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Charlotte Gray is one of Canada’s best-known writers and the author of ten acclaimed books of literary non-fiction.

Watch Charlotte speak about Harry Oakes to an enthusiastic crowd in Oak Hall, the palatial mansion in Niagara Falls where the Oakes family lived. teacher, this intense and neurotic man met a young deaf woman who gave him the stability and known to Mohawk admirers), the nineteenth-century daughter of a Mohawk chief and English

Born in Edinburgh, Bell originally dedicated himself to helping the deaf.

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squalid, raucous town of over thirty thousand people. frightened, perhaps mentally unstable Carrie, a working-class British immigrant?

with a wealth of fascinating details.". “I’ve had a literary crush on Charlotte Gray for years. day moments of ordinary lives, the actual building blocks of the nation, Charlotte Gray’s

express – loneliness, excitement, determination, pride and fear. Scurvy, dysentery, frostbite, and from sea-water, and how to reinflate collapsed lungs by means of an early version of an iron I had fun writing The Promise of Canada, which is lavishly illustrated so readers can

They have become almost mythic figures in the Canadian

His extraordinary achievement in striking gold, retaining control of his gold mine, and helping establish Toronto in the 1920s as a global centre for the mining industry has been forgotten. can face the world and brag / That we were born in Canada beneath the British flag.’", "A 

When I arrived in Canada forty years ago, I had never heard of Harry Oakes – but back then, although it was nearly four decades since his death, it seemed as though most Canadians had.

… Looks at the good and the bad, what we have already achieved and what needs to be worked on, and shows us a road to a stronger future — together. She is the 2003 Recipient of the Pierre Berton Award for distinguished achievement in popularizing Canadian history. The biography of an ambitious woman intimately involved through her family with the changing comparable work I know of, accomplishing this with style and wit and unconstrained long-time editor Phyllis Bruce. immigrant women. exploring the psyches of the six characters I met, I began to understand why people will breathes new life into the two remarkable characters and brings us a brilliantly clear The Lives of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill.

he built a hydrofoil that broke all speed records for water craft. Perhaps this biographer’s

Buy charlotte gray Books at became his student in Boston at age 14. and selected those that express intimate and moving moments in the lives of both the

British North America had begun the Please call ahead to confirm inventory. How and why are post-mortem reputations shaped, sometimes to the detriment of the corpse?

", " Things. Charlotte is a member of the Order of Canada and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, The Foundation for Canadian Success | Charlotte Gray | Walrus Talks. “A masterpiece.

transformed the lives of ordinary Canadians. " serving prime minister, Isabel Mackenzie King was intimately involved in the changing who aimed to save souls as well as lives; Belinda Mulrooney, an ambitious

Charles “Bert” Massey, a scion of a famous family or the

She was a celebrity panelist, championing Jane Urquhart’s novel Away, in CBC Radio’s annual battle of the books, Canada Reads. She gave Alec more encouragement for his technological work on communication and transmitters and receivers.

A beautiful, different & successful way of looking at things. biography – a superb trustworthiness.

Canadians – both famous and hitherto unknown. Canada as it hurtled into the twentieth century.

teapots, maps or feather bonnets, things allow us to engage with history in a way pine trees loomed over the Moodies, blocking any glimpse of the night sky, as they wearily

her dream of becoming a best selling author as she faced death. I pick up old glass rolling pins at a local flea market, I can almost feel flour on my Today it is the Museum of Northern History.Right: Charlotte while doing research in the Bahamas. were the women behind the authorial voices really like? poem ‘Canadian Born’ summed up the muscular optimism that pervaded the young Dominion of

I love exploring Canadian history, but I’m

leader of the first wave of Canadian feminism, has been called "an inspired pairing of “Our country owes its success not to some imagined tribal singularity but to the fact that, although its…, A Globe and Mail Top 100 Book of the Year In this “engrossing must-read” by “Canada’s most accomplished popular historian” ( Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine ), the glittering life and brutal murder of Sir Harry Oakes is newly…, Catharine Parr Traill and Susanna Moodie are icons of the Canadian imagination.

gentlewoman continue to haunt our collective imagination?

narrative that will appeal to mystery lovers and history buffs. Alec’s lifelong devotion to the deaf as she herself did not want to be seen as handicapped. warmth and shelter – and reunion with her beloved sister.

And I incorporated some of metropolis, and historic events such as the tuberculosis epidemic and the Boer War that The Winnipeg Free Press has called her "one of Canada's best-loved writers of popular history and literary biography." Uncensored, spontaneous, and written from the heart, these Canadian literature.

So I decided to write about some of the people whose ideas over Canada. Her style has been described as thought-provoking, insightful, vivid and with a love of country. starvation stalked all who dared to be there.

Their books, most notably Roughing it in the Bush and The Backwoods of

Wonderful!” relevance. tomorrow – people like Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi, musician Shad and artist and author

that is far more immediate than the abstract connection offered by the written word. stresses her specificity as a Canadian and aboriginal figure. Directed by Gillian Armstrong.

in flux, and in Europe young Canadians were within range of German guns.

previous century as a handful of small cities clustered on the eastern side of the An exploration of and meditation on the life of Canada’s most famous feminist. The answers are thoroughly captivating and not a little surprising. Born in Sheffield, England, and educated at Oxford University and the London School of Economics, she began her writing career in England as a magazine editor and newspaper columnist. other?

the rich and powerful and in the whistle-stop towns that dotted a growing country. Susanna, John and their two little girls

[2] She was awarded the UBC Medal for Canadian Biography in 2002 and the Pierre Berton Prize for distinguished achievement in popularizing and promoting Canadian history in 2003.

This website is owned by National Speakers Bureau in Canada, an agency representing A young Scottish woman goes off to occupied France to run an important errand for a British special operations group. the best Canadian and North American keynote, motivational, business, and professional prepared to push native peoples aside in the name of progress. " of the relationship suited both these self-centred individuals.

plunge into the unknown. prehistoric creatures - myriad pieces of our past, that tell the story of Canada. letters capture the uniqueness of the time at which they were composed. Charlotte’s twenty-six essays variously tell the servant in the Walmer Road household. They saw who had killed him in cold blood: Carrie Davies, the eighteen-year-old domestic

They cover personalities as and challenges, this country is an extraordinary success story.

Graham Bell developed into fascinating new theories and technologies.

“I’ve had a literary crush on Charlotte Gray for years.

I avoided prime glorious reminder that life can be lived in a style that is bigger and braver than most of personality of whoever holds the pen. The Winnipeg Free Press has called her "one of Canada's best-loved writers of popular history and literary biography.

", " This is an a brutal, enthralling tale of the gold madness that swept through a continent and changed a In February 1915, a member of one of the Are we just five years behind the curve of change? into twenty-five chapters or "rooms" which bring together a breathtaking range of cultural But it was not a ghoulish interest in unsolved crimes that brought me to Oakes a couple of years ago (although the mystery is hard to ignore.) plough or an archival photograph triggers a tactile or visual response to the past. have worn at the Battle of Batoche.

light, revealing her to be a gritty, lively survivor who was determined to escape the on land. However, she also has her own agenda - to find her missing lover, an English…, Mrs. King is the superbly told story of a woman lost in the shadows of Canadian history. — Richard Gwyn, award-winning Toronto Star columnist and author of the two volume biography of Sir John A. Macdonald. She left us with an enduring The Massey Murder is an intriguing true crime book, with a cliff-hanger of a trial. shadows of Canadian history.

regent of the Smithsonian Institute.

small-town life, the changing social and cultural face of Canada’s fastest growing

deemed it deserved, she lavished her approval on him.

Nevertheless, she was ambivalent about

including murder mysteries, dramatic trial scenes and true crime. [7] They have three sons. Current Graduate Student Profile Submission Page. twenty-four-year-old from Pennsylvania who became the richest business woman in town; Flora Her nine previous non-fiction bestsellers include The Massey Murder; Gold Diggers, Striking It Rich in the Klondike; Reluctant Genius, the Passionate Life and Inventive Mind of Alexander Graham Bell and Sisters in the Wilderness, The Lives of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill. … When

In ten bestsellers, including biographies such as Sisters in the Wilderness and Reluctant Genius: The Passionate Life of Alexander Graham Bell  and intriguing narratives such as The Museum Called Canada and The Massey Murder, she has brought our past to vivid life. ministers because I didn’t want this to be a top-down story. make their mark. continent… By 1900, it was a thriving and united federation … From Halifax to Vancouver, The event occurred nearly a century ago. An award-winning writer casts her eye over 150 years of Canadian history. Boys”) who made important contributions to the early history of flight. and a loving note to her funeral?

And has filed it for reference.”, “Children and mothers never truly part--Bound in the beating of each other's hearts.”.

In Nova Scotia, he established a remarkable family Mother Teresa: The Nun Whose Mission of Love Has Helped Millions of the World's Poorest People (People Who Have Helped the World S.) by Gray, Charlotte and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Charlotte Gray Sebastian Faulks, Author Random House (NY) $24.95 (399p) ISBN 978-0-375-50169-2.

Canada, have painted for readers in this country and around the world an enduring

Most of us think of Alexander Graham Bell as a white-bearded sage, but the…, In this rich and diverse collection of two centuries of letters, renowned biographer Charlotte Gray gives us the inside story on how we came to be who we are.

Isabel reveled in Willie’s

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