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This is the last episode in the series to air on TV in the 2000s. Add a photo to this gallery. Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland Season 2, Episode 38 Air date September 8, 2009 (United States) December 24th, 2009 (United Kingdom/Australia) January 3rd, 2008 (Japan) August 17, 2010 (Ukraine) Written by Bobs Gannaway Directed by Kelly Ward Episode guide Previous Goofy Goes Goofy Next Goofy's Super Wish "Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland " is a 2009 episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in which Mickey Mouse goes on an exciting adventure in Wonderland. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Chocolate Milk and Chocolate Chip Cookies at Mickey's House, Mickey’s Adventures in Wonderland/Transcript. Moviepedia Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. https://mickeyclub.fandom.com/wiki/Mickey%27s_Adventures_in_Wonderland?oldid=20597, THREE Croquet of Balls - Help Us To Get These Numbers, A Carton Of Milk- Help Us Make Chocolate Milk, Bouncey Shoes - Help Us Reach The Nuts All Way Up To That Branch. Mickey Mouse meets Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Mickey Mouse meets Pinocchio, Mickey Mouse meets Dumbo, Mickey Mouse meets Bambi, Mickey's Adventures of Song of the South, Mickey's Adventures of Melody Time, Mickey's Adventures of So Dear to my Heart, Mickey Mouse meets Cinderella, Mickey's Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, Mickey … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Say, you want to come inside my clubhouse? watch 01:21. The Loop (TV) Do you like this video? • "Mickey's Mystery!" Season Three: "Goofy's Goofbot" • "Mickey's Springtime Surprise" • "Super Goof's Super Puzzle" • "Donald of the Desert" • "Happy Birthday Toodles" • "Goofy's Magical Mix-Up" • "Pluto's Dinosaur Romp" • "Minnie's Pajama Party" • "Road Rally" • "Donald the Genie" • "Daisy's Grasshopper" • "Mickey's Mousekersize" • "Mickey's Little Parade" • "Minnie's Mouseke-Calendar" • "Pluto Lends a Paw" • "Minnie's Bow-Tique" • "Minnie's Masquerade" • "Goofy's Giant Adventure" • "Donald's Clubhouse" • "Mickey's Show and Tell" • "Mickey's Fishy Story" • "Space Adventure" • "The Go-Getters" • "Goofy's Gone" • "Goofy Babysitter" • "Pluto's Tale" • "Goofy's Thinking Cap" • "Minnie and Daisy's Flower Shower" • "Prince Pete's Catnap" • "Aye, Aye, Captain Mickey" • "Donald Hatches an Egg" • "The Golden Boo-Boo" • "Mickey's Train Station" Kirk Hanson, Larry Leker, Broni Likomanov, Eugene Salandra and Rossen Varbanov. The song “We’re Gonna Find Our Way“ was sung from the film “Barney’s Great Adventure- The Movie.” Sung by Mickey and Donald. • "Chef Goofy on the Go" • "Mickey's Sport-Y-Thon" • "Martian Minnie's Tea Party" • "A Goofy Fairy Tale". https://moviepedia.fandom.com/wiki/Mickey%27s_Adventures_in_Wonderland?oldid=17734. A mechanical cuckoo bird that's a birthday gift for Daisy flies away, and the gang embarks on a imaginative Alice in Wonderland-liked adventure to retrieve it's Daisy's birthday. Edit. A mechanical cuckoo bird that is a birthday gift from Donald for Daisy flies away, Mickey and Donald embarks on an imaginative Alice in Wonderland like adventure to retrieve it. on the way, they encounter Ludwig Von Drake (based on the Dorknobb), Chip 'n' Dale (based on Twedledee and Twedledum), Minnie Mouse, Goofy (based on the Mad Hatter), Pete,the cat (based on The Cheshire Cat) and Clarabelle Cow (based on the Queen of Hearts). Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland is a 2009 special episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. A level based on Wonderland from the 1951 movie Alice in Wonderland was supposed to be in all three of the Epic Mickey games. Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland is a 2009 episode by Disney, which shows the character 'Mickey Mouse' from the American TV show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on an exciting adventure in Wonderland.

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