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Themer is a Figma plugin that lets you create similar color themes for your design. And I'm sure they'll do the same for you. This is a simple/awesome plugin with a ton of value baked right in . With this plugin, you’ll (probably) never have to hand over your website designs over to developers. It currently works only with Google Maps and Mapbox, but other mapping platforms will be supported in the near future. Statistics and reports sections are quite common in most app user interfaces. This article will take an in-depth look at several plugins that can speed up your design workflow. As a designer, there’s always a recurring need to include maps in your interfaces. It’s what any good cloud software should be. Not just patterns but you can use it to also create textures and grids as well. This plugin is a take on Sketch Runner (lol with the name ), which is a “launcher” that lets you get around your Figma files without having to leave your keyboard. LottieFiles is a popular free animations file system used in UX and UI designs. With over 500 scenes, great visual content, and marketing materials, the Mockuuups Studio can’t just be less useful. However, it’s a great way for designers to learn about code and experiment with designs at the same time. Yet, for my workflow, I find that Color Contrast Checker is a super fast and simple tool to find errors without me having to click every layer. Coda for Figma is a plugin that works with a document generation tool called Coda. This plugin is kind of a game-changer for anyone working with a Design System or Style Guide.

All you have to do is click on the “Plugins” link on the left menubar and you’ll see all the plugins available on Figma, including the ones you have already installed and the featured and popular ones. With Rename It you can keep your files tidy and organized by batch renaming multiple layers using very specific naming rules and conventions.

Figma has a mirroring app that allows you to live-preview your designs on mobile devices. We spent some time trying out many of the plugins available and we made a shortlist of those that we think are the most useful ones. More experienced designers will find it most useful.

This plugin helps to organize such elements in a convenient user-friendly interface. Live Device Preview. The main function of the plugin is that it randomly fills any vector object you created with an image or a poster from a movie or TV show. Let’s have a look. This plugin allows you to create patterns with ease. It would be awesome to have a little more control over the exact devices you can select but it’s still a great way to test multiple resolutions at once.

In total we are talking about more than 50 icon sets containing over 40,000 icons!

It continues to improve with each new release, and has rightly claimed its place in the 'Big 3 Design Tools Club' (the others being Sketch & Adobe XD of course). Press enter and Walker will automatically take you to that place without having to use your mouse. Figma is rapidly becoming one of the most versatile apps for UI and UX designers. Thanks for reading the article, Time Machine allows you to easily save different versions of your designs inside Figma without having to create a separate file. Also, the best part, the images are free for commercial and personal use. However, Figma had one big disadvantage, which made users who "migrated" from other platforms miss the previous tools a bit - the lack of plugins. I know. What a time-leech that was! With this Figma Plugin you can do all of that without ever leaving Figma: Map Maker allows you to easily insert customized maps into your designs. With Rename It I can quickly find my Component with the old naming and update it instantly. Paddet is another simple Figma plugin. So stay tuned! Such a time-saver of a Plugin, and one I use time, and time again. This plugin is excellent, however, the drawback is it only works for text styles and doesn’t allow you to select two shapes i.e. I’ve tested all the color contrast checkers I could find — those being Stark, Able, Contrast, and this one here. All from directly inside the Figma app. But, it requires a bit of a learning curve. However, it’s very cool and clutch for those moments when you need to grab a logo stat. With this plugin, you can easily add search its massive library and add images to your own UI designs directly from the Figma app. It provides you an easy way to split larger pieces of text into smaller, individual text objects.

With this plugin, you can create animations directly inside Figma without having to use other software like Adobe After Effects. A superb plugin that makes up for Figma’s lack of Text Style handling currently. For instance, you can say “I want 24 words of Lorem Ipsum here.”. Follow our Setup 101 guide to create a simple plugin. A very handy tool that will significantly save you time by giving you the right color schemes to suit your project. Now, everything happens on Figma. So, all you need do is to create your table on Figma, then highlight the rows and columns you wish to populate with data. Our Figma plugins slack is a great way to connect outside our remote meetings to share tips, tricks and ask questions. It does a great job of initially generating a random palette — but then giving you control to fine-tune the end result. Very simple, but big time saver if you think how many times you do this by copying and pasting text! This plugin allows you to perform some of the actions that Figma users have been asking for some time. A great tool that helps you to be more focused on your design process, rather than on fixing errors. Implementing Navigation Architecture in Android. Mockuuups Studio is a easy to use mockup generator which includes over 500 various scenes.

So you’ll have plenty of options to add more style to your website features sections and the app onboarding screens. Until next time, keep your genius shining!

However, it’s an excellent Figma plugin with 2.8K installs (at the time of writing) since publication in February 2020. I’d recommend trying out Contrast if you’re looking for that type of functionality. Populating content on your interface is a hardly escapable process, especially when it’s a lot of content. However, Figma had one big disadvantage, which made users who “migrated” from other platforms miss the previous tools a bit — the lack of plugins. Get the best in Python, Angular, React, Vue, NodeJs & more. It’s an unofficial plugin that lets you access the entire library of Font Awesome icons directly from Figma. Voila, your Excel table is now stylized in Figma. I’ve been using Unsplash since… well… forever, and still continue to do so. And it’s especially a must for mobile UI designs.

But this plugin helps to convert high fidelity mockup to low fidelity wireframes, in case you want to concentrate on the UX part of the project. Like the plugins I covered earlier, LilGrid just does one simple job, but does it well, and saves you so much time when working on larger projects.

This plugin is so feature-rich and has saved me so, so much time compared to when I used to make all those kinds of changes manually. We’ll start from the last place, so make sure you don’t miss all the fun ☕.

While the plugin works wonders for converting designs into HTML, it’s still a work in progress.

Members of the community have developed hundreds of plugins since their first introduction to Figma last year, many of which help us speed up design tasks (and some that will definitely slow you down). It’s taken the concept of “linting” from Engineering and has applied it to the design world .

Featuring images and illustrations inside creative blob shapes is a stylish design strategy used in both web and app interface designs. Click Check and you’ll see a list of all the text layers that don’t meet WCAG requirements. You can then click the color swatch to view the layer, adjust the lightness, and get to a passing grade.

Upcoming Events There are no upcoming events at the moment. It automatically adds padding to frames to keep a consistent design layout across your projects.

Highly recommended, and ridiculously useful that it hurts. The Table Paste Plugin offers beautiful ways of copying data from Excel Sheets unto nicely styled tables in your interface.

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