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However, in 2014, 19% of people were unemployed. the problems SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC CHALLENGES Diagram annotation task on the floating school, My-Africa-Is-The-Lagos-Chronicles---The-Floating-School. The residents are very vulnerable to sea level change and flooding, many of the buildings are actually in the lagoon! Lagos has challenges to deal with protecting the natural environment and providing people with a clean environment to live in. Makoko slum with the 3rd mainland bridge in the background - Source - Water from vendors can be contaminated because they also obtain water from the same sources. We then look at urban planning and how it can solve Lagos’ challenges. Currently, malaria, respiratory diseases and malnutrition are endemic problems in Makoko. There are many research paper writing services available now. Nearly 3,000 people had been rendered homeless by the action. It makes Lagos one of the most congested cities in the world. Good tips for application essay. The public transport system has to be supplemented by a large fleet of minibus taxis, known as ‘danfos’. In 2003, the Lagos state government set up Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) to improve transport in the city. Yes you are right. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

AQA GCSE Geography lesson for the new specification Unit 2A: In this lesson we look at urban planning and how it can solve three challenges: squatter settlements, traffic congestion and an uncertain future. Uncontrolled disposal of raw sewage, sediment carrying runoff and effluents into the Lagoon system has created serious health concerns. It provides a separate lane for buses to travel times. UNEMPLOYMENT and POOR QUALITY WORK - Many people have poor jobs, such as those who fishermen. 40% of new cars in Nigeria are registered in Lagos, which occupies just one per cent of the country’s total area!
It is notorious for its congestion which has Lagosians spending hours in traffic on a daily basis . The neighbourhood is located between the 3rd Mainland Bridge and the coast of mainland Lagos. Already this century, there have been a number of serious floods in Lagos, caused by intense tropical rain. It’s split between the mainland, where the vast majority live, and the island, connected to the rest by the Third Mainland Bridge, the second longest bridge in Africa. Thermometer task for the future challenges Lagos faces Air pollution, waste management, traffic congestion and water supply/pollution. 2. This means people have to queue for water and have LIMITED SUPPLY. Urban Introduction How long does it take you to get to school in the morning? Makoko Slum 4. Challenging Conditions in the slums, such as Makoko Electricity supply – the sheer size of Lagos has overwhelmed the grid, resulting in periods where the power cuts out. We then look at the environmental issues facing Lagos one at a time. One of its first achievements was to introduce a bus rapid transit (BRT) system on a north-south route from the suburbs to the CBD on Lagos Island.

registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion These are both hazardous to human health and can cause things like asthma. AQA GCSE Geography lesson for the new specification Unit 2A: In this lesson we look at the environmental challenges facing Lagos. We finish with GCSE-style question on urban planning in an LIC or NEE and a plenary on floating communities. What are some of the problems with traffic? 40% of new cars in Nigeria are registered in Lagos, which occupies just one per cent of the country’s total area! That leaves a lot of uncollected waste.

Access to formal clean water is abysmally low, with a majority of Lagos residents relying on the informal sector comprised of wells, boreholes, rivers and rainwater. Traffic is more pronounced in certain states such as Lagos, which is economic hub of Nigeria and having a population of approximately 21 million. Water pollution is a major problem in Lagos. • 65 percent of the people living in Lagos are urban poor who live in slums We start with a “which statements are true?” grid based on the Lagos unit of work with sound effects as well.

We then look at traffic. The causes of this pollution are industry, ever increasing numbers of cars and construction dust.

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