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Mirai Nagasu was born on April 16, 1993 in Montebello, California, USA as Mirai Aileen Nagasu. Evenals acht jaar eerder won ze in 2018 bij de nationale kampioenschappen een medaille, nu zilver, en werd daarop geselecteerd om deel te nemen aan de Olympische Winterspelen in Pyeongchang. [3] De jaren erna vielen de resultaten van Nagasu tegen. It feels like Mirai has done a lot of growing up and is more at peace with who she is, she's learned lessons, but also figured things out for herself. ", "Which is not a forever attainable thing, it goes and comes in waves and I think that’s something that I wish I knew when I was younger. Bij de WK 2010 werd ze 7e. "He wakes up at 4:30 so that he can go to the fish market and hand-select his fish.". The family's story made the front page of the LA Times and she's been blown away by the response. - Mirai Nagasu. The lessons she took from her parents saw Mirai through some tough times. Stuck in quarantine in Boston on the other side of the country, she knew she had to help somehow. USA figure skater Mirai Nagasu is who she is because of the family restaurant. Mirai Nagasu opens her routine to “Miss Saigon” with a powerful triple axel... Nagasu learned the value of hard work in Sushi Kiyosuzu: "I would place the chopsticks for customers, wipe down, I was the busboy, I would wash dishes, I would get so excited for a quarter an hour. An Olympian in love! “Fun fact,” she continued. "When I went to the Olympics, to see my community come together and kind of claim me: 'oh Mirai grew up in Arcadia, she went to elementary, middle school, high school here, she has Arcadia blood. "They were worried that they wouldn’t be able to make rent," says Mirai. "To have our story on the front page of the LA Times ... That is really really cool, and to be able to be their voice has meant so much to me, I never really thought I could use my skating and my platform to make a difference like this.". ", TM © Olympic Channel Services S.L. Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu talks about the challenge of figuring out her career path after reaching the top of her sport at such a young age. ", "My parents can barely figure out the internet, my mom, I mean Google is the easiest thing to use and my mom is like ‘Google is so high-tech..’ I mean it’s not second nature to them.". "Time is money is what my mom always said to me growing up, these days I still believe that but at the same time there are things more important than money… like happiness. ", "I think that, especially in Japan which is such a small country, they want to have the room to have the house that they have now, so…", "And they live in California, the weather is amazing there, so I think that they’re overall very happy.". ", "I love Kristi Yamaguchi’s Olympic performance, I think that, although levels weren’t a thing back then, her technical difficulty was up to par even though she was considered an artistic skater, I like to reminisce in the past as well.". Michael adopted Pika which a friend connected to the project found as a stray. Mirai had to dig deep, train harder and made the team four years later, winning bronze in the team event and achieving a lifelong dream of standing on an Olympic podium. "I think I speak on behalf of ‘mom and pop restaurants’ where, as a child of immigrants, my parents’ first language is not English, I think sometimes it's really hard for them to figure things out. "And we’re really looking to expand past my parents’ restaurant in the Los Angeles area.".

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