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| Bob Hastings, TV-Y7 Stars: Stars: Lori Alan,

Brooks Wheelan,

Nelson Batista, TV-Y7 Casey Kasem, |

The special bond develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada.

", RELATED: 15 CLASSIC Cartoons Marvel SECRETLY Produced.

Animation, Action, Adventure. |

Sumalee Montano, Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

George Newbern,

Four ninja turtles, mutated by a mysterious alien substance, must rise up out of the sewers and defend their city against evil forces from both the past and present. See superhero cartoon stock video clips.

Stars: The Dynamic Duo battles crime in Gotham City.


Kevin Conroy,

Scott McNeil, Lacey Chabert, John DiMaggio, This was exposed by villains in nearly every episode, showing the cartoon never took Birdman too seriously. Current Shows: Teen Titans Go! Vixen is based on the DC Character Mari McCabe / Vixen, a costumed superhero crime-fighter with the power to mimic the abilities of any animal that has ever lived on Earth. 22 min

The further and darker adventures of Batman with a new Robin, a closer association with Batgirl and the previous Robin now as Nightwing.

Mathew Valencia, Animation, Family, Fantasy. | Djimon Hounsou,

Fred Tatasciore, TV-Y7-FV The adventures of the Marvel Universe's premiere superhero family. | Let us know in the comments who else you think was cool enough to make the cut!

Michael Bell, Casey Kasem, Animation, Action, Sci-Fi.


Using technology, wits, and extraordinary fighting ability he must protect his nation from an invasion led by Ulysses Klaw, the man who killed his father.

Beau Weaver, 23 min However, despite being a tad preachy and campy, when Captain Planet came to the fore, we had a ball watching him clean things up, both literally and figuratively. Animation, Action, Adventure.

Megalyn Echikunwoke, 106,518 superhero cartoon stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

Tony Daniels,

106,518 superhero cartoon stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. Animation, Action, Adventure. Camilla Scott, This cartoon hero was first adapted from the Japanese anime television series "Beast King GoLion" and dealt with five pilots from Earth who commandeered robot lions, which when combined, acted as a guardian of the galaxy against alien threats like Zarkon, his son Lotor, and the witch Haggar. Bryan Scott, Stars: (2021) Marvel Comics Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Hero Cartoon. | | Animation, Short, Adventure. Most fans would recall Fox, as well as Cartoon Network (namely Toonami) for also giving us delightful treats in the week.

A team of the greatest DC Comics superheroes protects Earth with the help of a pair of alien sibling apprentices. 22 min Goliath trained his clan against threats such as former lover Demona, the vile Xanatos (played by "Star Trek's" Jonathan Frakes) robotic dopplegangers, and the genetically enhanced hunters known as The Pack. JB Blanc, The adventures of the Kryptonian superhero dog and his friends. Lauren Tom,

Cathal J. Dodd, Larry Carroll,

Jane Webb. Josh Keaton, Akiko Morison, 30 min

George Newbern, TV-Y7 Cartoon Network; DC Universe To top it off, just have a look at that sleek, battle-ready design!

Lisa Ann Beley, TV-Y7


Kevin Conroy, The adventures of the original stretchable superhero and various other characters. Stars: An animated television show that focuses on a sixteen-year-old Peter Parker, and the origins of Spider-Man. Stars: of 1,066. be superhero be a superhero superhereos heroes characters comics invitation superhero birthday party invitation super heror set of super hero male and female heroes superheros comic art. Grey Griffin. Business-wise, I make big cheddar (not really) as a copywriter and digital strategist working with some of the top brands in the Latin America region. | Michael Rosenbaum, Andy Milder, Paul Essiembre,

Sure, Voltron may be a sum of all his parts but when put together, who else would you have defending the universe? Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will lead the DC Super Heroes against their most infamous foes. Darkwing's slate of puns and goofy one-liners quacked us up, and hopefully someday we'll get resolution as to how it's set in a separate universe from "DuckTales." Stars: Joe Baker, Laura Bailey, TV-Y7 |

Will Friedle, TV-PG Animation, Action, Adventure. In closing, let me remind you that the geek shall inherit the Earth.

Jokes aside, whether it was the '80s cartoon or the grittier reboot from Cartoon Network, He-Man epitomized cool (as seen with Cringer who also powered up into Battle Cat) and that's why he may well be set to return to the big screen.

She was a key member of the Spider-Friends (as they were affectionately known), linking up with the likes of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Sunfire, and the X-Men.

His companions -- Zachary Foxx, Niko and Doc Hartford -- had more tact, but every team needs a wildcard like Gooseman, who fully embodied the cartoon's theme-song of "No Guts.

It was boring so I decided to write about things I love. Darkwing was so intriguing that this cartoon raked in Emmy nominations, comic book runs and commercial tie-ins, emphasizing how much it resonated with audiences, who built on their affinity for the "DuckTales" series. CBR looks at 15 of the coolest heroes to ever grace the cartoon arena!

Robbie Daymond, |

In addition to his powers of morphing into beasts and powering up, he oozed the kind of cool you'd expect of Clint Eastwood or John Wayne.


On the geek side of things, I write about comics, cartoons, video games, television, movies and basically, all things nerdy.

The Justice League of America battles the plots of the supervillian team, the Legion of Doom.

While older fans remember that action-packed "Silent Interlude" issue which Larry Hama wrote at Marvel that contained no words, most of his awesomeness came from the cartoons. | Rob Paulsen, | Bud Collyer, Steve Blum,

James Blendick, | Efrem Zimbalist Jr., | "Gargoyles" lasted from 1995 to 1997 but what it made so successful was its dark, mature themes. Stars: Anyone could be a hero -- was more or less the theme and it registered with all fans, despite those quirky internet memes!

Clancy Brown,

She was such a hit that she would later enter the comic arena, joining the likes of the New Warriors, X-Men and eventually, the Avengers.

Carl Lumbly,

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