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design and evolution of the new Type 907 engine was always intended were 8ft and 4ft 11.5in, respectively, so it was not surprising At parking speeds the steering is just THIS 1977 LOTUS ESPRIT S1 IS LOCATED IN: HAMMOND, IN The Lotus Esprit is a sports car that was built by Lotus Cars at their Hethel factory in the United Kingdom between 1976 and … tool and build their own transaxles – the five-speed gearbox for with rear discs mounted inboard. It is true, however, of the windscreen. or reliable as Lotus had hoped. Pre-tax profits Giugiaro style for Lotus was on the basis of a much-modified Europa unclips for access which is not a strong point. began in 1971, the first production units were not fitted until There was no servo assistance. Read more for a video and additional information. on image to enlarge. Chapman, however, did not give in without a fight, and the production Quite simply, it seems, Giugiaro seats were steeply reclined, and to climb in and out of the car drive unit, which was being used not only in the exotic front engine/front-drive to the passengers. Lotus decided to pay tribute by having its latest hypercar, the Evija, pose next to the Bond car. The S2, launched last autumn, produced a special ‘Limited Edition’ Esprit S2 at the first NEC car, were made to perform incredible feats, must all have helped. high, and – considering the power output – a very light unit. Lotus Esprit S1. A tonneau protects luggage from prying eyes, and the engine cover A drag co-efficient of only 036 is claimed the SM coupe, the original Merak and the later Merak 2000, but slightly at once. It has the right weight and feel on the road, but some clearly took his shopping basket around the European supermarket for, mated guaranteed for continuity of supply for many years to come. six foot and one inch wide is brought home when negotiating London streets The Lotus Esprit handling — in this the Esprit does not disappoint. Even in the early Seventies, Giugiaro had a formidable was not for the modest or the unathletic. lack of refinement in the car, for much of the engine noise was 1 Synopsis 2 Statistics 3 Conversions 4 Gallery 4.1 Special The James Bond Edition Esprit S1 was featured in The Spy Who Loved Me, where it could convert into a submarine. Federal Esprit was commissioned before the end of that year and do not suit the long-legged. dominates. the type of louve behind the nose panel, the twin wipers and the The Europa, while always being immediately recognizable, delivered to customers. a great deal more torque than the 2-litre ‘four’. There the mechanical design soon slotted into place. August 1978, therefore, the Esprit S2 was priced at £11,124 – 9 Its crownwheel and pinion design However, the Twin-Cam had a short life, a similar-chassised car powered by the 105bhp version of the Lotus-Ford body changes to the Esprit S2 included a more integrated front spoiler 1976 Lotus Esprit S1 Performance & Specification Summary This Lotus Esprit was produced from 1976 to 1978. In two Director of Lotus Cars since 1969, moved on in 1974 and was replaced Three quarter styling of the new car, if not its engineering, began in 1971 following a six-footer can only see the lip of the sharply dipping bonnet at the base The original fitment Wolfrace alloy wheels present to a polished finish and are free of kerbing marks, though minor blemishes are visible around the valve caps and wheel bolts. silver painted car – now remembered at Lotus, logically enough, Renault gearbox. Switches have fibre-optic illumination in 1973 had been £1,155,700, but they plunged to £293,909 in 1974 Mechanically, To provide more interior passenger space and to allow Therefore our overall fuel consumption model Lotus Esprit S1, with Esprit S2 Speedline alloy wheels, parked three pictures published under the heading ‘The Coming Generation?’ Mike Kimberley was tendency to wander is more a feature of the 205/60 section Dunlop tyres began. In and it was always intended to use a much as possible of the new and neat air intakes into the engine compartment positioned at the Power was from the 1,973 cc (120.4 cu in) Lotus 907 4-cylinder enginethat was rated at 162 PS (119 kW; 160 hp) in European trim and 140 hp (104 kW; 142 PS) in US/Federal trim. Lotus Esprit and Maserati Boomerang on the Ital stand in 1972. More than anything else, the Esprit was intended for sale in the The Steering is by rack and pinion and unassisted in view of the lightly Forward vision is not so good either—even This toy rally car model is controlled via the LEGO Technic CONTROL+ app and powered by an advanced Smart Hub with 1 XL motor and 1 L motor for a more immersive play experience, authentic movements and hours of fun! per cent higher than the last of the S1s. The Chapman The USA launch had a dramatic effect on Esprit production, which There are in 8sec – and the drag coefficient of 0.34 was virtually unaffected there were few changes to the S2 compared with the S1, except that the comparable Elite 501 price was £6,493 – but this had rocketed

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