i'm not ready to give up on us

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That’s the heart of it, really. An accidental actor, he came to LA in his teens hoping for a record deal for his rock band, but ended up doing telesales until he fell into acting, and before he knew it he was an international pin-up. Sunday is football day, so it's chicken wings and pizza.". Because so little has meaning outside of us, you can choose to give meaning to whatever you’d like. Smoking is a useful metaphor for Depp's self-image – renegade, European, rough around the edges. "I wouldn't change anything, no. When we are ready to hear, the message comes. And more than once. And all of a sudden, he sounds exactly like your average corporate Middle America multimillionaire – anti-government, anti-tax and apparently oblivious to the part these twin monstrous affronts might play in creating a country where he doesn't have to worry about being mugged by crack dealers on every street. He repeats it slowly, lovingly: "An eerie trumpet call over a lost battlefield.".

Mutually beneficial relationships are what actually make the world go round. Things haven't gone the way that I would have wanted them to, obviously. I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. "Well, it was a private plane. If you’re giving up on your life then I’m afraid you’re one of the dumbest people on the planet. Somebody's always going to bring you the bill. How you come up with that depends on you and the problem itself. He loathes the media, once threatened the paparazzi with a plank, and at one memorable Cannes film festival cancelled all his interviews and refused to get out of bed. "I mean, all those films didn't do well at the box office.

"And a lot of times, outside the big cities in the States, they don't want that. Early US box office returns suggest The Rum Diary may not break even – but he says he couldn't care less about the money. ", That strategy lasted until the birth of his daughter, Lily-Rose, in 1999, to the French actor and singer Vanessa Paradis, which he credits with changing – even saving – his life. Men go even loopier than women – and the higher men rank on the cool-ometer of fame, the more in love with Depp they seem to be. But that purpose isn’t somewhere out there in the world. They wanted me to become a permanent resident.

Even if the skies get rough I just happen to have a weird job. Our differences, they do a lot to teach us how to use I think it's Depp's own innocence – expressed as indiscriminate adoration for those he admires – that might be what men respond to. The actor has spent most of his career trying to abdicate from the position of Hollywood sex symbol, but there appears to be nothing he can do about the tenacity of his beauty.
But then, so do a lot of the men in my local bar in Hackney. More importantly, you can choose to accept that certain things in life are completely meaningless and deserve none of your attention or worry. So deep is our attachment to the mythology, though, I doubt anything he says or does will ever puncture it. I'm still looking up It's fantastic. Your life is what you perceive it to be and nothing else. "One bang on [the director] Bruce Robinson's horrible little Café Crème cigar. It perplexes me when someone is willing to give up on it.

There is a way out of your predicament – your situation. He did manage to give it up for two and a half years, and despite having to smoke in almost every scene of his new film, The Rum Diary – "just fake things, I think they're made of cured leather or something, they're really hideous, you light it and it smells like a tyre burning" – it was only on the journey home that nicotine reclaimed him. It seems like a dream come true. "On the plane, mmmm." You need to take time to explore what you believe holds importance in life. You can’t fail. People choose to stop living more regularly than you’d expect. "I don't think we were even in that hotel," he smiles apologetically. You don't have to give up your American citizenship," he adds sarcastically, but then he'd have to pay tax in both countries, "so you essentially work for free.". Depp looks like he should be in Bon Jovi, or behind a stall selling Zippos in Camden market. Before I go, I ask if the celebrated story of him and Kate Moss ordering a bath filled with champagne in a hip Notting Hill hotel ever actually happened. I won't give up on us

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