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Are you affected? Not a good look... Based on 42 cars listed for sale in the last 6 months, 2012 Toyota 86 2012 GTS Pricing and Specs. The design on the front is really impressive, and it already looks great with its color. We've listed all relevant models here. The rest of the FT-86 remains pretty much faithful to the concepts we have seen. The only thing is at some point they need to add a turbo or do something to increase speed. Both occur high in the engine rev range up near 6500rpm. The mileage of this car gives some elegance on this one. It is really so nice to see a good-looking Toyota vehicle! But the wheels are only 16-inch alloys with a steel full size spare. We analyze millions of used cars daily. Atkinson Cycle phasing (late closing valves), 12.5:1 compression, variable valve timing and other technology contribute to the 86's 147kW/205Nm output on 98 octane. A Celica that is 24 years in your hand. Pre-qualify for a car loan with no credit score impact.

Is this already on the market or not yet? The engine sound is pleasing, amplified by a sound generator hooked up to the intake and connected to the car body. The latter has pretty much identical spec' to BRZ. 86 runs a 2.0-litre, four pot, naturally aspirated, boxer petrol engine courtesy of Subaru with a six-speed manual or optional six-speed auto. You'd be happy with the GT unless one-upmanship is your bag. By the way, the competition will surely rise up because they are really the same in name and performance. I think the Subaru have released a model car named after this Toyota vehicle. Inside is quite spartan in the GT but that's OK - the seats have large side bolsters and the instrument cluster conveys as much info as is relevant. If I have my own Toyota FT-86, I would rather prefer it on red body paint for it looks cooler and classy for that. The engine will be mated to either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission. Check out the full review for the model by clicking here! Sorry, there are no cars that match your search, Sorry, there are no models that match your search. Fuel economy hovers in the 7.0s. The average list price of a used 2012 Toyota Venza in Sacramento, California is $12,215. Even if it had a dunger engine under the bonnet, you'd probably be taken by the car's sleek lines. I have a doubt on its engine, I don’t think that it can give a better performance on this one, but anyway, I must say that with its aesthetic design and hygienic body paint, it is absolutely looking so amazing, and I noticed that the wheels of it, only adds more appeal to it. - Try changing your search criteria or remove filters, - Get a quote for a new car and compare the prices from three local dealers. Get a Kelley Blue Book instant cash offer. Rain is sluicing across the road and the roof as the Mini Cooper S Coupe snorts its way up the... A shiney scalp middle aged bloke biffs through the traffic in a roof-down roadster. As opposed to one car looking different and one looking the same?

Either way, 25 grand for a revolutionary new sports coupe from Toyota sounds a lot like a bargain.

You can say BOTH are the same, but not BOTH are different. More details on the Toyota FT-86 after the jump. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship. Then there were reports that the Toyota version of the FT-86 will be badged as a Scion. With a small flick of the wheel, everything snaps back into line. The Toyota FT-86 is powered by a 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated flat-four engine, the result of a joint development between Subaru and Toyota. By using this service, you accept the terms of our. Power will be distributed effectively to the rear wheels through a limited-slip differential. ©2020 Autotrader, Inc. All Rights Reserved. That's because you are being pushed rather than pulled along the road and the ultimate response to fast cornering is tail out oversteer - like a race car or a drift car. Ahhh, but do I trade my very beloved 1987 Celica convertible I have been driving for the past 24 years? Both cars are expected to look a little different from each other, but performance specs are expected to be right around the same neighborhood. You'd be happy with the GT unless I wonder on what was the power output of the car?

The most difficult word to understand seems to be "Both" as in "Both cars are expected to look a little different from each other". "Autotrader" is a registered trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. used under exclusive license. I love the new version of FT-86.

We could easily find space in the garage for one of these and would relish early Sunday mornings - on our favourite stretch of winding road.

Looking for tips on how to carry or travel with your family? The images, some prints of a Japanese magazine, show a car with a slightly less radical front bumper, headlights, side skirts, and rear bumper. It has decent performance particularly up above 6000rpm and makes a reasonable fist of the 0-100kmh sprint in about 7.5 seconds. Save $3,650 on a used Toyota 86 near you. I also noticed that the interior seems to have a futuristic touch. I’m not really a fan of Toyota, but I still admired some of their good-looking vehicles just like this one.

The styling has an air of Lexus LFA about it as do the lights at both ends. He doesn't know when that will be, but until then, he’s committed to expressing his love for KITT, and all cars for that matter, here at TopSpeed. Really impressed with this car. Anyway, the engine is quite impressive. Well, I guess there’s no reason to speculate anymore since its was debut already. You still have that kind of car? Than I looked it up and it is. It will spin to 7450. We’re still going to wait for the performance figures, but all signs point to the car being a popular sell. For some reason, I didn’t see this Toyota FT-86 so striking just like the other commentator say. So they are calling this one a Celica in Europe. Something a bit sharper under the bonnet would be handy. That was really amazing, It proves that there are people who still know how to take care of their car, even if its not as famous as others. Kirby’s first exposure into the world of automobiles happened when he caught Knight Rider on television as a five-year old boy. It’s been more than a year since Toyota unveiled the concept version of the FT-86 Coupe at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. (AutoBlog.nl), UPDATE 10/31/2011: Another leaked document has brought us new details on the production version FT-86. On the road the 86 feels pretty impressive if a tad lacking low down in the rev range. UPDATE 11/27/11: Toyota has unveiled the production FT-86, but under a new name: the GT-86. Here's what to look out for and buy smart, Get to know the personalities behind the team every week, The most interesting hints of what's to come. Now, the production version of the FT-86 has yet to be revealed, but the many people that fell in love with the design of the concept version, will be happy to know that, according to Toyota, the production version of the FT-86 will look a whole lot like the concept version with only a few minor modifications to its aerodynamic package. Finally someone is going to make an affordable sportscar.

UPDATE 10/27/2011: With almost two months before its official debut in December at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, the first images of the production version FT-86 have surfaced on the internet. © Copyright TopSpeed.

David Hasselhoff didn’t leave much of an impression on him (that happened later on in Baywatch), but KITT certainly did.

The latest and future car tech from around the world, We're here to help you with any car issues.

It has a firm ride as befits a sports car that could wear thin in day to day use on a rough road commute. I have this car on Gran Turismo 5 and I was driving it and looking at the interior of it and thinking,"It can’t be real? The 86 GT is thousands less at an incredible $29,990 and offers the same drive feel. "The two cars will have some styling differences". Email me price drops & new results for this search. Besides, wouldn't you want a 'raw' driving experience in a car such as this - less is more. We’ve also received reports that the FT-86 will come with it’s own factory modified G Sports version. It was first reported that it was going to have a price tag of somewhere around $20,000, but recent reports have come out stating that the sports coupe could come at slightly more than $25,000.

Build knowledge, gain experience and sharpen your skills with the ultimate adventure-travel resource. I love the angst of this FT-86. Even if there have been no official debuts for either car – they’re scheduled to have their unveilings later this year at the Tokyo Motor Show - we’re sure that the competition between these two will be heating up with every day that passes. For starters, the car’s overall shape and design was inspired by the Corolla-based AE86 sports coupe that was unveiled in the 80s. See good deals, great deals and more on a Used 2012 Toyota 86. Unsure of your car's maximum towing capacity?

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