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It is hard for me to get out of bed I sleep so well. From cost, to quality, to customer service, to customization this is hands down the best mattress I’ve slept on. But when we toook it out of the box and laid it on the bed, it expanded beautifully and was absolutely the perfect fit for us. Comfy bed, no chemical smells. The helix mattress is incredibly comfortable and has decreased my snoring frequency and intensity. Half the night I would need to sleep on the recliner because the pain got so bad in my neck and shoulders. Nice that it was delivered.

The customer service was excellent.

I am a side sleeper and usually my right leg pains me at the hip after 10 minutes or so.

I reviewed mattresses extensively, read hundreds of reviews and even tested some mattresses in person. I definitely recommend this bed!

Ive never gotten better sleep. Overall I am pleased. Helix would like to be seen as a progressive direct to consumer company but instead they are dishonest and do not stand behind their products. I love the mattress and customer service team! Now as a beautiful mer-man, I don't use the bed as much as I use to due to the lack of water in my bedroom, but it was quite comfy. I find myself kicking off the covers because I'm sweating on most nights.

I've had back pain for a very long time and getting out of bed in the morning has been a process to go from horizontal to upright. I'm 40, 5'2, and 160 lbs. Those that had questions also noted that they had pleasant experiences with Helix customer service.

My mattress is great when I sleep on my side, but not firm enough when I sleep on my back or stomach. for $1300 for a queen all said and done its just good, not great. We have great night sleeps every night, and we love how it is made specifically for our body types. Since we bought our Helix, all of these issues have disappeared. What I do LOVE about the mattress is that it stays cool which is so nice. That being said, Helix worked with us to get a topper to soften it up.

I expect a quality mattress to last a lot longer. However, since we've owned our Helix mattress, there isn't a night I lay down that I don't think, "Oh my gosh! :) #helixpleasepaymeforthisreview PROS: - squishy, soft, and plush - conforms to the bod - still supportive - good edge support - good size and thickness - sleeps neutral temp / cool CONS: - it's isn't free - it wasn't in my life since birth - i can't be on it 24 hours a day - i don't have a puppy to snuggle on it with. Boy we're we ever wrong. However, after 2 months of using, my back hurts after 4-5 hours of sleeping on this mattress.

Alleviates pressure points. My friend's daughter says, "it's the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on!". It was 100% memory foam and ended up being too firm and not "fluid" enough for a comfortable sleep.

Other beds would start caving in when he slept onbthem.

Plush, comfy, and perfect for sleeping! Thought the bed was too firm at first, until I woke up well rested and realised my back didn't hurt.

The very best after 80 years of mattresses.

Had to get a pad to help with softness. I've been having some really nice nights of sleep on it and it was easy to order and get set up. This bed is nice however it retains so much heat when I sleep and hasn't really softened up. I specifically googled sites where I could leave a good review because I love it so much. After sleeping on it the first night I woke up achy the next morning, which is normal.

There was no strong chemical smell when it arrived (something I was leery of with a foam mattress). Switched to the NEST BED and it's much better. We decided to try a Helix mattress and after 2 months of easy getting in/out of it, we're sold. I reached out to them again only to be told the mattress is not meeting their warranty standards, even though it craters to the frame when we sleep in it, and there’s nothing they can do. You can not feel the next person get in or out of bed. It has very good edge support and it doesn't sleep too hot for being a softer mattress, and we live in Texas!

I could not comfortably sleep in the bed for a couple days. I really love this mattress.

I must say that I was a bit skeptical purchasing a mattress without trying it out first.

Our mattress protectors are made from top waterproofing TPU materials and designed to last for years. It’s been 50 days and still holding up! Delivery process was so easy and the mattress is extremely comfortable.

About a month after the purchase, the bed presented a feeling of sinking around us, almost like I was being swallowed by the bed.

Helix is a standout in the online mattress industry. It’s yours - treat it that way. Only down side now is I never want to get out of bed! I was skeptical when I felt how soft it was, I didn't think it would be supportive enough for my back, but I have no pain and feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud. Without a doubt the best mattress I’ve ever owned.

Loving it so far. Not the best experience and I now have a damaged product. Amazing to see it compressed in plastic. This mattress didn't end up being the one for us however I thought it was important to say how easy the experience was. It's very comfortable and I'm glad I chose Helix. We were specifically shopping for a soft-medium mattress, but despite giving our preferences found Helix extremely hard. I have better quality sleep and achieve a deep sleep quicker. My wife and I can't wait for the day to end to go lay back down again!

There is a break-in period but it was still a tad firm.

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