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Don’t forget to credit carefully and be thinking about how this work can inform your portfolio.
Au Revoir Simone) [2009] Why stick to one band when making a remix when you can throw two together. In the mid-'70s, disco DJs began creating extended mixes of popular … THEY invented the remix.

Sometimes you can take what is there and build around it. The same concept of “amateurism” (or should I say indie) applies in fanfiction. Over Clocked Remix - The best-known site for video game music remixes, OCRemix features a large database of high-quality scores. Listen to it here, 43 – Metric, ‘Monster Hospital’ (MSTRKRFT Remix) [2006] From Kylie to The Kills, Bloc Party to Wolfmother, Canadian duo MSTRKRFT have made some amazing tracks, but their take on Metric tops the lot. Repetitive, but in a good way. Remix definition is - to mix again. Opening with the signature Knuckle’s piano sound layered with Michael’s vocals and lush strings, this record is a perfect set starter that still works today. Sometimes you can take what is there and build around it. Their approach was to completely re-record a track, thus "doubling" or "dubbing" it, using primitive equalization and sound processing gear to remove vocals and isolate the underlying rhythm, usually just the drums and bass. Listen to it here, 44 – The Prodigy, ‘Voodoo People’ (Chemical Brothers Remix) [1994] Two old school dance legends go head to head on a track so mid-nineties it should come dressed in Hypercolour. Au Revoir Simone), 26 – Goldie, ‘Inner City Life (Roni Size & DJ Krust Remix)’, 25 – Eric B & Rakim, ‘Paid In Full’ (Seven Minutes Of Madness The Coldcut Mix), 24 – James White And The Blacks, ‘Contort Yourself’ (August Darnell Remix), 23 – Primal Scream, ‘Loaded’ (Terry Farley Remix), 22 – Super Furry Animals, ‘Man Don’t Give A Fuck’ (Howard Marks Remix), 21 – Blur, ‘Movin’ On’ (William Orbit Remix), 19 – Salem, ‘ASIA’ (Jokers Of The Scene Remix), 18 – Death From Above 1979, ‘Romantic Rights’ (Erol Alkan’s Love From Below Re-Edit), 17 – Klaxons, ‘Atlantis To Interzone’ (Crystal Castles Remix), 15 – Soulwax, ‘E Talking’ (Tiga’s Disco Drama Remix), 14 – Florence And The Machine, ‘Drumming Song’ (Boy 8-Bit Remix), 12 – Grace Jones, ‘Williams’ Blood’ (Aeroplane Remix), 11 – Happy Mondays, ‘Hallelujah (Club Mix)’, 10 – Paul Weller, ‘Wild Wood’ (Portishead Remix), 9 – Klaxons, ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ (Soulwax Remix), 7 – Donna Summer, ‘I Feel Love’ (The Patrick Cowley Megamix), 6 – Justice vs Simian, ‘We Are Your Friends’, 5 – La Roux, ‘In For The Kill’ (Skream Remix), 4 – Florence & The Machine, ‘You’ve Got The Love’ (The xx Remix), 3 – Tori Amos, ‘Professional Widow’ (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix), 2 – Cornershop, ‘Brimful Of Asha’ (Fatboy Slim/Norman Cook Remix), 1 – My Bloody Valentine, ‘Soon’ (The Andrew Weatherall Mix). Conversely, Joker’s mix of Zero 7’s ‘Everything Up (Zizou) is also worth a spin. Looking back now as a remixer myself, this was way ahead of its time. That sound is huge again and MK still uses it in his recent work, like his mix of Storm Queen “Look Right Through.”, Sneaker Pimps - “Spin Spin Sugar” (Armand’s Dark Garage Mix) |  1996. The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952.

Nintendo owners can get DDR Mario Mix for the GameCube (25 songs that include remixes of classic Nintendo themes), and if you have a Japanese Game Boy Color (or newer), you can import 5 different Game Boy games for your fingers. But that is not what he meant. These are typically unofficial - ie, made without permission from the original artist. This is one of those remixes that you listen to and think is cool, then you listen to the original and think “Did this guy literally just speed the original’s BPM up and add a drumbeat?” The answer is “Yes.” Go back and listen to the much slower, mostly rhythmless original, if you don’t believe me. Even the name, “The Nightmare Mix,” is a clever contrast to the song title. After researching about “Remix Culture” in general, I found out that there is a lot more depth into it than just literal music remixes. Listen to it here, 28 – The Prodigy, ‘Voodoo People’ (Pendulum Remix) [2009] They might make unlistenable d’n’b nonsense in their day job, but they know their way around a mix. New Order - “Bizarre Love Triangle” (Shep Pettibone Remix)  |   1986. 10 – Paul Weller, ‘Wild Wood’ (Portishead Remix) [2007] On which Portishead respectfully keep the vocals and acoustic intact, but smear their trademark trip hop skank all over it.

Early hip-hop was also a form of remixing: DJs would use two turntables to loop, cut and scratch two identical copies of songs, creating an entirely new form of music as a result. Frankie kept all the right elements from the original and fused them seamlessly with the classic melodic production he’s known for. Edit Caption, 8 – Gucci Mane, ‘Bird Flu’ (Salem Remix) [2009] A perfect combo of rap and witch house that proves music can still innovate when it wants to. Do artists ever hope that the remix doesn't get more exposure than their original? There’ll typically be a fee involved if your profile as a remixer will help to sell the record, with profit shares sometimes offered for lower profile remixes.
While the original was an electronica track and cool in its own right, Armand’s mix is still decimating dance floors and speakers 20 years later. What's the science behind asking for a remix? Over the years, this record has been remixed, remade, sampled, bootlegged and covered but none have even come close to the Stonebridge remix. Twenty-two years later, it has never been officially remixed again or bootlegged better. The original is flawless, a perfect representation of 80’s British New Wave dance. Listen to it here, 23 – Primal Scream, ‘Loaded’ (Terry Farley Remix) [1990] Taking on a stone cold classic – a bold move. Farley, a Weatherall associate, pulls it off though. Many gamers have remixes of popular tunes available for free, while a select few games have soundtracks available. Its popularity spread, especially in the 90s when remixes of songs from 70s bands like the BeeGees got everyone on the dance floor. So what makes a great one? The original version of this track is based around two key elements: a drum loop sampled from an old soul nugget called “Ashley’s Roachclip” and a bass line interpolated from Dennis Edwards “Don’t Look Any Further.” It is a perfect beat and now one of the most iconic in hip-hop history. Listen to it here, 39 – Method Man, ‘Release Yo’ Delf’ (The Prodigy Remix) [2010] The gruff raps are distinctly Method, and the sirens and beats unmistakably Prodigy. Soda, candy, clothing, cosmetics, consumer goods of all kinds ... new product iterations touting "remix" on the package. Regardless of how the artists felt, it became one of the first commercially successful remixes to ever go Top 20 in many countries. Simian “We Are Your Friends” in 2006. So let’s look at the surface of “Remix Culture”, which I believe is the commonly-known practice of taking original music and then remixing it so that it suits a desired music genre. Mr. Probz - “Waves” (Robin Shulz Remix)  |  2014. About two minutes in the kick comes and starts a nice slow build. The site boasts two dozen MP3 albums and over 300 individual songs and remixes -- all available at reasonable prices. Vocal snippets copped from the beginning of Out Of The Ordinary’s track “The Dream” sound like they are talking to you in your nightmares. The work you are doing on your blog is great! Originally remixed by the French duo Justice in 2004 as “Never Be Alone,” this track was re-released as Justice vs. Don’t get me wrong – the resulting “We Are Your Friends” release was massive around the world and won several awards, but this is a rare case where a band remixed an obscure song that had done so well that it was released as a new record altogether. They took a track that was destined for background music and turned it into something that would work on a dance floor (or a club scene in a vampire movie). So what do you do to that?!?

It launched Robin Schulz’s career into overdrive and made him an A-lister seemingly overnight. This is one of those instances where the remix is a like an evolved Pokemon compared to the original. What, exactly, is a remix? I like the concept of adding book covers because it just makes the idea of making our own novels more of a reality. Listen to it here, 6 – Justice vs Simian, ‘We Are Your Friends’ [2006] In 2006, you couldn’t stop by a student union without hearing this track under hundreds of drunk students chanting along. In this case, it used the foundation of the original version and built it into something fresh but still recognizable. Then they brought musical elements to the front, liberally filtering things to add interest, and made the vocals seem like a main part instead of buried. The Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams smash Get Lucky is a great example - cutting down the full mix to a more focused four-minute radio edit distilled the very best sections of the song into a masterpiece that you couldn’t get away from back in 2013. The availability and the ease of it results in an abundance of independent remix institutions. Listen to it here, 22 – Super Furry Animals, ‘Man Don’t Give A Fuck’ (Howard Marks Remix) [1996] The classic SFA set closer gets a six minute workout to mesmerising effect. Bad Boy did NOT invent the remix!". Thunderous, frantic and utterly addictive. Listen to it here, 15 – Soulwax, ‘E Talking’ (Tiga’s Disco Drama Remix) [2005] If you were into taking pills and clubbing in the mid-noughties, this was the set text. Other than the intro on Hybrid’s remix, everything from 15 seconds onward shocks life into this track. And he packaged it all with a nice mixable intro and outro. All Night (Jay Robinson Remix Instrumental) Example. 0. All the other hooks – which came mostly from the M1, including the sax and string parts – were added by MK.

I first heard it in a record store in NYC.

This was always a record I could fill a dance floor with. Cornershop - “Brimful of Asha” (Norman Cook Remix)  |  1997. Listen to it here, 45 – MGMT, ‘Electric Feel’ (Justice Remix) [2008] The original triggered worldwide love for the hipster duo, and the remix earned Justice a Grammy for Best Remixed Recording (Non-Classical) in 2009. This enduring classic was spawned from Stonebridge asking Champion Records if they had any demos lying around. Because they are adapted from original books or comics or any other form of media, they’re technically remixes. But when you hand a record over to Shep Pettibone, one of the best remixers ever, you know you’re going to get something special in return. The breakbeats, the rolling bassline are fantastic on their own and I wish I had a version without the Eurythmics in it. I came to appreciate it later on as I got more into the rave scene and artists like Orbital. In addition to these official albums, countless other singles exist, including Christmas songs, bonus tracks and dance remixes.

Listen to it here. I am looking to seek out some excellent remixes. I still play this in classic club and house sets.

Neither record was amazing but just the process itself is interesting.

See also FB’s take on Little Boots, Hot Chip and Noah & The Whale. It's worth repeating that this was the 1960s. Example. DDR Disney Mix lets you dance to remixes of popular Disney songs and allows you to choose equally as popular Disney characters.

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