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We will not import any object from outside the Illustrator. As you can see, we have added gradient color to the middle of the bottle. Let us now make the handle of the glass. The results should be subtle. Host meetups. Color the rest of the splashes with gradient mesh too. Note that the Texture Pattern used is called "Kraft Paper" and is a default pattern in Photoshop. The bottle should look like the image below. To make the beer bottle, we will make the shape of half the beer bottle, as shown in the image below: 4. Name this New Layer "Reflections. Vector illustration. See image below: 33. Vector isolated set luxury bottle for, Perfume bottles. Designed with incredible details, this set includes nine total beverages suitable for your next creative project. Now, our goal is to wrap this around the wine bottle using Edit > Transform > Warp, however, it would be very difficult to do this since we have a large portion of the shape that will disappear behind itself. This tutorial was simply amazing! New Year'S Eve. We have now completed the effect on the bottom part of the beer, as you can see in the image. Bank juice, jam, liquids. Vector illustration. You're done! When you're done, add a Gradient Overlay as shown. A glass of red wine. On A White Background, Variety of champagne bottles and glass. Bottles and glass. Finally, select the third copy and add the following Layer Styles. Still Life Bottle Three. Don't close this yet. Now, we will place this sticker over the bottle to get a feel for the original look of the bottle. Concept.3d illustration, Wine glasses and bottles guide infographic. When you're done, give it a Gaussian Blur. They - alcoholic beverages, Wine Bag Template with die cut lines. An illustration of colorful bottles and glass cups on a white background, Bottles of colored glass empty grouped. First, let’s open the illustrator and click on the ‘New Document’ under the File tab. With just a circle, a few ovals and the Inner Glow effect, you can create a quick and very useful glass bowl image in Illustrator. Add the following Layer Styles. Bottle mock up realistic transparent white, black and glass ampoule or dropper plastic packaging, Various soft drinks in bottles and cans, a glass of coffee and cola vector illustration, Mockup realistic transparent glass dropper and spray bottle skincare product, Top view of peach juice bottle with fruit, Front view of multicolored juice bottles with caps. Let’s start by creating the beer bottle first. Now, Control-Click the layer's thumbnail to make a selection and press Control-Shift-I to Inverse the selection. Vector illustration desing, Sauce bottles. Convert to a Smart Object when you're done, Just like we did with the wine bottle, draw some random shapes in white on a New Layer above the "Bulb" Smart Object. 15. Inside the "Wine" group, create a New Layer called "Wine" and use the Pen Tool (P) to draw the shape of a complete wine bottle. When you're done, select all four "Bulb' layers and Convert to a Smart Object. Anniversary Balloons. Just like we did with the Wine Bottle, go ahead and add some shadows underneath the wine glass. Flat illustration of 9 beer bottles glass craft wine mug vector icons for, Oktoberfest woman cartoon with traditional cloth sausages beer bottles glass and accordion vector design. To download the source file for this tutorial, you will need to login as a member.

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