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Vidz. 0:29. Little Bill refuses because he doesn't want to play wth Andrew. Dr. Clinkscales knows that, but tells him to imagine it as a big camera. Alice the Great says that he'll be busy, and the episode ends with them all chuckling in the lobby. Little Bill asks if it's like a turtle shell. 4:10. Little Bill and Andrew realize that Kiku likes buds so they can give her those instead since they can reach them. The Gumby Show 1957 - 006 The Little Lost Pony. Dr. Clinkscales chuckles and reminds him not to get the cast wet or run around for a little while. Little Bill shows Alice the Great his cast on his arm. Fuschia and Kiku suggest they put on a puppet show.


This Is The Only time That Someone ever gotten hurt.

Brenda tells Little Bill that this is Dr. Clinkscales, and he should remember him from Miss Murray's wedding; he is her husband. Fuschia is the princess and Kiku is the dog.

Little Bill asks what the object is. Dr. Clinkscales says so, and informs Little Bill that he did indeed break it. Little Bill's arm still hurts, and he asks where Brenda is.

Big Bill: "Well, if you can tell them you're sorry, just like you told us, I have a hunch they won't be mad anymore." Andrew says he no longer wants to play with Little Bill and calls him a Copy Cat for always doing the same thing as him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Kiku accidentally ruins one of Little Bill's favorite drawings, he responds by crumpling her own work./There's going to be a party at the Glover house, and no one's more excited than Little Bill until he learns he's not invited. Little Bill and his friends are painting pictures of Things We Like About Spring to decorate the room's bulletin board.

Little Bill tells her that he'll be both, a fireman, and a teacher as well. He puts the stethoscope on Little Bill's ears, and now he can hear his heart. Plot Edit. The stories are based on Bill Cosby's Little Bill book series (illustrated by Varnette P. Honeywood), set in Philadelphia, and feature Bill Jr. learning a lesson or moral.

Dr. Clinkscales tells him that he'll miss getting an x-ray, and promises that it won't hurt. Andrew doesn't want to play either. The nurse comes in and gives Dr. Clinkscales the x-ray picture, who puts it on the light and looks at it. Brenda: "You're welcome, baby." Little Bill promises, and Dr. Clinkscales is proud of him, who was a good patient.

Brenda: "That's right.

Little Bill: "But everybody at school is mad at me."

When Little Bill first arrives at the hospital, someone on the P.A. Andrew, still angry over the fire truck incident, is not happy about Little Bill wanting to be a rooster too. Brenda finally arrives and hugs Little Bill.

He's also scared, and Brenda knows that, and he still cries, but she promises that the doctor will make him feel better and she'll be with him the whole time.

Bill Utter Ford Videos. Alice the Great tells him to sit still so she can check it.

Copy Cat is an episode of Little Bill.

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