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As a matter of urgency, the IRSP calls for the establishment of a national commission of enquiry to establish the most effective means of re-establishing the national rail network. The Irish Republican Socialist Party was formed in 1974 by republicans, socialists and trade unionists who believed the class struggle and the Irish national question are one in the same. The Socialist Party is involved in many community campaigns, including the 1996 Anti Water Tax Campaign, the 2003–2004 Anti-Bin Tax Campaign and the current Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes.

[11][12][13][14], At the 2004 local elections, the Socialist Party gained two council seats, with Mick Murphy being elected to South Dublin County Council and Mick Barry being elected to Cork City Council. The Socialist Party is a political party in Ireland, active in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This led to the resignation of half the Ard Comhairle, which weakened the party.

The party was founded in 1972 as a tendency within the Labour Party, grouped around the newsletter Militant Irish Monthly. According to its website, the Socialist Party "stands for the socialist alternative to the dictatorship of the markets – namely real democracy whereby ordinary people take centre stage in running society, with democratic public ownership of banks, of key sectors of the economy and industry, and a democratic plan of the economy to provide for the needs of people". Our position in this regards is set out in the policy document 'Britain out of Ireland/Ireland out of the E.U. Socialist internationalism was best expressed in the resolution presented to the Second International at Stuttgart, supported by James Connolly in 1907. We spurn nationalist reliance on the European Union as incompatible with the objectives of Irish freedom & Socialism and refuse to be constricted by the confines of the Good Friday Agreement. [8], At the 2002 general election, Joe Higgins retained his Dublin West seat in Dáil Éireann. After contacting the local council, GAMA and trade union officials and remaining unenlightened, Murphy wrote a leaflet in English, had it translated into Turkish "mainly to say that we had no problem with them being here, and saying what GAMA had said", then threw it over the hoarding surrounding the site. Since then the IRSP has campaigned and agitated around the core issues of ending the British occupation in the North of Ireland, building socialism and opposing all foreign interference in the affairs of the Irish people. [13], As of 11 October 2009, the INLA has ordered an end to the armed struggle,[4] because unlike during the Troubles, the current political stance in Ulster allows the IRSP to contest fairly in new campaigns and local elections, as mentioned in their 2009 statement. [48], Socialist Party members contested the 2014 local elections as part of the Anti-Austerity Alliance. The IRSP supports the formation of what it calls the "Broad Front" which would oppose British occupation and imperialism in Ireland. [42] The Socialist Party and ULA said the story was a "manufactured controversy", part of a "vindictive smear campaign by Independent Newspapers", which were owned by billionaire Denis O'Brien. Only the creation of a thirty-two-county Irish socialist republic can provide the means by which Irish national liberation can be realised; subsequently, there can be no socialism without national liberation in Ireland, nor can there be national liberation without socialism. It opposes the U.S-led wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, the occupation of Palestine, targeted killings and drone warfare in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere and continues to be active in campaigns against fascism, racism, low pay exploitation and religious sectarianism. Policy Document, 'Republican Socialist Programme For Ireland', Policy Document, 'Perspectives On The Future Of Republican Socialism In Ireland', Policy Document, 'Britian Out Of Ireland. [7] In the general election of the following year, Higgins was elected to Dáil Éireann for the first time. The Socialist Party has contested European elections in the Republic of Ireland but not in Northern Ireland. The Socialist Party take a critical view of the Good Friday Agreement and other subsequent initiatives, claiming it further entrenches and institutionalises sectarianism and doesn't work towards solving the fundamental causes of the conflict. It had a seat in the European Parliament from 2009 to 2014. Likewise we hold that the Gardaí in the twenty six counties act ultimately in the interests of privilege and the political status quo there. [30][31] The party held its seats on Fingal County and Cork City Council (Ruth Coppinger and Mick Barry respectively), while gaining one seat each on Balbriggan Town Council and Drogheda Borough Council. In 1996 the party merged fully with the Labour and Trade Union Group of Northern Ireland and changed its name to the Socialist Party. [10][11], The IRSP has explained its lack of participation in elections as due to "very limited" resources.[10]. The IRSP seeks to build alliances with all social movements and views the coming together of the trade unions and community sector as desirable in the long-term interests of the Irish working class. However the IRSP recognises the right of the Irish people to engage in whatever form of struggle it deems appropriate. Socialism means the ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange collectively by the entire working class, with an end to wage labour, an end to production for profit and its replacement by a system of production based on human need. The IRSP campaigns for the establishment of a national housing commission consisting of representatives of the construction and housing industry along with trade unions. They failed to secure any seats. [10], The Anti-Bin Tax Campaign came about at this time. The party was established in October 1965, six years after the deposing of Fulgencio Batista, as a merger of the Popular Socialist Party, Revolutionary Directory, and the 26th of July Movement, with Fidel Castro as its Central Committee’s First Secretary. Ireland officially The Socialist Republic of Ireland is a island country in north western Europe. North and South we oppose the oppression of state capitalist policing and encourage alternative means of community self defence. In the late 1970s, Divis Flats in west Belfast became colloquially known as "the planet of the Irps" (a reference to the IRSP and the film Planet of the Apes).[16][17]. [35], At the 2011 general election the Socialist Party returned two TDs to Dáil Éireann: Clare Daly was elected for the Dublin North constituency, while Joe Higgins regained his seat in Dublin West. The IRSP campaign regularly to highlight the lead role which British military intelligence (MI5) play in directing the PSNI and actively oppose attempts to ingratiate that force within working class communities in the North. The IRSP recognises that the working class in Ireland continues to be the driving force in building and strengthening the Irish economy North and South and that this should be reflected in a more equal distribution of the nation’s wealth and resources. On the other hand, involvement in community-based activities does present an opportunity to provide leadership and build local alliances. In this, the subjugation of foreign peoples and countries plays a prominent role. [9], In 1981, party members Gerry Kelly and Sean Flynn won two seats on the Belfast City Council in a joint campaign with the People's Democracy party. Along with other activists, he was dissatisfied with the group's tactics and policies, especially on the issues surrounding the 1972 OIRA ceasefire and his growing belief that the emerging conflict was sectarian.

[26], At the 2007 general election, Joe Higgins lost his Dublin West seat and the Socialist Party was left without a TD for the first time since 1997. Ireland Out Of The EU. [63], Socialist Youth is the youth wing of the Socialist Party.[64]. In the 2000s and 2010s, the IRSP has been involved in campaigns and political protests, mainly around Belfast and Derry but also in of parts of the Republic of Ireland as well.

Revolutionary books, T-Shirts, Badges, CDs etc. ", This page was last edited on 4 August 2020, at 12:59. Sample DescriptionThe IRSP supports the prosecution of a policy aimed at reducing our dependency on non-renewable sources of energy, both domestic and industrial, and a clear commitment to using renewable sources of energy as the main source of energy. These wars result furthermore from the incessant race for armaments by militarism, one of the chief instruments of ruling-class rule and of the economic and political subjugation of the working class.’ The IRSP campaign in solidarity with other oppressed peoples from around the globe struggling for national liberation and socialism. [56][57], In the 2016 general election Murphy and Coppinger were re-elected in Dublin South-West and Dublin West, respectively, and Barry was elected in Cork North-Central, all of them running as Anti-Austerity Alliance–People Before Profit members.

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