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While it will never be possible to get that nuanced with a system like this we can imagine Slate being able to extrapolate this idea into picking multiple examples of the same mic and making those available. It comes with a very well made suspension mount which it screws into (that always feels better to me than mounts with clips) but we think it could be a tiny bit slacker as there is still a higher degree of transmission noise than we would expect.
Check out his website, For decades plugin manufacturers have been trying to capture the essence of analog signal processing in the digital domain — and they’ve gotten pretty damn good at it. The VMS is fixed cardioid so, while you may not have the flexibility of an omni or figure of eight, it is a very useful microphone to try on ambient sources too. The Grey model has relatively high total harmonic distortion (THD) for a solid-state design; the Red is cleaner, but can be driven into saturation using its Drive control, while the Mu model has the most distortion and noise, as you'd expect. It does everything I could ever need it to do and then some. Featuring variable attack and release times for a variety of tonal options. But without knowing the unique characteristics of each plugin, it can be difficult to dial in the sound you’re looking for, or even know which tool is right for the job. The Pre is a compact unit which has a dual XLR/1/4-inch jack input and can be switched between instrument and mic. I get the skill level factor and that you can do great things with the standard plugins. For decades plugin manufacturers have been trying to capture the essence of analog signal processing in the digital domain — and they’ve gotten pretty damn good at it. Just being straight with you. Read more about analog equalizer emulations. Modeled after the SSL 4000E console EQ.

All three also introduce an ever-so-slight noise component; at about -120dBFS, you're not likely to hear it, but Fabrice Gabriel feels that noise is an essential component in recreating an analogue feel (see SOS's review of the Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection in October 2011: /sos/oct11/articles/slate-vcc.htm). I recently came across this "Everything Bundle" from Slate Digital, and honestly it seems like a good ass deal. This is a great system which really does give you the character of classic vintage microphones at a price that won’t make you faint. I think it’s fair to say we have waited quite a “long time” for the Slate Digital VRS8 Virtual Recording Studio audio interface, the first from Steven and the team. slate makes good stuff but i don't like the subscription model. Although the original Neve 1073 only featured a single band for controlling the mid-range, the Slate emulation features two for greater control. But the main purpose of this virtual rack really isn't to have three processors compressing the hell out of your mix bus. Known for its rich harmonics and fat, punchy, musical tone. i imagine the rest of their stuff is similarly good, but if you use their plugins for three years, you've paid almost $600 and you own nothing. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents.

They’ve put together a collection of plugins modeled after some of the most iconic signal processors from the last 50 years. What you get with the VMS is a high-quality, large capsule condenser mic, a dedicated ‘ultra linear’ mic pre and a plug-in which contains the modelled mics.

Was thoroughly unimpressed with the Slate Virtual Microphone and it's modeling when compared to it's robust marketing, but I am a proud owner or the new Townsend Labs Sphere L22, which does what slate wanted to do but muuuuch better (IMO). Yet again, however, Slate have incorporated extra features. They’vPlay Video.

The Fairchild 670 was originally designed as a limiter, but — typically for a variable-mu tube design — its compression curve has a very soft knee, ranging from about 2:1 at the onset of compression to full limiting (about 30:1). These are the FG-47 (the infamous U47), FG-800 and 800G (after the big Sony), FG-251 (Telefunken), FG-67 (Neumann), FG-12 (AKG), FG-M7 (Shure, beloved of Michael Jackson), and the FG-269 (Neumann). With a powerful combination of console emulation, preamps, equalizers, compressors and more, you have the power of an entire studio’s worth of vintage gear at your fingertips. On acoustic guitar the FG-12 and the FG-251 really shone. ... it’s worth demonstrating the limitations of this element of the Slate. You can push both the pres right up to distortion and there is a broad range of usable tones just from them. Designed to add deep and solid sub-frequencies. The ‘sterility’ is exactly what we expected as you are supposed to add the character later, but it is certainly another positive aspect to the system as a whole, and it hasn’t harmed companies like DPA. Some say it is also the source of the additional 's' on the word 'buss'; I'm not sure about that, but it certainly popularised this spelling. The Virtual Channel is intended for individual channels, while the Virtual Mixbus models the unique effects of analog summing. In action, I was quite impressed by the Slate collection. Modeled after a vintage Telefunken V76 preamp. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, But, I've been doing a lot of research into mixing/mastering recently, and I've reached the conclusion that while your gear is a factor, it's no way as important as the people selling them would have you believe.

For many educational establishments this could be a wonderful teaching tool too, as it’s one thing to discuss the relative merits of all these microphones, but another to actually hear what the differences are. A 64-bit AAX2 version is in development. If that sounds like a bit much, well, it is! It’s a high-quality mic and, although without some help it sounds a bit sterile, you may well find that for certain moments that is exactly what you want. Dropbox and Google Drive eclipsed it pretty quickly, unfortunately. Cookies help us deliver our Services. For decades plugin manufacturers have been trying to capture the essence of analog signal processing in the digital domain — and they’ve gotten pretty damn good at it. According to Slate Digital, the FG-116 is “the most precise digital replication” of the UREI 1176 Rev D compressor. Please refresh the page and try again. Double bass sounds great with the classic 47 or 67 and pretty much everything for percussion as there are so many differing high-end colours. He has been helping artists connect with fans through emotionally resonant mixes, cohesive masters, and insightful guidance for over 10 years. I'd appreciate some thoughts on it. Win! Slate's VBC provides convincing emulations of three sought-after mix bus compressors. Modeled after the SSL 4000E channel strip compressor, with influence from the Empirical Labs Distressor, dbx 160A and LA-2A compressors. Slate Digital call this "the non-linear difference”. Those subtle differences are perhaps less obvious out of the track but once you start to add EQ and compression and blend the sound into the mix they make all the difference. Download this 40-minute workshop by Matthew Weiss, now for FREE! The Red 3 Compressor/Limiter may not be as popular as the SSL Buss Compressor, but as mix god Chris Lord-Alge is a prominent user, chances are you've heard it in action a million times. It can also be a valuable tool for rescuing flawed mixes: you could, for instance, bring out the ambience in a stereo recording by compressing the Sides channel without affecting the lead vocal too much, since this typically inhabits the Mid channel. We, like most professional engineers, have particular favourites that we will go to when we open the mic cupboard door, and even have a list of serial numbers so that when we book a studio we ask for a specific mic for a specific purpose.

The parameter set, again, is typical for a VCA design: attack, release, threshold and ratio. The Virtual Console Collection is designed to emulate the personality of analog mixing consoles. Aside from the M7, the Slate is probably one third of the price of the cheapest of these vintage beauties, will certainly require far less maintenance, and you currently get eight distinct characters with more to come. FG-Grey is an emulation of the famous SSL 4000 G-Series Buss Compressor — with some added ingredients. Transcription: Is The Slate Digital Everything Bundle Worth It?
Even though Slate have taken some liberties, the emulation quality is exceptional: these plug-ins sound and feel like working with analogue equipment, and the included Focusrite Red 3 emulation is a rarity in the plug-in world.

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