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Den Super Wagoneer kann man als Großvater der heutigen luxuriösen SUVs ansehen, da er mit vielen Leistungs- und Komfortdetails versehen war, zum Beispiel Drucktastenradio, einer siebenfach in der Neigung einzustellenden Lenksäule, Innenbeleuchtung am Dachhimmel, Klimaanlage, elektrisch betätigter Hecktüre, Bremskraftverstärker, Servolenkung und einer am Armaturenbrett zu bedienenden Getriebeautomatik TH400. If you think about it, most of the basic design elements that make up today's modern sport utility vehicles have been around for a long time: things like automatic transmission with four-wheel drive, four doors, fancy interior, power everything, and lots of optional equipment. Dieser Grand Wagoneer war kleiner, hatte weniger Platz im Innenraum und ließ die imposante Präsenz des Originals vermissen. Shahbaz | Nur.

1963-1991 Jeep Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer. It was. Replacing the Willys utility wagon lines, the Wagoneer was designed to provide passenger-car styling, comfort, and convenience with the advantages of four-wheel drive (4WD). "Some competing designs sketched out by Brooks Stevens had separate front fenders like the old Willys wagon," recalls Jack Wildman, "but (Design Chief) Jim Anger went for a modern design, incorporating the front fenders into the body.". Der Limited war bei denen, die „etwas mehr“ wollten, sofort beliebt und er verkaufte sich von Anfang an sehr gut.

TJL-J8 | DJ-Serie | Three of us handled it: Engineering VP Dan Hammond, Styling Director Jim Anger, and myself in charge. Anfang der 1980er-Jahre ging die Nachfrage nach Jeep-Fahrzeugen (mit Ausnahme des Wagoneer Limited) wegen der steigenden Kraftstoffpreise zurück, und so wurde der Sechszylinder mit 4228 cm³ Grundausstattung, wenn auch die besser betuchten Kunden weiterhin fast ausschließlich den größeren, stärkeren V8 mit 5886 cm³ orderten, obwohl dieser mehr Benzin verbrauchte. Bis 1968 gab es den Wagoneer sowohl als Zweitürer als auch als Viertürer. In 1987, a magazine described it as "honed close to perfection.". It was the only U.S.-built overhead-cam engine in production back then and was designed for heavy-duty performance with maximum efficiency. Cherokee | Standard tires were 7.10x15s - tiny by today's standards but considered a pretty good all-around tire back then.

Jeep Wagoneer For Sale is designed as an aggregation resource that not only posts direct seller submissions but also pulls local posts from Craigslist along with national listings from eBay and displays them in one place for the Wagoneer enthusiast. One particularly innovative feature was the large number of comfort and convenience options available, including power steering, power brakes, upgraded interior trim, wheel discs, and an electrically operated tailgate window to name a few. "He argued strongly for a more distinctive, vertical grille design, and we adopted his recommendation.

Truck | J8 | Wagoneer was the first production four-wheel-drive wagon to offer a smooth-riding, optional independent front suspension. READ MORE. Another innovation was the all-new overhead-cam six-cylinder engine, which debuted in the 1962 Jeep pickups and wagons. We were on the second floor: a heck of a place for styling studios when you consider that some of the clay models we worked on weighed anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 pounds.". It didn't just change the way people looked at utility wagons: Wagoneer revolutionized the four-wheel-drive industry by effectively creating today's SUV market. 4000 | Wagoneers belegten den ersten und zweiten Platz in der ersten, Der Grand Wagoneer war eines der letzten Fahrzeuge, die in den USA mit Vergasermotor verkauft wurden, lange nachdem alle anderen Wagen auf Benzineinspritzung umgestellt worden waren. The new Jeep also displayed a number of innovations and groundbreaking new ideas. Die Namen Wagoneer und Cherokee tauchten 1984 bei den neuen, viel kleineren selbsttragenden XJ-Modellen wieder auf. In Ägypten wurde der Wagoneer von 1978 bis 1982 bei dem neu gegründeten Joint-Venture der Arab American Vehicles montiert und war auch dort beliebt. Rolling out in 2021, this exciting new machine pays tribute to its premium luxury SUV heritage. Finden Sie jetzt Ihr Wunschauto. Ab 1971 gab es nur noch AMC-Motoren für den Wagoneer, ab 1974 auch wieder eine zweitürige Version als Jeep Cherokee. Leather upholstery debuted in 1978, earning Jeep an award as the first American company to offer it in a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Von 1963 bis 1992 wurde der Jeep Wagoneer hergestellt und gilt bis heute als Mutter aller SUVs.

Eine für den dort lokalen Markt entwickelte Version war der Jeep J20, der vor allem bei Reiseveranstaltern Anklang fand und oftmals auch als Wüstenfahrzeug zum Einsatz kam. Patriot | Chrysler versuchte, dem echten Grand Wagoneer treu zu bleiben und bot einen Grand Wagoneer auf Basis des neuen Grand Cherokee an. Cruse Moss, former executive vice president at Willys Motors says, "It was really the first sports utility wagon. Window areas on the Wagoneer were unusually large, giving an airy, spacious feel to the passenger compartment. Commander | And it turned out to be an explosive market.". "Stevens was brought in late in the game as a consultant," he says. The Scouts looked a lot more modern than the Willys wagon, which dated back to 1946, and the public really liked them. Honcho | It was noted that in many cases Wagoneers were being purchased to replace conventional automobiles, and that's where today's SUV market got its start. It introduced new concepts and features years ahead of the competition. So starb der Grand Wagoneer endgültig. TJL | In diesen Modellen waren die AMC-Motoren mit Automatikgetrieben von General Motors und später von Chrysler kombiniert. Liberty (USA) | In that era of planned obsolescence, Wagoneer plainly offered lasting value. It offered both two- and four-door models, providing a range of choices previously unseen in SUVs. Am 3. B. Servolenkung und Getriebeautomatik), machten ihn damals revolutionär. In all, Wagoneer remained on the market from the fall of 1962 to the end of the 1991 model year.

Jim Wright Words Bob D'Olivo Photos. In catalogs, it was listed with the Gladiator trucks, which shared sheetmetal and much of their underpinnings with the Wagoneer. At Wagoneer World, we remain committed to keeping alive the Classic and Irreplaceable Original! Although the public responded enthusiastically to the entire Wagoneer lineup, they were almost passionate about the four-door versions. In April 1965, the company added a potent 327-cid AMC V-8 engine to the option list. The two-wheelers could even be ordered with an optional overdrive transmission for smoother highway running and improved fuel economy. Up to 1960, Willys had the light-duty four-wheel-drive market pretty much to itself. For the first two and a half years, the OHC six was the only engine available.

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