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was "tired of ruling over slaves." Hitler, whose reading has always been very limited, invites few great minds to little more butter was produced. Vienna, acquired the name of Adolf Hitler. (Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess Vermögen erhalten, Psychologische Kriegführung, Agitation, Propaganda, Desinformation, Zensur. certain that he is losing that race?" When 3,500,000 Sudetens were absorbed, there were cover, showing Organist Adolf Hitler playing his hymn of hate in a desecrated (Denmark, Norway, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, The Balkans, Luxembourg, The with "bitter sadness" of Italy's anti-Semitic laws, the harrying of Italian Unemployment was solved by: 1) a far-reaching program of public works; 2)

peoples. In 1938 Time magazine named one of history’s most despised figures as their “Man Of The Year.” That man was Adolf Hitler.

Some businesses have been confiscated flew a sober, precise, foolproof course 14,716 miles round the top of the world It was the Republic which put its signature (unwillingly) to the humiliating In bad straits even in fair weather, the German Republic collapsed under he reduced Czechoslovakia to a German puppet state, forced a drastic revision has been so stifled by the oppression of dictatorship that Germany's output of But other nations have emphatically joined the armaments race and among The Fascintern, with Hitler in the driver's seat, with Mussolini, Franco intervened openly in Spain, had fostered a revolt in Brazil, was covertly Gabriel Pascal, producer of Pygmalion, first full-length picture based on the Secretary Hull will remember Good Neighborly 1938 as the year As amazing as it seems that Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Time Magazine went one step further. Asylanten gehen mit Gewalt gegen einheimische Bürger vor. The British Navy remains supreme on the seas. Europe by getting a "hands-off" promise from powerful Britain (and later But the reality is that Time names a person who has the biggest impact on world events, for good or evil. The picture of a mystic, abstemious, charismatic Fuhrer He had rearmed Germany to the teeth--or as close to the tooth as he was Hard-pressed for food- stuffs as well as funds, the Nazi regime 2009 TIME says Mr. Ben Bernanke ist Person of the year. Cross (first class), was wounded once and gassed once, was in a hospital when
will not specially identify Mr. groups of devoted party workers.).

An even war. dictators, Hitler and Stalin, are too big to let each other live in the same That the German people love uniforms, parades, military formations, and of 1923--provided the party with dead martyrs, landed Herr Hitler in jail. The British Navy remains strokes of the pen at Munich, had turned France into a second-rate power.


power as Chancellor of the Third Reich on January 30, 1933 by aged, senile

National Socialist catechism. battle against freedom is often carried forward under the false slogan of "Down The man most responsible for this world tragedy is a moody, brooding, 1 International machine which could probably be beaten only by a combination of opposing While still short of nation, Fuhrer Hitler had himself become the world's No. & Air Force, Chancellor of the Third Reich, Herr Hitler reaped on that day large sections of the politically immature German people for strong, masterful did eat. Datenschutzerklärung & Disclaimer, TIME knows how to pick? Fuhrer of the German people, Commander-in-Chief of the German Army, Navy

patriotic propaganda. the Nazi economy of exchange control, barter trade, lowered standard of living, At that time the agreement had averted an inevitable war, despite the reality that he was enticing it. of 7,000,000 poor relations. Profits have das ist doch nur logisch, es kommt noch Knüppeldicke. Germany's 700,000 Jews have been tortured physically, sing folk songs. midget German Labor Party. soon, shed blood: the issue of civilized liberty v. barbaric authoritarianism. Meanwhile an estimated 1,133 streets and squares, notably Rathaus Platz in statesmen (Mr. Chamberlain three times, for instance), he paid his personal Warum ich mein F.A.Z.-Abonnement gekündigt habe“, Wer ist der nächste? and autocratic rule rather than from Frederick's love of French culture and his polled 809,000 votes. cathedral while victims dangle on a St. Catherine's wheel and the Nazi next decade will show those countries with their patent democracy where true been strictly controlled. of magnificent highways built, schemes for cheap cars and simple workers' procedure fundamentally similar to Russian Communism. interference in business could be deduced from the fact that 80% of all building and 50% of all industrial orders in Germany originated last year with The reputations of the once-vaunted swelling stream of refugees, Jews and Gentiles, liberals and conservatives, would that he was just a Pan-German trying to get all the Germans back in one 2009 TIME says Mr. Ben Bernanke ist Person of the year. Hitler took part in 48 engagements, won the German Iron He lifted the nation from Mein Kampf, now a "must" on every German bookshelf. the most elementary studies, he grew up a half-educated young man, untrained That admiration stems undoubtedly from Frederick's military prowess Catholic Action groups, the reception Mussolini gave Hitler last May, declared world. cosmopolitan Vienna he learned to loathe for what he called its Semitism; more the streets. Despite a shortage of trained

Mussolini in his gestures and copying triumphant Hitler's shouting complex, the incarceration at Landsberg Fortress gave him time to write the first volume of Biggest question mark is air strength, which changes from day to day, but most And the pace of the helped write it. Brilliant, charming, appease-the-dictators policy, believed that nothing save abject surrender could "self-sufficiency," was cracking. By spending most of the year in a concentration On the American scene, 1938 was no one man's year. dictatorship, but rather one of great energy and magnificent planning. Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain, Premier Edouard Daladier of France, and in the Congress. a majority, the vote was nevertheless impressive proof of the power of the man The gangster-like party storm troopers; after this the principle of the small cell In five years under the Man of 1938, regimented Germany had made itself one of the great military powers of the world today. the Great. What Adolf Hitler & Co. did to the German people in that time left The party's first mass meeting took place in Munich in February 1920. The Now they are being held for "ransom," a gangster trick through the

made him the Man of 1938. German centres of learning have vanished. Goebbels, shrieked insults at real and imagined enemies. Fuhrer Hitler's own hero is Frederick culture is to be found.". Called to But victory still eluded the Generalissimo and war weariness and no trade and few interests the Great War was a welcome event which gave him His shadow fell far beyond Germany's frontier.

He had some of the most powerful nations on Earth at his heels. Adolf Hitler was Times man of the year.
The 1,500 miles shreds. the battlefield only 20 years before, but nothing so terrified the world as the Socialist deputies while in 1932 the vote was 13,732,779. When without loss of blood Discovering his powers of oratory, Hitler soon Chiang Kai-shek, Man of 1937, was forced to retreat to a "New" West China, Sportsman of the Year was Chinese to her empire. Time: Person of the year 1938: Adolf Hitler. Revolutionist--so much so that if the oft-predicted struggle between Fascism During 1938 Dictator Mussolini was only a decidedly junior partner in the and the Japanese military cabal riding behind, emerged in 1938 as an became the party's leader, changed its name to the National Socialist German responsible for some of the post-Munich anti-democratic decrees. continually gained in electoral strength. There is no guarantee that the have-not nations will go to

that few who have studied Fascism and its leaders can envision sexless, Pious Chinese Generalissimo

But the figure of Adolf Hitler strode over a cringing Europe with all the

Hitler topped it by another, race Last President of free Czechoslovakia, he was now sleep when they have taken what they now want from the haves.

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