disadvantages of mud bricks

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The slurry sample was prepared from red mud sintered at the optimized condition of parameters (of experimental run number 7) and 100 mL distilled water and steered thoroughly. The optimized conditions to achieve a pH value of about 8.9 were 25–50% of red mud mixed with 50–75% of fly ash with water (10%) and a temperature of 1100°C.

They are good for health since they do not emit any hazardous substances such as gasses to the atmosphere and can actually neutralize cigarette smoke.

In those countries with a huge demand for mud bricks, they are prepared by adopting a brick making machine or they are made mechanically in commercial brick making yards. Advantages of Mud bricksUsing these mud bricks or adobe bricks is probably one of the easiest way to build for homes. In red mud, about 20–25% is the free or soluble caustic soda while the rest is in the form of sodalite complex. Mud flooring generally has low resistance to stain as it has high porosity. The value obtained is 0.78 and pH value of which comes out to be 8.969 which is close to the optimized experimental value of 8.8–8.92 in run 7. Table 3 provides the raw data for the average value ratios of pH and ratio for each parameter at levels 1, 2, and 3. If you are getting other services from your manufacturer, make sure you also have that included in the budget so you can determine how friendly the pricing for the project is for you. These include: mud brick may tend to erode under rain impact; absorption of water causes swelling of mud brick, while evaporation of water from the mud brick gives rise to shrinkage and cracking; and mud brick is a relatively fragile material, which cannot resist earthquake hazards.

These mud bricks can be easily cut for fitting and could be provided with holes for services and reinforcing. Stabilised mud bricks may contain materials such as straw, cement or bitumen (see Straw bale). The Self Build Guide: Why Choose Masonry Construction? Masonry structures are the oldest structures. Review articles are excluded from this waiver policy.

Resource Management: Brick manufacturing facilities are generally located near their source of raw materials. Red mud was used as an alternative to clay in making bricks. The construction of a brick home requires more laborers working longer hours and that can raise the price of construction.

In all nine experiments had to be conducted.

Add required water to make thick mix.

Even though the earth blocks have been in use for years, they have just begun becoming popular with more and more people settling for mud bricks as their best alternative in different kinds of constructions. These are structure built by using masonry units with mortar. Cyprus Property Buyers: The Pros and Cons of Different Construction Systems. Its surface is clean, smooth and has no cracks, these bricks are very hard bricks. Figure 1 shows the response curves of the individual parameters on the ratio of pH values, that is, values (7/experimental pH value) and ratio.

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