classic station wagon models

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[Read more…] about Original and Loaded: 1962 Chevrolet Impala. The Volvo 240 was Volvo’s best-selling car from 1975 until 1982. [Read more…] about Low Mileage Muscle: 1968 Chevrolet Caprice.

[Read more…] about Missed Your Chance: Station Wagon Bargains, It’s very difficult to find low mileage station wagons but low mileage wagons that are loaded with just about every factory option like this one including a 396V8 are nearly an impossibility.

Make it rarer Nova wagon like this one and you’ve got yourself one special car. By the admission of Mercedes-Benz itself, the W123 platform was not revolutionary. The popularity of the Chevelle Malibu wagon is no surprise, considering its sporty styling and large passenger/cargo capacity. Equipped with a rebuilt 289, a resealed C4 transmission and new parts including, brakes, bumpers, seat covers, carpet, headliner and tires this […], This Bel Air was originally sold in Cheyenne, Wyoming and remained with the owner for 40 years and has had just one owner since. In celebration of the station wagon, we’ve put together a slideshow of some of history’s coolest classics. function e5edf79cd25e9bc6f0c5() { return WSM.Util.rot13('vasb!uupynffvp.pbz').replace('! What makes it so special? In their first life, these wagons were used and abused because they were often owned by laborers such as painters or handymen. Provided you give your Sooby the TLC it deserves, its luxury features will work flawlessly even in 2014 and it’ll cruise around corners just like a BMW. [Read more…] about Bone Stock: 1967 Chevrolet Nova, I think the last time I saw a mid 1960’s Mercury wagon was when I drove in one in the 1970’s. Finding one that's been cared for all these years or has been restored to its former glory is quite a find!

It was Audi’s first RS vehicle, and used the most powerful and thoroughly-developed version of Audi’s inline-five cylinder turbocharged internal combustion engine.

Chevelle Malibus were the top of the line for the model and came with luxury features such as all-vinyl upholstery and deluxe steering. The Audi RS2 Avant was a limited edition, high-performance Audi station wagon manufactured for barely over a year from March 1994 to July 1995. The 300TD was the first Mercedes wagon and the welcome was warm. They’re harder to find, and they're a fairly practical collectible. ','@'); } document.getElementById('e5edf79cd25e9bc6f0c5').appendChild(document.createTextNode(e5edf79cd25e9bc6f0c5())); Copyright ©2016 H&H Classic Parts.

Another selling point of the car was its easily removable seats, which were shown in photographs being used as picnic chairs. These are all slick wagons.

About one-third of all 240s sold were station wagons, which feature very large cargo space and can accommodate up to seven passengers. Poe 3 NO PIN LIMITS's board "Classic Station Wagons | Cars | Vintage" on Pinterest. It features an S38 straight-6 engine and, as of its final year of production, a six-speed manual gearbox which followed through to the next generation of the BMW 5 series, the E39. Easily worth twice that now. The 150 was strictly a fleet vehicle, so it came with no frills. Get exclusive content, special offers and latest news delivered to your inbox. The Lagonda combined striking styling with state-of-the-art instrumentation, but has since been called one of the 50 ugliest cars of the last 50 years by Bloomberg Businessweek and one of the 50 worst cars of all time by Time Magazine. Jul 24, 2018 - Explore Nik E.A.

Plus they’re not pretentious like a bright yellow Hummer or a Victoria Beckham Range Rover. The Aston Martin Lagonda was a luxury four-door saloon built between 1974 and 1990. The goal was to create a vehicle that combined the luxury and convenience of a good motor car with a price affordable by the working classes. The last 200 produced was a blue station wagon built to the Italian specification and named the “Polar Italia,” currently displayed at the Volvo World Museum. The BMW E34 blended BMW tradition with modern technology. Another classic station wagon is the Ford Country Squire, which was created in 1979 and although it wasn't the most powerful or fast wagons, it was certainly a popular choice with the body on frame design becoming legendary.

Introduced in 1976, the W123 platform included a four-door sedan and sleek coupe which were soon joined by the diesel-powered 300TD station wagon in 1978. The E34 was one of the most reliable luxury cars on the market in its day, and it still considered one of the most dependable BMWs ever made. Let’s be honest: it’s not often you see the words “cool” and “station wagon” in the same sentence. Instead, it was a solidly built auto constructed from tried and tested design features with engineering innovation kept to a minimum. All Rights Reserved.

More than 2.8 million cars were sold during the Volvo 200 series’ 20-year production run.

The dry climate has been good to the Bel Air as the sheet metal is rust free and all original. 1960 Mercury Commuter: This ‘Summer Rose’ hardtop sold for $8,610 in 2009. Available in sedan or station wagon, 6 variations of the 240 series were initially offered: 242L, 242DL, 244DL, 244GL, 245L and 245DL. The Ami and the 1961 Ford Taunus would eventually become the first vehicles with rectangular – as opposed to round – headlamps. The seller says he has 44 years of documentation including the original invoice and most if not all of the service records. We offer parts for all these models in their respective catalogs.

So, which models are people flocking to the most? Their size and shape makes them extremely practical, and gives them better fuel economy than tall, bulky and decidedly non-aerodynamic SUVs.

A contrasting, ultra-modern version was introduced in 1976. THE PLAYBOOK FOR THE MODERN MAN, SIGN UP NOW.

Bel Air Nomads were loaded with style and features, topped the price chart, and were considered premium models. Believe it or not, this little-car-that-could was actually a little bit ground-breaking.
Having originally released the P1800E as a coupe, Volvo decided to switch things up in 1972.

Equipped with a 390 2bbl engine and automatic transmission, the Country […], It seems like there’s a plethora of meticulously maintained 1970’s wagons on the market lately and this 1975 Ford LTD is yet another one and one of the nicest I’ve seen from that era.

Nova wagons sold pretty well in the early years of production but by 1967, the last year of the Nova wagon, only 12,400 were built.

It competed with the Nomad for the top wagon and eventually won once Nomad production ceased.

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