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Set your sights on something a little faster though if you need to escape the attention of the law. When you want to travel in style, spawn in this limousine. Cheats can be deactivated by re-entering the code.

The GTA franchise's love affair with cheat codes is a long and storied relationship which is still going strong. Mallard Stunt Plane The controls of the stunt plane are particularly fiddly, but if you can find a way of mastering them then you won’t find a better vehicle for showing off your aerial flair. You need to have completed the “Wildlife Photography Challenge” to use this code. Finally, we have a Complete List of all the GTA V cheats if you would like to have them all collected in one place. A strong muscle, designed to dominate the road, and be as fast as lighting. If the player upgrades a super car to its fastest speed, this cheat will make it go twice as fast.

The GTA franchise and Cheat Codes have a long and storied relationship. Rockstar Games is one of the few big triple-a developers to still include cheat codes in their games. You need to have completed the “Duel” random event to use this code. The following cheat will allow you to spawn the Comet sports car. We wish cheats existed for all the vehicles on our GTA 5 Complete Vehicles List, but these will have to do for now. On PC, just hit the tilde button and then enter the relevant cheat. The slidey cars cheat can make vehicles accelerate faster than normal. In this guide, we will run through all the various GTA V vehicle cheat codes in the game. Sometimes you want to drive something awesome without spending the time to get it the usual way in the game. Here is a list of all the cheat codes for vehicles in GTA V. Note, much like its predecessor- GTA IV, players can enter phone numbers to activate cheat codes as well. The slidey cars cheat can make vehicles accelerate faster than normal. If you are interested in other cheats for GTA V, make sure you check out our guide about the various Weapon and Combat cheats you can use in the game. If you are curious about life under the waves, the Kraken will allow you to explore the depths of the sea. 1 Cars Cheats – Spawn Cars. We also have a guide covering all the Player and World cheats in the game. Rockstar Games has been pretty consistent with its commitment of providing fun cheat codes for fans of the GTA franchise. PCJ-600 is a fast and agile sports racing bike, excellent for races. Activate this cheat and the road while become extremely greasy/slippery. Finally, they are just cheats, not mods, and as such nothing needs to be downloaded to take advantage of them.

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