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And its tech-forward CT6 flagship sedan is now officially dead.

Facing stiff competition from Tesla & Land Rover, none of those models make money anymore. Required fields are marked *. I’ve been thinking the same thing.

It’s ridiculous to put all that money into a car that only a few can afford. I was green behind the ears at the child-like age of 19. According to many, the car has a futuristic design without rear-view mirrors and with camouflaged door handles. I hope that GM is approaching this from the direction of building the absolute no compromises AT ALL totally best car ever built! I don’t think I’ve ever see a Maybach on the road but I see plenty of S Classes. Where do you think the Corvette got its interior from? GMC Hummer EV Grows An Additional Pair Of Wheels In Fantasy Land, Tesla Acknowledges That Model 3 Rear Bumpers Can Fall Off In The Rain, Gordon Murray Automotive Fires Up Its First T.50 Prototype, Volkswagen Hosting Talks With Bidders Wanting To Buy Ducati. No matter; the company is pushing forward with a top-shelf electric sedan. Operating a dealership isn't as simple as shoveling out cars from some retail space. From what I’ve seen of GM’s EV plans, it’s the ultimate in platform sharing which is probably why they’re doing it.

The EQC 4×4² Concept was built by the same team as the E 400 All-Terrain 4×4². It was expensive, but it was quite a bit cheaper than a Mercedes SL, at the time. We are currently looking for experienced automotive journalists and editors to join our team. According to Wall Street Journal autos reporter Mike Colias on Twitter, Cadillac President Steve Carlisle said that the upcoming Celestiq will have a six-figure price tag. But it HAS to be NO COMPROMISES, none. But back in the eighties, the Allante was (in their heads) the car that was going to change everything for Cadillac. If franchises want to sell future electric Cadillacs, they better make sure their facilities are prepared for them.

By Mark Sarkani Apr 06, 2020 I am not objecting to it just wondering how to make the pieces fit in a way that makes scene. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

General Motors has confirmed its EV platform will be capable of packing 200 kWh battery packs, providing range-topping vehicles with at least 400 miles (644 km) of range. I don’t see there being as much of an impetus to spend that much when much cheaper vehicles have performance that is nearly as good.

The company expects to sell a few hundred Celestiqs per year.

Will this Cadillac just be another $25k car in 5 years like the XLRV has become?

We ended up with an MKZ with the 400hp 3.0 V6. With Tesla and Porsche taking early leads in the six-figure EV space, matching their specs won't make Cadillac a leader. The last Cadillac IMO was 1957 when you can get a unique Cadillac that shared little with the rest of GM, the party was over in 58′ when an Impala looked and can be nearly optioned as a Caddy (Lincoln died in 69-70′ when the Continental became a T-bird and Mercury with style and Imperial in the same time became a loaded Plymouth).

Cadillac's Flagship Celestiq Packs A $200k Pricetag The Celestiq will be a premium luxury electric sedan and will feature the requisite cutting-edge technology for the flagship of a luxury marque.

GM (Chevy), Who had the first night vision?


It’ll sell a few thousand units and prop up the brand, but I’ll never be able to afford one, so to a certain extent I don’t really care about it, honestly. Question for you. Ford Introduces More Advanced, 4th Gen Self-Driving Vehicle Based On Escape Hybrid, 800 HP Audi TT RS Is Absolutely Wild, Hits 100 KM/H In 2.8 Seconds, Ford Says Mustang Mach 1 Will Be Almost As Fast As A GT500 Around Short Road Courses, Porsche 911 GT3 Crashes Into Cyclist While Making Illegal Overtake, GMC Hummer EV Breaks The Internet, Edition 1 Sells Out In Approximately Ten Minutes, Check Out Mercedes’ EQC 4×4² Electric Monster SUV Concept Go Off-Road In Italy, Volvo Finally Puts A Price Tag On The XC40 Recharge In The U.S. And Canada, The 2022 GMC Hummer EV Boasts Lockers And Up To 15.9 Inches Of Ground Clearance, Audi’s Facelifted Q2 SUV Detailed Just In Time For Its Market Launch In Europe, Forget The CT6: Cadillac’s Celestiq Will Be A Hand-Built Flagship Sedan, Not Brash Enough? I bought a 1988, and if I’m not mistaken, the list price was $58.600. It won't actually launch until two years from now, however.

Subscribe to the Roadshow newsletter, receive notifications and see related stories on CNET. Well so much for that then.

It's hard to sell an EV if you don't have a place to charge them, after all.

They can not offer a over priced under performing vehicle. However, one thing that you are missing here is the idea they had then compared to now. Bentley & Rolls Royce haven’t made money in a long time. So what makes a Cadillac special in this era? What other cars was it sharing anything with? So maybe just maybe I will be proven correct with my assumption that Cadillac switching to EV’s will be what finally Brings this Brand Back. Rory Harvey, Cadillac's vice president of sales, service and marketing, told Automotive News Wednesday that the company will require dealers to make a $200,000 investment into their facilities if they want to sell electric cars wearing the iconic crest. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. This looks to be the same plan.

So it won’t happen.

Bentley doesn’t have an EV yet.

A luxury car’s power train was smooth, quiet, and powerful. If Cadillac was the first, they could establish themselves as king of that segment. It would have been better with CT6 in the portfolio so there isn’t a big gap, but I will wait on the sidelines and see how does it all come about. Nobody sane claims that Tesla competes with Bentley and Rolls.

The Catera priced at/near a BMW 3 Series = failed. What I was suggesting was that in their heyday, Cadillac competed with Rolls Royce so I think they should be aiming higher today than the near-luxury market they compete in with all those FWD crossovers (XT4, XT5, XT6). The Volvo XC40 Recharge will arrive in U.S. dealers later this year priced from $53,900.

What Gladiator? As a matter of fact with their past reputation they need to be better than all the rest.

Cadillac may have decent sales currently.

A $200K vehicle by GM has got to be so incredible with so much going for it OR it will fail and I think miserable. gm has cancelled the april debut of the lyriq due to corona.

Cadillac head and Canadian Steve Carlisle confirmed to reporters the Celestiq’s six-figure price tag won’t start with a one, so we’re going to assume it starts with a two. Doubtful, but there’s a chance.

The Celestiq is rumored to continue the design language of recent Cadillacs including the handsome Escala and Lyriq concepts and is expected to use GM’s new BEV3 modular EV platform as well as its new Ultium battery technology, and offer both rear- and all-wheel drive versions. Furthermore, the Cadillac will be hand-built, and likely focus more on extreme opulence. Even the respected German luxury brands don’t price their big sedans like that and they have a hierarchy of products that graduate into the upper echelon price points.

Lol, Agreed… We all remember the 75k two door chevy volt which rotted on the dealer lots (deservedly)…. Subscribe to GM Authority A sleek, aerodynamic cadillac uber-luxury sedan with that setup is going to be dangerously hyper-car fast.

They are building a 21st Century Chrysler K-Car. My comparison may not be perfect, but it’s close to it. HD pickup trucks, Electrics & Cadillac Vs. They have already stated that this is not going to be a mass produced car. If the information is confirmed, then Celestiq may become the most expensive car in the history of the brand.During the big presentation that General Motors held for the media last week, the new Cadiilac Celestiq electric sedan was introduced. The price point could work if Cadillac has learned a lesson from the past. Equipped with 200-kWh “Ultium” batteries, the Celestiq should be good for a range of 400 miles (643 km) on a full charge, and a zero-to-96-km/h time of under 3.0 seconds. Seems awesome, but it won’t ever be a significant money making product at that price. The car is beautiful but I’m not interested in an electric car at any price. These 5 should be on your list, Garage Horror Stories: Fixing your AWD Cadillac with a $22 resistor, All hail the 1914 Cadillac seven-passenger taxi cab, Motor Mouth: There's more to EVs than just batteries, The 10 best movie beaters that smoked across the silver screen, 5 Best sport sedans that don't break the bank. But the Cadillac doesn’t really compare to the Tesla anyway, both because of its exclusive nature; and its body style, making it more of a personal luxury vehicle than a daily driver. Cadillac recently announced it’s working on a flagship electric sedan dubbed the Celestiq. Cadillac head and Canadian Steve Carlisle confirmed to reporters the Celestiq’s six-figure price tag won’t start with a one, so we’re going to assume it starts with a two. Recall that Cadillac built a modular platform, which was created specifically for electric cars.

Now, according to media in attendance at the event, the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq will cost at least $200,000.

It’s the ultimate in cheap. In fact, Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Colias recently took to Twitter to reveal that Cadillac president Steve Carlisle told him the Celestiq will sport a six-figure price tag, “and it won’t have a 1 in front of it,” he said. “Good transportation value that is priced right” However, the issue of cost was not voiced. However, in the day, the Allante did quite well against the competition from the car magazines, etc.

Perfect examples would be CIMARON AND CATERA! Authorities believe the fire might not have been triggered by natural causes. I think Cadillac has a long way to go before it can justify asking Bentley money for one of its cars. Make $60k-$80k per year doing what you love. What determines luxury at that point?

In the U.S. GM will have the Escalade, Corvette & Hummer EV. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Tesla began to equip with a full-fledged autopilot, Pininfarina Battista offers exclusive charging, BMW and Kith create a line of clothing for motorists, MINI Cooper S Convertible Receives Sidewalk Version, Most often the rules are violated by drivers of BMW, Audi and Acura, Tesla millionth electric car rolled off the assembly line, The network published the debut image of a 3000-strong hypercar, Electric Hummer shown in the first images, Hyundai Ioniq 5 prototype spotted in tests, The new generation Genesis G90 will be equipped with an autopilot, At auction put up luxury cars of the son of an African dictator, JAC S7 crossover that failed at home: decided to save sales with the help of design. Cadillac is a brand selling a ton of rebadged and rebodied Chevrolet’s and then they’re thinking folks will buy a $200,000 sedan with the same name? For around-the-clock GM news coverage.

Build a car equal to the best of Mercedes and sell it for half the price. I see a lot more Escalades than S-classes on the road.

They will be well represented in the ~$100K market.
The reason you never see a Maybach is because Mercedes only sold 3,000 worldwide in the 10 years the brand was on the market.

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