aaren simpson cause of death

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removes tartar ana ausotonuon,arrests decay, &nd keeps them sonsd, clean andwhite. Petitionof CD. OmnibaatKSwill lemve-tlie Imperial Jlotrt, enrrjlng putenfersthe round trip for SOceo's. That all laws and parts of laws Inconsistent with this act be, and the same arehereby, repealed.The Latest Reportis that H. L. Strasburger, 306 and SOS Seventhstreet, has the finest boots and shoes south ofNew York.Tbe most enterprising business firms adververtlse In Tbe Republican, because it is read,by the most Influential customers.Fihe Side Jewel, at 020 Fa.

OZf $100"Made any day by rtrrs aad cst.tj, XnvettaoeoreVlnrtoyour means, tia, aMorpooinBTOCKPRIV.ILESES has brought a small fortune to tbe eareftlInvestor. -TheCouncil shall have power to reduce the number oi the members of the Board of Health tothree, to regulate their tenure or office, toprescribe their compensation and' providefor the payment theieof, and to extend, limitand define the powers and duties of saidboard.Sec. • O.J.

Hammer. Referred 'to thesub-committee of the Second district.The resignation of S.D. NOVEMBER 15.

• O.J. W. HO WajIdTPrealdenL Secretary,DIRECTORS:James Adams, .

D. Caldwell, resigned; appoint Miss Tburnelda Clara Roescr an acting Primary teacher,vice Miss Trask, promoted; both to takeefiectDerembei 1.

New York.10,300 PROFIT? Captain Hammer then took the lead,and showed Derby the way over two or threehurdles. National Republican. Pact 1 1 Asssre-Tjra IThe talented An tho- ami Cuxnedlas.Mlt. Trustee's bond filed.Goodyear Dental Vulcan Company vs. Pratt.Order for attachment forvcoutempt.Jndd vs. Judd. seia-tfEWTEI&KESTADEANTS.MARYLAND AND CITY HOTELS,AOTTAP0LI3, MD.Delightful summer resort. SYKES, Proprietor,Pormerly of WDlard'tand Imperial Hotel, Washington, and West End Hotel, Long Branch, M.J.oein-2mflOTOFUSSEIL'SPORltn New York avenue, near JUleenth ttreeles-tfBELMONT HOTEL,' -ML,323 aft 635 Wasblnarf OB St., BOItOSt,, OPPOSITE GLOBE THEATRE.Located tn the centre or the elty, and easily reachedbystreet-cars and stages.

, W.E- Howard,K.

She was left in a coma was a couple of days but finally died due to extreme respiratory failure. Derbv and Culpeper sold together at $45, against "Bay Rum at' $15 andCaptain Hammer at $10. .Three blocks west of Grand Central-Depot, near tttElevated railroad, and but twenty minutes fromWall atreet-a newandelegantly-tarTiUhed hotel; allmodern la proieiaeat. Time,4:11. Jen.

31. Confirmed.Trustee Hovey, from the sub boird of theThird district, nominated for janitcr of thiCranch school building Mr. Joseph Parsons,and recommendrd that his appointment takeeffect from December 1, 1876.

bunches of -fish:Condemnations: 100 bushels of oysters, 194bunches of fish , 95 pounds of beef, S3 pounds ofveal, SO pounds ol mutton, 12 chickens, SObirds, 40 rabbits, 225 beads of cabbage, 3bushels of turnips and 5 bushels of potatoes.Animals impounded, 11; redeemed, 10; killed,2; aratBht realized, f 9.ThusEatln-'llned Overcoats, atA '. Aaren died at an early age of one year and 11 months. H.itch- .altstrlesof frames In rold and all rer leaf?German (tilt, walnut, tfpsnlsb and Preneb maple.Picture nails, tllsei and copper wliew JturroeandEirlralt frames made to order and regllt.

H. GORMAN ft CO., Prop's.,Or. SearsBuilding, Bet ton, Mass., June S, 1S2.Vegetine is Sold by all DruggistSianlS-SAWtr .FINANCIAL.$25, ISOrtlOO, $200, ISOO.The reliable house of Airx.

Tbe dash was asplendid race between Burgoo and Hatteras.Burgoo lead from tbe start, with Hatterassecond, Pluto third, Wateree" fourth and JackTrigg last. showedto the front for a momentLbut Mayflower recovered the lead Immediately and came homethree lengths ahead of Bosworth, who beatthe favorite by four lengths.

& G. Taylor Co. vs. Richey. or the Inhabitantsthereof be subject to taxation.AUDmNO"iCCOimS.Sec. Liberalterau to families.CHAS.


W. Cropley, Ueorretown.Personal PropertyteeS-Sn takenInsured and. That the District officers subordinate to" the Commissioners of the District, nowholding office by authority of law, shall continue in office during the remainder of theterm for which they were severally appointed,or until tbe District Council shall provide fortheir removal and the appointment of theirsuccessors, or for the extinguishment of anysuch office; and the duties and powers of allDistrict officers, except us otherwise providedby this act, shall remain as now establisheduntil the same shall be lawfully changed.othxb rowxas.Sec.

Metropolitan cars pass thehouse to and from the Capitol.

lean cheerfully recommend It to any one In need of such a medicine.""mtsTaA. It purines the blood,cleanses all of the organs, and possesses a controllingpower over the nervous system.The remarkable cures effected by VxaxTnrz haveInduced many physicians and apothecaries whomwe know to prescribe and use It la their own families. ?Small Handbills lit. Confirmed.This appointment is made In compliancevith the understanding that mechanics be employed as janitors in all steam-heated buildings. )ordt aadtaatela.

Rates. She was unconscious when she was pulled out of the pool.

Default.Bartlett vs. Kerweln. PDF.

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