js.src = "//"; }

Elephants have around 150,000 muscle units in their trunk. On August 12, 2012, the inaugural World Elephant Day was launched to bring attention to the urgent plight of Asian and African elephants.

It’s not only a day to appreciate these magnificent creatures, but it’s also a good day to think about what each and every one of us can do to protect these animals before they disappear from the planet altogether. We’re unsure of the accuracy of this story, but it is one of the more common origin stories surrounding this holiday. The day behind us had been filled with the excitement of seeing a pride of lions laying in the shade of our safari vehicle, herds of elephants gathering in wadis and a tower of giraffes watching us outside the Ngorongoro crater. Thanks for reading. Elephant "respect" comes through age and wisdom — not aggression.

Enjoy this article? Dangers to both African and Asian elephants include: National Elephant Day is celebrated in Thailand on March 13. SHARE. If you are traveling in Thailand in March, you will be happy to hear that this month locals mark National Elephant Day (13.3) to give elephants the respect they deserve. World Elephant Day 2020 8/12/2020.

National Elephant Appreciation Day began Publisher Wayne Hepburn started it all after an elephant paperweight gift sparked his interest. On August 12 World Elephant Day asks you to help conserve and protect elephants from the numerous threats they face.. On August 12, 2012, the inaugural World Elephant Day was launched to bring attention to the urgent plight of Asian and African elephants.
2. Elephant conservation organizations currently focus on:

Make it a point to grab a book that will help you brush up on your elephant trivia. try{ improving enforcement policies to prevent illegal poaching and trade of ivory. They did it because the company’s owner, a Mr. Wayne Hepburn, developed a personal fascination with elephants and wanted to celebrate them.

if(window.fbl_started) National Elephant Appreciation Day is a great time to give these majestic and beautiful creatures the respect they deserve. Drinya T. Kenyon of World Animal Protection advises that many humane elephant sanctuaries don’t allow breeding, and so do not have young elephants. We can commit to: When I traveled to Kerala, India, I wasn’t so aware of responsible animal viewing as I am today. Drinya and the organization she represents recommends that we: We can celebrate World Elephant Day and Thai National Elephant Day by signing the World Elephant Day pledge found here.

Elephants can swim and use their trunks as a snorkel while crossing rivers. window.fbl_started = false; There is no specific location where this holiday is celebrated. },100); Elephants take dust and mud baths to protect themselves from sunburn. It's one of the ways you can tell them apart from the Asian elephant. Buy the DVD of this fantastic story on Amazon now. 4. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, De Blasio's obsession with racial balance in schools has a clear victim: Asian students, Amazon Prime members can now get free 1-hour grocery pickup at all 487 Whole Foods stores in the US.
One of a series of images by the photographer Greg Du Toit, taken in Botswana's Mashatu Game Reserve between 2014 and 2017, giving a close view of the lives of elephants.

// National Elephant Day Elephants are a significant animal in Thai culture and are an inseparable part of Thailand, so it is not surprising that the locals observe a day dedicated to elephants.

Get instant access to the How to Buy Cheap Flights report. According to World Elephant Day, “in the past 50 years, the Asian elephant range has shrunk by over 70%.”, Over 281 African elephants have died in Botswana since March 2020, and the cause is still unidentified. This is a day that falls on September 22 every year, so anyone interested in these large mammals might want to consider celebrating this holiday. “The elephant is loved, revered and respected by people and cultures around the world, yet we balance on the brink of seeing the last of this magnificent creature,” revealed the organization. But in other places, elephants have been poisoned in retaliation for eating crops.

A mahout feeds an elephant at night Photo: AFP / Lillian SUWANRUMPHA, Oldest Living African Elephant In North America Euthanized After Health Decline, Pakistan's Only Asian Elephant Prepared For New Home, Microsoft’s Azure To Be Connected To SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite Internet, Coronavirus Vaccine 'Unlikely' To Stop Infection Of COVID-19, Ex-Trump Fundraiser Pleads Guilty To Illicit Lobbying On 1MDB, China. Participants can also shout out their support of this holiday by using the hashtag #NationalElephantAppreciationDay on social media sites. SHARE. Elephant calves can stand within 20 minutes of being born and are able to walk within one hour.

... A leopard walks past an elephant in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya on October 15, 2019.

Conceived in 2011 by Canadian filmmakers Patricia Sims and Michael Clark of Canazwest Pictures, and Sivaporn Dardarananda, Secretary-General of the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation in Thailand, it was officially founded, supported and launched by Patricia Sims and the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation on August 12, 2012. clearInterval(fbl_interval); better treatment for captive elephants and. Chang Chill is a new elephant sanctuary, which is partnering with World Animal Protection to ensure that elephants are protected and healthy. Baby elephants, blind shortly after birth, can nonetheless stand up and function quite well. These commissions help reduce the costs of keeping this travel blog active.

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