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Pacte successoral : pourquoi et comment le conclure ? Dubbed the “Concept Two” (Rimac is expected to give it a “real” name soon), this next-gen EV monster will take battery performance to a whole new level, with ever-higher four-figure output numbers and a 0-to-60 mph that looks to break into the high 1-second range, not to mention highly advanced self-driving tech. With such manufacturing control and in-house research and development, this also allows details of the car to be produced to the customer’s exact specification. it wouldn’t be surprising to see a seven-figure price tag attached to this next-generation vehicle as well. Rimac Automobili’s Concept_Two is “a new breed of hypercar” claimed to deliver a colossal 1,914 hp and 1,696 pound-feet (2,300 Nm) of torque. High-intensity LED light units front and rear provide the very best in terms of illumination. © 2008-2020 SoftNews Net SRL.All rights reserved. A car as bespoke as it is user-friendly. 7 independent cooling systems - all fans and pumps running on 48V, 250 kW DC Combo ( It incorporates the company’s signature ‘tie’ design on the flanks, finessed to suit the car’s dramatic proportions. Apple iPad Air (2020) review: Who needs the iPad Pro?

Update 3/12/2019:We’ve updated this review of the 2019 Rimac C_Two with fresh images taken during the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Le Roadster de Tesla, lui, descend à peine en dessous de la barre des deux secondes (ce qui est déjà énorme, soyons honnête !). Thousands of exotic metal, carbonfibre and electronic pieces of this intricate jigsaw are produced, tested and fitted - even the jigs and tooling for each individual piece are produced on-site - to provide the kind of quality that Rimac demands.

A lower chin splitter leads to a flat underbody. A unique and bespoke set of interfaces have the ability to monitor every aspect of the car’s performance via live telemetry animations or graphs, or simply browse through a library of music, Rimac’s systems provide convenience and intuitive usability. Automobile Propre est un site d'information communautaire qui est dédié à tout ce qui concerne l'automobile et l'environnement. Timeless, elegant styling, with form respecting function, the C_Two is completely new and yet unmistakably Rimac. Please complete the form to receive detailed information. Top speed will be around 230 mph. The C_Two’s front splitter features active elements to both modify the car’s aerodynamic profile and help maintain optimum operating temperatures for electronic and battery systems. E-Commerce : les abus, les arnaques et comment s'en protéger / Organisation du travail : les prodigieux changements qui nous attendent / Placements : Comment profiter du plan de relance, Capital Votre Argent : Retraite, ce que la crise va changer (ou pas) pour vous / Les possibilités de départ anticipé / Les aides au départ à la retraite / Les solutions pour contrer la baisse des pensions, C_TWO présenté au Salon de l'auto de Genève 2018 - - Rimac -, C_TWO présenté au Salon de l'auto de Genève 2018, Ecoutez 21 millions, le podcast de Capital sur les cryptomonnaies, © Rimac claims that the car can travel form 0-60mph in …

>> Notre service - Faites des économies en testant notre comparateur de Crédits Conso, https://www.capital.fr/auto/rimac-c-two-la-voiture-la-plus-puissante-du-monde-presentee-a-geneve-1275977, Ne manquez pas nos informations exclusives en vous abonnant aux, © 2020 Prisma Media - Tous droits réservés It can even scan your face to determine your mood and tell whether you might want some high-speed fun or a more relaxed ride. As well as the convenience of touchscreens, an owner can nevertheless complete every function of the car via billet aluminium rotary controls and switches.

All under one roof on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia. La Rimac C_Two est une hypercar propulsée par des moteurs électriques développant 1.914 chevaux pour un couple de 2.300 Nm. While a bit slower in a straight line compared to the above two vehicles, this thing can handle with the best of ’em, even setting several track records, including blazingly quick times at the Nurburgring and Circuit of the Americas. It is an all-electric hypercar called the Concept Two that debuted today at the Geneva Motor Show. A new breed of hypercar. Pricing is over seven figures at around $1.2 million. The EV revolution is gaining steam, and performance models like the Rimac Concept Two are adding some serious electron fuel to the fire. We just couldn’t wait to see it in the metal, so we went ahead and rendered what we thought it would look like. A situation made possible by the car’s generous range of 550 km (WLTP Cycle). La Rimac Concept Two affiche une puissance phénoménale de 1 914 chevaux et un couple de 2 300 Nm grâce à quatre moteurs électriques disposés devant chaque roue. A lower diffuser element terminates the flat undertray, while further carbon panels add the requisite sporty weave. The C_Two, abbreviated for Concept Two, is an all-electric hypercar from the Croatian manufacturer Rimac. With all that extra go, the Concept Two should hit 60 mph in the low 2-second range, possibly even breaking into the 1-second realm, just like the Tesla Roadster 2.0 claims. Les internautes sont invités à réagir aux articles du blog dans les commentaires, mais également dans les différents forums qui sont mis à leur dispositon. The result is that it is both light and exceptionally strong. je ne sais pas si on peut vraiment parler d’un concurrent pour la nouvelle Tesla Roadster. Ca sert pour la recherche un tel hypercar, et ça rendra les VE lambda moins chers par la suite. C'est la descendante de la Rimac Concept_One, rendue tristement célèbre après le crash du présentateur de The Grand Tour Richard Hammond. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. Ok je sors :-). The C_Two’s tyres are a bespoke design and compound developed in conjunction with Pirelli, designed to make best use of the car’s characteristics. While a pair of single-speed gearboxes apply drive to the front wheels, a pair of two-speed gearboxes - again, one for each rear wheel - allow the C_Two to make use of its prodigious torque to produce both mind-blowing acceleration and a true hypercar top speed. This configurable drivetrain allows for minute calibration of behaviour, from rear-biased, driftable sportscar to a machine that can meter traction perfectly on slippery surfaces.

The point is this – in the five or so years its been on the market, the Rimac Concept One has been making waves, and it has now established itself as the go-to for superlative all-electric performance. By utilising these mobile flaps, the C_Two can remain cohesive and beautiful, and yet still exceptionally functional. LEDs for the daytime running lights and forward projection are pretty much a sure thing. Les chances d’en croiser une sur la route risquent d’être minces ! Lightweight, forged alloy wheels feature a unique aerodynamic design that channels cooling air to the carbon-ceramic braking system and ensures smooth airflow down the flanks of the car. At the same time, it'll make sure that you don't get into trouble thanks to advanced, intelligent traction control.

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