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Renault too recently announced that it is re-considering its involvement with F1 following a 1.6% crash in its revenue to $12.6 billion (€11.3 billion) in the third quarter. So what made him want to be a car designer? It’s not too much of a hardship with a three-year inclusive service package costing just £100. It has also used technology from its F1 cars in the next generation of its S-Class sedans.

Interestingly, Renault says that batteries not already in use and still stored at the charging station, could instead be set to store and contribute energy into the national grid. possible. The financial statements of Mercedes’ engine division reveal that since development began on the V6 engine, its costs have come to a total of $1.2 billion (£914.4 million).

I wondered if Laurens felt that it was easy to translate the chic design of expensive EVs down to more affordable cars?

it was important that the new car looked, like a car on the inside and the outside because for them the step to switch to electric was already such a big step that they did not want to be challenged by a design that was very different My colleague Caroline Reid and I are the only journalists worldwide who specialise in the business of F1 and we write for more outlets than any other reporters covering the sport. Since the current 1.6 liter V6 turbos were introduced to F1 in 2014, Mercedes has won 73.7% of the races followed by Ferrari with 14.4%, Renault on 10.2% and Honda a lowly 1.7%.

As regards the influence of EVs, and particularly the MORPHOZ, one is seeing the Laurens van den Acker, Executive Vice-President of Corporate Design at Groupe Renault tells Simon Duval where everyone is, and will have to, switch to green energy mobility power, with connections to smart electricity grids and so on." The Zoe was conceived as a vehicle that was reassuring; it is still a car as you know them, even with electric power and maybe autonomous driving capabilities in the future. batteries, and secondly you need it to be lower than an SUV as you want a vehicle that is as aerodynamic as possible.

salient to autonomous driving: "You may not realise how fixed in position one is in a car. That’s not all as Mercedes has also mastered the art of transferring technology from F1 to its production cars.

All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. This modular vehicle offers a personalized adaptation to the needs, desires and uses of each person to push back all the automotive limits.

"The more that car users will be helped by driving aids and ultimately You don’t have to pay any road tax at all if you drive a Renault Twizy.

That honor is understood to go to Ferrari but it can’t be verified as the Italian team doesn’t file separate financial statements for its F1 team or engine division as they are integrated into its production car operations. ", While Renault has the Zoe and its sister car the Nissan LEAF, which dominates the entry level EV market segment, many car makers are developing EVs from an expensive first base model, and then bringing down the price and specification ", With the MORPHOZ concept, Laurens and his team have achieved a lightness of profile, with quite a roomy interior, without resorting to the visual trick of the 'floating roof' dark margin at the top of the greenhouse, intended to make he says, adding that some of his inspiration came not from another car but from a train. as well as taking the opportunity to design some great cars.”, With Laurens considered by many to be a 'tastemaker', I was very interested in his view of Renault's customers' desire for EVs - does he think that the right design and engineering can make people into EV fans, as opposed to simply a bulky and tall body look lighter and more compact. we take certain 'liberties' with concept cars, without always thinking too much about design features making their way into production cars. On the other "When the design team talked to the EV engineers, they said it makes a lot of sense. - witness the Audi e-tron tested in this issue, which is shortly being complemented by a cheaper version. The long version of the car is sharper, it has a sharp nose and a sharp rear, very trapezoidal in the deck so it appears more streamlined than a conventional SUV, which looks as though it fights with the air! If this trend continues it will bring its spending over the V6 era to $1.4 billion. with the MORPHOZ. This is why I became a designer”, he jokes. ", I have been an evangelist for in-wheel-motors (IWMs) for some years as I am intrigued by the technology and the advantages they can bring to a vehicle in packaging, manoeuvrability and dynamic control. "Of course

The cost of developing Formula One engines has been revealed in new research which suggests that an auto maker needs to commit to spending around $1.4 billion (£1.1 billion) in order to win the championship. As Mercedes F1 team boss Toto Wolff told us, “many people say technology transfer is just a marketing story.

", Speaking of radical approaches to new vehicles, I mention the ground-breaking and some might say controversial design of the BMW i3; Laurens lights on this too and says that it was in some ways a matter of planning for market penetration: Renault unveils its MORPHOZ concept car, illustrating its vision of future electric mobility.

Recommended List Price (MRLP) inclusive of GST, exclusive of options and on road costs. the powertrain and systems engineers at Renault, he was pleasantly surprised by their reactions.

I ask Laurens if the car owner/drivers' new way of thinking, Visual markers include the extended space between the front door and front guard, and the higher-set tailgate (note the 'scooped' appearance at the bottom of the tailgate in City mode). So that is happening. I think it depends whether you are targeting a niche market or the mass market. As we have reported, Mercedes rotates engineers between its production car operation and its F1 team. Laurens van den Acker said at its online launch that the concept is: ”Bold in its modularity, innovative in its design, human centric through its ability to facilitate sharing and exchange, the MORPHOZ concept perfectly embodies the You have to weigh this up when designing a car and maybe use it as a ‘market tester’ product.”. I regularly comment on the F1 industry on television for the BBC, CNN, CNBC and ITV. another thing to pull 350 kilogrammes of batteries that you don't really need for your commute. hand, while I have not seen a working prototype at a workable price point, we would be the first company to try it if it were to exist. Laurens van den Acker, Executive Vice-President of Corporate Design at Groupe Renault talks about turning his design dreams into reality.

"There is a phenomenon that is not yet proven in the market but I think is very interesting; once a driver and smoothness of the drive, the instant power pick-up off the line,” he says, adding: “I have seen this with my wife's experience of driving an EV, having driven an EV, now she does not want to go back to a petrol or diesel car. Is the car buying public's current predilection for SUVs frustrating for a designer and how can EV power help to change the public's tastes, or at least lessen the carbon footprint of an SUV? Formula Money is on Twitter @formulamoney and its services are shown on the following link ( In the process, a 50kWh battery pack is slotted in beside the 40kWh unit, boosting driving range to 700 kilometres. “We are using some technology for cooling invented here and that technology is being used in the next generation of S-Class as well.

power and cooling but Laurens is enthusiastic about this concept. says that compact and affordable designs will thrive in the future, "We will be inundated with new vehicles in the next few years and we are definitely counting on converting a lot of customers to EVs, to hit the required CO2 targets "Creating this 'in-between' silhouette, between an SUV and a saloon, is what we have tried to show with the MORPHOZ concept car. Since the current 1.6 liter V6 turbos were introduced to F1 in 2014, Mercedes has won 73.7% of the races followed by Ferrari with 14.4%, Renault on 10.2% and Honda a lowly 1.7%.

once it is depleted but in a car with two electric motors, one front and one rear, there could be separate systems. Renault is promoting its MORPHOZ as a personal electric vehicle, connected and equipped with level 3 autonomous driving functions. Roll up to a dedicated Renault station, however, and the Morphoz can stretch to a Travel mode, extending its wheelbase to 2.93 metres and its overall length to 4.8 metres.

It is also very coherent with Renault's the really special cars of the future. and holiday experience. new LIVINGTECH philosophy of Renault’s Design. My colleague Caroline Reid and I are the. According to Helmut Marko, motorsports consultant for the Honda-powered Red Bull Racing team, changes need to be made in order to keep the Japanese auto giant in F1.

It is a reality and this is why the hybrid 6 cylinder turbo engines are so important for us.”, An F1 engine sits under the hood of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar (Martyn Lucy/Getty Images). It is one thing to transport empty space but it is Revealed as two SUVs in one, the Morphoz boasts the bizarre ability to shorten or lengthen its body and wheelbase on command, depending on the user's requirements.

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