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Edit 100+ photos in minutes! Learn how to organize your images and folders, save time with presets, and protect your work with watermarks and metadata. Easy   |   45 Min   |   3 Video Tutorials. Learn how to efficiently manage and back up your ever-growing collections of digital photos. Learn how to import and cull images, apply ratings to choose selects, apply edits, and export so that you can quickly deliver to a client.

Learn the essentials of Lightroom Classic. In this comprehensive series, we take you from beginner to post-processing professional. Learn how to perfect exposure and color as well as unlock details in your raw files in Adobe Lightroom. You’ll also learn how to manually lighten dark spots and finally, you’ll complete …, How to Create a Clean, Bright and White Look in Lightroom Read More, In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a jungle look in Lightroom. Explore the basics of scanning using a desktop scanner for photography, fine art, and beyond. We cover all of the features and functions you’ll need to get your images imported and organized fast and efficiently. Learn how to retouch portraits—without using Adobe Photoshop—by using familiar Photoshop tools that are available in Adobe Lightroom. Advanced   |   7.5 Hours   |   15 Video Tutorials.

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Making local adjustments in Lightroom can help rescue details and remove distractions. Easy | 6.75 Hours | 25 Video Tutorials … Get photo editing techniques to help make your photos look better in just a few minutes. Find out how to organize, edit, and publish photos with this popular cloud-based app.

Learn how to color correct and color grade, change composition, dodge and burn, subtle compositing, and see the photography process unfold! Adjust light and color. Explore ways to clean up skin, enhance eyes, and more. Learn how to use the all-new Lightroom to upload your images to the cloud, organize them, apply edits, and share them with the world–all using the power of RAW Images. Learn how to create surreal landscapes and foliage photos using an infrared filter or an infrared-modified camera and post-processing techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop.
Learn how to transfer raw images to a mobile device, then process them using Lightroom for mobile. Get started with Lightroom; Take your first steps in Lightroom. Lightroom Sync Settings tool will save you a ton of time. Easy   |   1.25 Hours   |   6 Video Tutorials. Easy   |   1.25 Hours   |   4 Video Tutorials. Get tips for shooting time-lapse photography and learn post-production techniques to speed up time and create compelling visual effects.

You’ll start by altering colors to create more tropical skies. Learn how to use Photoshop Lightroom and LRTimelapse to create compelling time-lapse sequences. Lightroom Training and Tutorials Learn about Lightroom with dozens of video tutorials that show how to print photos, fix images, remove red eye, and more. As a reward, you'll receive 25 free Lightroom presets from SparkleStock, How to Create a Light Bohemian Look in Lightroom, How to Create a Dark and Moody Look in Lightroom, How to Create a Bright Pastel Beach Look in Lightroom, How to Create a Dark Black and Red Look in Lightroom, How to Create a Film Look for Weddings in Lightroom, Create an Orange Blue Travel Influencer Look in Lightroom, How to Create a Clean, Bright and White Look in Lightroom, How to Create a Moody Jungle Green Look in Lightroom, Quick Tip: How to Invert Photos in Lightroom, How to Convert Lightroom Presets to Lightroom Profiles, Quick Tip: How to Get Those Clean Whites in Lightroom, Easily Add Solid Color Overlays in Lightroom. Get tips that can help non-photographers enhance their mobile phone photography with only a few clicks. In this Lightroom tutorial, you’ll learn how to create the travel influencer look in Lightroom. This course focuses on how to apply adjustments using the editing features of the Develop module. Watch quick videos demonstrating helpful, time-saving tips for retouching portraits using Adobe Lightroom.

Learn how to enhance photos in Adobe Lightroom.

Learn how to transform color images into black and white photographs using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Learn to make adjustments to exposure, copy edits from one image to another, and save custom adjustment brushes to edit more efficiently – all while keeping the client’s goals in mind! Learn to make quick, subtle, and basic edits then level-up to making an all-out fully retouched composite. Lightroom is a working photographer’s best friend, providing an end-to-end solution for cataloging, editing, and exporting photos.

Easy   |   1.25 Hours   |   3 Video Tutorials. Learn the steps and techniques involved in combining Lightroom and Photoshop, from essential application settings to workflow examples. All of our Lightroom tutorials will work the most recent version of Lightroom Classic. Make the same global adjustments, like white balance, vibrance, exposure, and clarity, across all of your images with one click.

You’ll start by adjusting colors to simulate the light and airy look of typical wedding presets, create whiter whites, increase contrast, and add film-like grain. See how, 10 min. Lightroom is perfect for culling photos and for keeping your photos organized. Use up and down keys to navigate. Create presets for things like instagram, print, and web to eliminate the hassle of adjusting export settings for every image. We’ll teach you a streamlined workflow and professional techniques for editing, organization, and delivery. Adobe recently added the Dehaze filter, for an easy way to reduce haze. Learning from others is a great way to master Lightroom quickly, so find a few tutorials … In this Lightroom tutorial, you’ll learn how to get vintage colors by shifting the hue, create bright & matte tones with the curves, and finish the look with an ethereal glow. Learn how to manage, enhance, and creatively manipulate your photography with Lightroom Classic CC. Learn how to capture a silhouette, whether you're using a DLSR camera or a mobile phone, by seeing how to use angle and light, leverage settings in your camera, and edit the image. Protect your photos. From skin retouching to adjusting exposure, we’ll cover all the bases and show you how to do so while only affecting a specific part of your image. For the very beginner, we start in Lightroom as if you were using the program for the first time. Choose exactly what you'd like to learn from our extensive library. From capture to export, this is the easiest way to learn Lightroom Classic! Use up and down keys to navigate. In this tutorial, we break down our post-production workflow, helping you create great images faster than ever. Learn our professional workflow as we take you through Lightroom to export and deliver images quickly and hassle free. This look is ideal for portrait and fashion photography.

Create a light and airy bohemian look in a few easy steps. Fix problem photos fast—and learn Classic Lightroom in the process—with this collection of quick fixes. See how, 2 min.
Stylize a photo.

Learn what you need to know to migrate your workflow from Lightroom Classic CC to Lightroom CC. 3 Easy Ways to Improve Landscape Photos with Lightroom’s HSL Settings Sliding hue, saturation and … At the end of the tutorial, you’ll be able to download a … How to Create a Light Bohemian Look in Lightroom … We break down how to shoot using tethered capture in Lightroom. Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom Classic, the desktop version of the popular photo editor to organize and edit your photos. Chris Orwig shares insider tips for Photoshop, Lightroom, and more. Showcase a space or experience by creating a virtual tour. All the same content you know and love, Plus, personalized course recommendations tailored just for you, All the same access to your Lynda learning history and certifications. Make the most out of export presets in Lightroom to save yourself a ton of time. Medium   |   9.75 Hours   |   23 Video Tutorials.

Whether you’re on the beach in Maldives or boardwalk in California, this bright pastel look is perfect for your summertime photos. Learn how to make your photos look their best using Lightroom CC. Easy   |   30 Min   |   4 Video Tutorials.

Take your Lightroom skills to the next level. You’ll learn how to perform the base retouching steps such as fixing the white balance. 100% of Lynda content is now on LinkedIn Learning. Join Aaron as he jumps into Lightroom to process Raw format athletic photos to gritty Black and White images. Aaron shares some awesome techniques for sorting through hundreds of Photos to quickly choose the best ones. From full-featured RAW processing to the flexibility of cloud-based storage, Lightroom has made editing on-the-go a reality! Watch the full course on LinkedIn Learning. Learn to stitch multiple photos together into dramatic panoramas with Lightroom—and combine Lightroom with Photoshop for even better creative control. View all courses. Get started with Lightroom CC, the photo service from Adobe that combines photo-enhancing power with versatile cloud storage, allowing you to work with your photos anywhere.

Learn how to add metadata to photos in Lightroom!

Apply local and global edits, correct exposure and white balance, and learn the workflow for sending images over to Photoshop for more in-depth post-processing. Easy   |   4 Hours   |   24 Video Tutorials. Improve your photographs by making small, straightforward adjustments. Learn creative techniques for working with color in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. Easy   |   4 Hours   |   50 RAW Sample Images. In just a few minutes you’ll get to know how to install Lightroom … Want to add a background blur?

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